LosslessBob Most recent hundred LB numbers
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LB-155756/9/22Oakland, California  mk4v soomlos 24, Recorded by: soomlos, 9th row
LB-155747/7/96Pistoia, Italy Adolphinsmile 48, Dat clone off master>File cloned
LB-155737/1/22Grand Junction, CO.  dpa 4061, Source: DPA 4061's(binaural)>Church
LB-155728/15/09Stockton, California Akm184 tfs8271, Recorded by: tfs8271, Center five
LB-155717/1/22GRAND JUNCTION  spot 24, A Spot recording using an Edirol Roland
LB-155706/30/22SALT LAKE CITY, UTAH  tk 24, A TK recording using an Edirol Roland R8-09
LB-155696/11/22Oakland, California  mk4v soomlos 24, Recorded by: soomlos, 7th row
LB-155686/28/22BOISE, IDAHO  spot 24, A Spot recording using an Edirol Roland
LB-155676/27/22BEND, OREGON  spot 24, A Spot recording using an Edirol Roland
LB-155668/13/90Edmonton, AB Bsennheiser mk2002 dolphinsmile 48, Sennheiser
LB-155657/1/22Grand Junction, CO.  at835, Source: at853 (Omni, Hat, Binarinal
LB-155646/25/22SACRAMENTO  spot 24, Spot recording with Edirol by Roland R-09
LB-155636/20/22LONG BEACH  spot 24, Spot recording with Edirol by Roland R-09
LB-155626/18/22SAN DIEGO  spot 24, Spot recording with Edirol by Roland R-09
LB-155616/23/22SANTA CRUZ  spot complete 24, Recorded by Spot on an edirol
LB-155606/20/22Long Beach  at943, Recorded by -M-, SP-CMC8 (Audio Technica
LB-155596/23/22Santa Cruz, CA  akg ck63 2448, Source: AKG CK63 > nbobs > baby
LB-155581/17/98New York City, NY  daud oldneumanntapr, Digital Audience, DAT clone(s
LB-155571/13/98New London, CT  daud oldneumanntapr, Digital Audience, "Got the
LB-155566/3/95Seattle, WA  sonic studios dolphinsmile oldneumanntapr, Sonic
LB-155554/10/95Belfast  mke2002 dolphinsmile oldneumanntapr, taped by C,
LB-1555410/12/94Providence, RI  sonic studios dolphinsmile oldneumanntapr, Sonic
LB-155534/9/22Memphis, Tennessee  spot audiowhore, Download from DIME > Soundforge
LB-155524/8/22Meridian  spot audiowhore, This is the CD compatible 16/44
LB-1555110/27/96Austin, TX  timiller lta 48, taper: timiller, lineage: Sonic
LB-155506/23/22SANTA CRUZ  spot inc 24, Recorded by Spot on an edirol Roland
LB-155496/22/22SANTA BARBARA  spot 24, Recoded by Spot on an edirol Roland 0-9
LB-155486/7/91Bologna, Italy A-zuma66, zuma66 master, Lineage: Sony TCS 430 whit
LB-155478/5/86Mountain View, CA Bsony ecm, analog audience master recording (taped
LB-155466/16/22Los Angeles, CA  spot 24; info file mis-reports this as
LB-155456/15/22Los Angeles, CA  spot 24; info file mis-reports as "NOVEMBER 15,
LB-155446/14/22Los Angeles, CA  spot 24; info file mis-reports as "NOVEMBER 14,
LB-155434/11/92Hobart, Australia A-dolphinsmile 48, Cass Master>Dat>Clone to me>,
LB-155426/18/22San Diego, CA  carsfan, SP-CMC-4U>Roland R-05 @ 24/96>Amadeus Pro
LB-155416/18/22San Diego, CA  carsfan 24, SP-CMC-4U>Roland R-05 @ 24/96>Amadeus
LB-155406/15/22Los Angeles, CA  rob s jems, Rob S Master via JEMS, 1644 Edition,
LB-155396/15/22Los Angeles, CA  rob s jems 24, Rob S Master via JEMS, 2496 Edition
LB-15538xx/xx/85various  BOOTLEG: power efficient engine; 24, Label:,
LB-155376/11/22Oakland, CA  mk4 48, Source: (FOB) Schoeps MK4 cardioids > N
LB-155363/31/97St. John's, NL Acba lta 48, taper: Cba, lineage: Soundman OKM II
LB-15535xx/xx/89various1 bits and pieces, 27 June 1989 With Van Morrison,
LB-1553411/9/02Elmira, New York2Aversion "h", AUD DAT Master [unknown equipment] >
LB-155339/8/93Wolf Trap1 BOOTLEG: hard and fast; Manufacturer: Hard Beat
LB-155326/5/22EUGENE, OREGON  spot, 90 mins, A Spot Recording, Roland R-09, 24
LB-155316/2/22Seattle, Washington  spot audiowhore mixed, recordings by spot (44-16
LB-155306/10/16Berkeley, California  mp3, LOSSY, LOSSY MP3 DOWNLOAD FROM ER =>
LB-155296/11/22Oakland, CA  calrust, 24bit; source: Schoeps ccm4s > Tinybox >
LB-1552810/23/19Ames, Iowa  iphone tascam im2, Taped by AlsRagtimeBand on
LB-155276/22/96Bruxelles, Belgium Aokm dolphinsmile 48, OKM II and Sony
