LosslessBob Most recent hundred LB numbers
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LB-15354xx/xx/60various1 BOOTLEG: under the covers the songs he didnt write
LB-1535311/18/78Tempe, AZ Cdolphinsmile 48, analog master>Dat>file cloned in
LB-1535211/19/99Atlantic City, NJ Alate schoepsinthehat lta 48, taper: travitz,
LB-153512/22/99Troy, NY2Astevemtl, Fine set by Dylan and his excellent band
LB-153502/19/99Binghamton, NY2Aschoepsinthehat lta, taper: Bobby Bourbon,
LB-1534911/16/80Warfield2 BOOTLEG: bob dylan with jerry garcia; San
LB-15348xx/xx/75various2 BOOTLEG: live rarities with friends; Label: Usa
LB-1534711/20/14Pittsburgh  bluebros iphone, Note from taper "bluebros": "I
LB-1534610/12/94Providence, RI A-sonics dolphinsmile 48, taped with Sonics/Sony Dat
LB-1534511/19/99Atlantic City Alate schoepsinthehat er wav48f
LB-1534411/19/99Atlantic City Aearly schoepsinthehat er wav48f
LB-153432/27/99Atlantic City, NJ2Alate schoepsinthehat er cdwave, Late show, A
LB-153422/27/99 Atlantic City, NJ Aearly schoepsinthehat er wavf
LB-153412/20/99Lake Placid, NY2A-schoepsinthehat lta 48, taper: "Bobby Bourbon",
LB-153402/20/99Lake Placid, NY2A-schoepsinthehat er cdwave, A SchoepsInThe Hat
LB-153392/19/99Binghamton, NY2Amk4v sxm2 sbm1 d100 schoepsinthehat er cdwave, A
LB-153382/7/99Birmingham, Alabama2Aschoepsinthehat, Shared bij SchoepsInHat at WR as
LB-153372/6/99Nashville2Aschoepsinthehat er lta, taper: "Bobby Bourbon",
LB-153362/6/99Nashville2Aschoepsinthehat er cdwave, A SchoepsInThe Hat
LB-1533512/10/97Philadelphia, PA A-schoepsinthehat split 48, A SchoepsInThe Hat
LB-1533412/10/97Philadelphia, PA A-schoepsinthehat lta 48, taper: Bobby Bourbon,
LB-153338/20/97Philadelphia2Aschoepsinthehat er reworked, A SchoepsInThe Hat
LB-153328/12/97Scranton A-mk4v sxm2 sbm1 d100 schoepsinthehat er wav48f
LB-153314/20/97West Long Branch A-mk41 sxm2 sbm1 d7 schoepsinthehat er wav48f
LB-153304/18/97Albany A-mk4 schoepsinthehat er wav48f
LB-153294/18/97Albany, NY A-schoepsinthehat lta 48, taper: travitz, lineage:,
LB-1532812/16/95Philadelphia, PA2Aschoepsinthehat er dbpoweramp cdwave, A
LB-1532712/16/95Philadelphia Aschoepsinthehat er aiff
LB-153267/20/89Atlantic City Bschoepsinthehat er wav48f
LB-153256/13/99George C-schoepsinthehat er wavf
LB-153246/12/10Linz4ABOOTLEG: Linz Austria 2010; cc, Crystal Box Set
LB-153232/7/99Birmingham, AL2Aschoepsinthehat lta, source: Post by
LB-153227/7/96Pistoia Aschoepsinthehat lta 48, (NTI), taper: NET Taper A,
LB-1532112/16/95Philadelphia, PA Aschoepsinthehat lta 48, tapers: wklitz & travitz,
LB-1532011/9/94Nashville, TN Asonic dolphinsmile 48, recored on dat with a Denon
LB-153196/2/90Ottawa, ON  stevemtl 24, Excellent performance from Dylan and
LB-153181/30/78Rundown Studios1A-rundown rehearsal, Recording type:
LB-15317xx/xx/65Like a Rolling Stone  BOOTLEG: greatest song of all time; I uploaded
LB-1531610/5/97London A-nti lta 48, taper: NET Taper I, lineage:, Soundman
LB-153158/23/97Vienna, VA  boiledgutsofbirds 2444, Source 1: acidjack AUD
LB-1531411/25/79Tempe, AZ  dolphinsmile 48, analog master>Dat>File cloned, in
LB-1531310/5/93San Bernardino, CA Anta lta 48, taper: NET Taper A, lineage: Sonic
LB-1531211/14/89Tampa, FL B+lta 48, unknown taper, stereo recording, lineage:,
LB-1531110/18/81Madison, WI2D+lta, 2CDR, stereo audience recording, taper
LB-153105/27/00Modena, Italy2B+zuma66, zuma66 master, CD RIP
LB-153099/24/88Gainesville, FL C+dolphinsmile 48, cassette master>dat to me>file
LB-1530810/23/98Minneapolis  boiledgutsofbirds 2444, A "boiledgutsofbirds"
LB-15307xx/xx/61various  BOOTLEG: little white wonder vol2 vinyl; 2444,
LB-153064/7/94Ames, IA Asonic dolphinsmile 48, Sonic Studio mics and Denon
LB-1530511/3/01Nashville, Tennessee A-csc, Core Sound Cardioids > denecke ad-20 > Sony
LB-153044/6/00Denver, CO Ambho, Source:, MBHO KA200N>Actives>603a>MP-2>M1,
