LosslessBob Most recent hundred LB numbers
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LB-1429010/17/96San Luis Obispo, CA Antk lta 48k, taper: NET Taper K, lineage:, Sonic
LB-142893/12/95Prague Adolphinsmile 48k, Dat clone from Master>File
LB-142844/13/19Paris  gandhavar lk,, GandhavarSounds 023 wav, wav,
LB-142834/12/19Paris  gandhavar lk, GandhavarSounds 022 wav, wav,
LB-142719/4/93Saratoga Springs Bstevemtl 24, Fine audience recording for your
LB-142707/10/81Drammen  pa dolphinsmile 48k, master cass>put on dat many
LB-142697/7/19Mainz, Germany  spot, Stereo audience recording 110 mins, So here
LB-142687/6/19Braunschweig  spot, Stereo audience recording 109 mins, Heres a
LB-142677/10/19Stuttgart, Germany  mk41v, Source: Schoeps MK41V > Schoeps KC actives
LB-142667/14/19Kilkenny, Ireland  zuma66, Recorded by zuma66, sitting left of stage,
LB-142657/14/19Kilkenny, Ireland  ny zuma66, Neil Young w/ Promise Of The Real,
LB-142647/12/19London, England  bach, Taper: "Bach", Lineage: >Neumann AK40
LB-142637/10/19Stuttgart, Germany  robert71, this is a"robert71" recording, all
LB-142627/10/19Stuttgart, Germany  bach, Taper: "Bach", Lineage: >Neumann AK40
LB-142617/9/19Erfurt, Germany  robert71, this is a"robert71" recording, all
LB-142607/9/19Erfurt, Germany  bach, Taper: "Bach", Lineage: >Neumann AK40
LB-142592/5/02Jacksonville FL2B+md dolphinsmile, MD>cloned to disc>Eac>Goldwave
LB-14258xx/xx/77Ron Rosenbaum4B-cott interviews version "b";
LB-142573/24/92Sydney, NSW Antm lta 48k, taper: NET Taper M, lineage:, Sony
LB-142564/23/96Orono, ME Asonic dolphinsmile 48k, taped on Denon portable
LB-142555/xx/89The Power Station2B+rehearsals soundboard lta 44k, & Mindy Jostyn,
LB-142547/6/19Braunschweig  rc 428a aud ca14 ls11 16, INCOMPLETE RECORDING,
LB-142537/5/19Hamburg, Germany  spot, Stereo audience recording 106 mins another
LB-142527/5/19Hamburg  rc 427a aud bmc 10 ls11 16, taped by: RCM,
LB-142517/3/19Roskilde Festival  ca14 24, Source: ca14->ca9100->sony pcm-m10,
LB-142506/29/19Oslo Spektrum  joy, lineage: Panasonic cardioids WM-55A103 on
LB-142496/28/19Gothenberg, Sweden  spot, Stereo audience recording 106 mins another
LB-142486/26/19Stockholm, Sweden  spot, Stereo audience recording 106 mins another
LB-142476/24/19HELSINKI, FINLAND  spot, stereo audience recording 112 mins another
LB-142466/21/19BERGEN, NORWAY  spot, stereo audience recording 109 mins another
LB-1424511/4/75Providence, RI  sonyecm99a warburton smith joeb sirmick 24,
LB-1424411/4/75Providence, RI3B+sonyecm99a warburton smith joeb sirmick, Evening
LB-142364/4/19Berlin, Germany  BOOTLEG: live in berlin; Bootleg:Live In Berlin -
LB-1423310/7/93Concord, CA Aschoeps dolphinsmile 48k, Schoeps mics and
LB-14232xx/xx/66various3 BOOTLEG: legend in his time; jtt, (Factory Pressed
LB-142314/21/18Bielefeld  rc 366a aud ca14 ls11 24, Contrast Clause:, this
LB-142308/16/94Lewiston, NY B+lta sbd 48k, ALD, ALD, source:, Assistive
LB-142098/21/92Hamilton Bstevemtl 24bit, Fair recording without audience
LB-142086/16/99Sacramento, CA A-dolphinsmile 48k, Dat clone from taper>file cloned
LB-142074/28/94Topeka, KS Anta lta v3 48k, ***Third Transfer 10-June-2019 by
LB-1420610/23/94Syracuse, NY Aunknown lta 48k, taper: unknown, lineage:, DAT
LB-1420512/18/97Los Angeles, CA Aschoeps teddy ballgame 48k, From the Teddy
LB-142048/22/92Ottawa Bstevemtl 24bit, Fine recording without audience
LB-141826/6/89Glasgow, Scotland1C+version "e", Alternate to