LB-155269/24/89Chopped Liver A-lta 48, lineage: Reel>DAT, ***New Transfer 10 June
LB-15525xx/xx/84various  BOOTLEG: how i spent the summer empress valley;
LB-155247/8/78Paris, France A-BOOTLEG: paris 1978 final night; m4a, / 2CD,
LB-1552311/17/75Rochester, New York Dlossy stream, This source came to light in 2011,
LB-155226/10/22oakland  vortexzephyr, recorded by vortexzephyr> CA11 mics
LB-155216/1/22Seattle, Washington  spot mani mixed, recordings by spot (44-24
LB-1552012/6/19New York City  jackfrost81 iphone raw master luisbp51, Audience
LB-1551912/6/19New York City  jackfrost81 iphone luisbp51 mix, Audience Mono
LB-1551812/6/19irenehilda youtube  irenehilda youtube jtt, Uploaded to YouTube by
LB-1551712/5/19New York City  jackfrost81 iphone, Audience Mono Recording (44
LB-1551611/21/19Philadelphia  cell phone mono, Files received May 2022 directly
LB-1551511/17/19Ithaca, New York  bm mono iphone7, Mono Recording With Iphone 7
LB-1551410/14/19Stanford University  vortexzephy incomplete, recorded by Vortexzephyr,
LB-155136/30/17Montreal, Canada  phone mp3f, as shared on ER, Source My phone (M4A)
LB-155126/22/16Lincoln, Nebraska  big mike, A Big Mike recording. Sony minidisc
LB-155118/18/12Sioux Falls  big mike, A Big Mike recording. Sony minidisc
LB-155105/20/95Santa Barbara, CA  sonic dolphinsmile 48, taped with Sony D7 and
LB-1550911/1/12Grand Prairie, Texas  alesis palmtrack, Lineage: AUD> Alesis
LB-1550811/6/11Hannover  rc 080a aud remaster okmiir ls11, NOTE/CONTRAST
LB-155074/1/97St. John's, NL A-cba lta 48, taper: Cba, lineage: Soundman OKM II
LB-155063/13/95Palc Kultury, Praha Antl lta 48, taper: Net Taper L, lineage:,
LB-1550511/9/90Chicago, IL B+cb dolphinsmile 48, taped by CB with Sennheiser
LB-15504xx/xx/79various1 BOOTLEG: pressing on live1979; m4a, Unreleased
LB-155035/31/22Portland, Oregon  spot audiowhore, "... he's got his own model
LB-155025/29/22Kennewick  spot mixed audiowhore, "... all of you art lovers
LB-155015/29/22Kennewick, WA  roving gambler finbar, Thanks goes out to the
LB-155005/28/22Spokane, Washington  spot mixed audiowhore, "What else you want to
LB-1549910/17/18Mobile, AZ  cellphone mono, lineage:
LB-1549810/25/17St Paul, Minnesota  mp3, Original source unknown. As of May 28, 2022
LB-1549710/24/17Ames, Iowa  Source: received as unedited 44.1 WAV file in May
LB-154966/21/17Providence  m4a mono, Source: received as unedited lossy m4a
LB-154956/13/90Sioux Falls, SD B+taped by p dolphinsmile 48, taped by P with
LB-154942/24/97Sapporo Aarashi lta 48, taper: arashi, lineage: Sanken
LB-154932/22/97Akita A-arashi lta 48, taper: arashi, lineage: Sanken
LB-1549211/14/90Normal, IL B+cb dolphinsmile 48, from cass master, taped by CB
LB-154912/20/97Sendai-shi Ahwy19 lta 48, taper: hwy19, lineage: Sonic Studios
LB-154902/18/97Osaka-Fu A-arashi lta 48, taper: arashi, lineage: Sanken
LB-154892/17/97Osaka-Fu A-sk lta 48, taper: S. K., lineage: Sonic
LB-1548810/23/96Albuquerque, NM2B+dolphinsmile, Tracks 1-10 cass master>Dat, Tracks
LB-154872/16/97Nagoya-shi Aarashi lta 48, taper: arashi, lineage: Sanken
LB-154862/14/97Fukuoka Aarashi lta 48, taper: arashi, lineage: Sanken
LB-154852/13/97Kurashiki-shi A-arashi lta 48, taper: arashi, lineage: Sanken
LB-1548411/12/90East Lansing, MI B+cb dolphinsmile 48, taped by CB with Sennheiser
LB-154834/9/22Memphis, TN  sp, Lineage:, SP-CMC-4U > SP-SPSB-10 > Sony
LB-154824/2/22Asheville  mk4v soomlos 24, Recorded by: soomlos, schoeps
LB-1548110/5/00London, UK2Asony d8 dat, Audience: Sony D8 DAT> Soundforge>
LB-1548010/26/04Manhatten, Kansas2B+akg391, Coliseum, Manhatten, Kansas, October 26,
LB-1547910/4/02Seattle, WA2Accm4 dolphinsmile, Schoeps CCM4 cardiods>Sonosax
LB-154785/23/95San Francisco, CA A-sennheisermk2002 dolphinsmile 48, taped by C from
LB-154778/24/94South Bend, IN Anta lta 48, taper: NET Taper A, lineage:, Sonic
LB-154765/1/01Asheville, NC2A-shoeps dolphinsmile, Shoeps Mics/Dat recorder>Disc


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