LB-153035/17/66London, England  BOOTLEG: Royal AlbertHall 1966;
LB-153025/19/98San Jose, California  boiledgutsofbirds matrix 2444, A
LB-153016/3/95Seattle, Washington Asonic dolphinsmile 48, Sonic Studios/Sony
LB-1530011/19/99Atlantic City Alate schoepsinthehat lbp51 fix 48, Late Show,
LB-1529911/19/99Atlantic City, NJ Aearly schoepsinthehat lta 48, first show, source:
LB-152982/27/99Atlantic City, NJ1Aearly bourbon lta, taper: bobby bourbon, source:
LB-152977/20/89Atlantic City, NJ Bschoepsinthehat lta 48, source: untracked 16/48
LB-152969/xx/60Minneapolis, MN Dminneapolis lta 48, 1960-06-xx, June 1960, taper:
LB-1529512/30/77The Rundown4B+BOOTLEG: rundown rehearsal tapes original master
LB-1529412/8/97Irving Plaza  boiledgutsofbirds remix 2444, Source One: SRC AUD
LB-1529310/20/94New York City  boiledgutsofbirds remix 2444, Source One:
LB-1529210/19/94New York City  boiledgutsofbirds remix 2444, Source One:
LB-152912/13/93London, England  boiledgutsofbirds mtx 2444, With this show that is
LB-152902/12/93London, England  boiledgutsofbirds mtx 2444, SBD+AUD Matrix, Source
LB-152892/11/93London, England  boiledgutsofbirds mtx 2444, SBD+AUD Matrix, Source
LB-152882/9/93London, England  boiledgutsofbirds mtx 2444, SBD+AUD Matrix, Source
LB-1528710/12/01San Jose Aboiledgutsofbirds mtx 2444, Source One: Dehissed
LB-1528610/16/94New Haven CT A-sonics dolphinsmile 48, Sonics mics/dat, Dat
LB-152859/10/89Los Angeles, CA2B+millard 1st gen via jems, Mike Millard Master
LB-152847/8/84Slane, Ireland Bcb dolphinsmile 48, Taped by CB with Sennheiser
LB-152831/3/74Chicago, IL2Blta, taper: unknown, lineage:, Maxell HS-4/60S
LB-1528211/2/98Syracuse,New York Aschoeps mk 4 dat fob terry sullivan master,
LB-1528110/8/07Syracuse,New York2Aschoeps ccm 4 dat fob terry sullivan master,
LB-152808/22/03Syracuse,New York2A-nueman ak 40 dat fob terry sullivan master,
LB-1527911/9/02Elmira, New York2Aschoeps mk 4 dat fob terry sullivan master,
LB-1527811/13/01Syracuse,New York2B+schoeps ccm 4 dat fob terry sullivan master,
LB-152771/28/98Syracuse,New York Aschoeps mk 4 dat fob terry sullivan master,
LB-152766/30/92Dunkerque, France Adolphinsmile 48, Dat clone from taper>file cloned,
LB-1527510/31/11Hamburg  rc 077a aud remaster okmiir ls11, Note / Contrast
LB-1527410/15/87London, England B-gw, Lineage: AUD > Cassette(1 Gen) BASF LH-EI 90 >
LB-152734/30/96Syracuse,New York2 mk 4, Source: 2-Schoeps CMC6 W/MK-4 Cardiod (
LB-1527211/12/19Baltimore, Maryland  twe lbp51 fix, Audience Mono recording, Taper: TWE
LB-152714/29/19Santiago de  bq v2, Audience recording (44.1k/16bit), Taper:
LB-152704/xx/76Clearwater1 BOOTLEG: days before hard rain dymamite; Dynamite
LB-152694/17/76Belleview Biltmore2 lk, Rehearsals before tour.
LB-152687/2/95Hamburg, Germany Aokmii dolphinsmile 48, OKMII and Sony DAT>clone,
LB-15267xx/xx/79Helena Springs A-helena springs demos lta 48, 1979-09-26, Demo tape
LB-152664/15/76Belleview Biltmore2 lk, Rehearsals before tour.
LB-152654/19/02Ravenna, Italy2A-skm140 dolphinsmile, Neumann SKM140 -> Neumann
LB-152642/16/93Utrecht2A-sbd lta, Soundboard, ***Mastered 15 August 2021 by
LB-152634/10/95Belfast2Ac dolphinsmile, taped by C, Sennheiser
LB-152622/16/93Utrecht B+lta 48, lineage:, Cassette>DAT>Maxell HS-4/60S
LB-152617/8/92Aosta, Italy Adolphinsmile 48, Dat clone>File cloned, in
LB-152604/7/04Boone2Bdolphinsmile, Taped by a friend of mine on dat and
LB-152599/16/88Columbia1B+version "d", Taper: PL, Source: appears to match
LB-152588/31/90Lincoln, NE Bdolphinsmile 48, Cass Master>Dat>clone to me>,
LB-152576/28/84Barcelona A-tv3 lta 48, Estoc de Pop, TV3, lineage: VHS >
LB-152568/8/18Perth, Australia  lamla999 iphone audiowhore wavf, recorded by
LB-152555/13/92Hollywood Asenn2002 dolphinsmile 48, Dat Clone>File cloned in


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