LB-141814/1/92Melbourne, VIC A-ntb dat lta v2 48k, ***Second Transfer 31-May-2019
LB-1418011/13/02New York, NY Adolphinsmile 48k, dat clone>File cloned into,
LB-1417910/26/95Bloomington, IN A-nta lta 48k, taper: Net Taper A, lineage:, Sonic
LB-141784/19/19Innsbruck, Austria  bach, Taper: "Bach", Lineage: >Neumann AK40
LB-141772/17/97Osaka-Fu Altk lta 48k, ***Transfer 27-May-2019 by LTA***,
LB-1417311/23/96Akron, OH Aunknown lta 48k, ***Transfer 17-May-2019 by LTA***
LB-1417211/1/96Tupelo, MS Antk lta 48k, ***Transfer 16-May-2019 by LTA***,
LB-141717/18/96Oslo B+tarantula lta 48k, taper: tarantula, lineage:,
LB-141705/xx/87Le Club Front B+rehearsals lta 48k, & Grateful Dead 6/1/87,
LB-141608/4/96Atlanta, GA Bntk lta 48k, ***Transfer 21-May-2019 by LTA***,
LB-141595/1/19Porto, Portugal  mg21 soomlos, Source: soomlos, microtech gefell
LB-141584/29/19Santiago de  mg21 soomlos, Source: soomlos, microtech gefell
LB-1415710/11/95Atlanta, GA A-b sonic dolphindmile 1648, taped by B with Sonic
LB-141484/28/19Gijn, Spain  mg21 soomlos, Source: soomlos, microtech gefell
LB-141474/28/19Gijon, Spain  i4s zarsa29, Taping and Transfer - zarsa29,
LB-141455/3/19Seville, Spain  mg21 soomlos, Source: soomlos, microtech gefell
LB-141445/3/19Seville, Spain  spot, stereo audience recording 111 mins another
LB-141335/4/19Fuengirola, Spain  mg21 soomlos, Source: soomlos, microtech gefell
LB-141324/28/19Gijon, Spain  justencore lbp51 24, Audience recording (48k/24
LB-141315/7/19VALENCIA, SPAIN  spot, stereo audience recording 112 mins another
LB-141304/26/19Barakaldo (Bilbao)  fsr, Audience recording (44.1k/16bit), Taper:
LB-141293/31/95London, UK2A-sonics doberman, CDr > EAC > Traders Little Helper
LB-141283/30/95London, UK2Asonics doberman, CDr > EAC > Traders Little Helper
LB-141273/29/95London, UK2A-sonics doberman, CDr > EAC > Traders Little Helper
LB-141266/30/88Wantagh, NY Asdb from master dolphinsmile 48k, cassette
LB-141245/5/19Murcia, Spain  mg21 soomlos, Source: soomlos, microtech gefell
LB-141235/4/19Fuengirola, Spain  dopersan, (dopersan), Description: audience
LB-141225/3/19Seville, Spain  dopersan, Description: audience recording by
LB-141215/1/19Porto, Portugal  spot, stereo audience recording 115 mins another
LB-141204/29/19Santiago de  bq, Audience recording (44.1k/16bit), Taper:
LB-141194/28/19Gijon, Spain  bq, Audience recording (44.1k/16bit), Taper:
LB-141184/26/19Barakaldo (Bilbao)  lbp51 24, Audience recording (48k/24 bit), Taper:
LB-141174/26/19Barakaldo (Bilbao)  lbp51, Audience recording (44.1k/16bit), Taper:
LB-141164/25/19Pamplona, Spain  fsr, Audience Recording (44.1k/16bit), Taper:
LB-141154/20/19Augsburg. Germany  bach, Taper: "Bach", Lineage: >Neumann AK40
LB-141144/9/19Prague  bach, Taper: "Bach", Lineage: >Neumann AK40
LB-141134/26/19Barakaldo (Bilbao)  markitospb, Audience recording (44.1k/16 bit),
LB-141124/11/92Hobart, TAS A-mk lta 48k, ***Transfer 25-April-2019 by LTA***,
LB-141114/11/19Paris, France  spot, stereo audience recording 112 mins a Spot
LB-1411010/22/94Rochester, NY A-akg ackerman noel t 2496, Ackerman's Archive,
LB-141094/8/19Prague  bach, Taper: "Bach", Lineage: >Neumann AK40
LB-141084/7/19Prague  bach, Taper: "Bach", Lineage: >Neumann AK40
LB-141071/28/91Zurich, Switzerland B+from master dolphinsmile 48k
LB-1410611/13/16Chattanooga  from mov lk, This concert is previously
LB-141054/22/19Locarno, Switzerland  km140 romeo, Audience recording, Neumann km140 >
LB-141044/20/19Augsburg, Germany  elliot, Lineage: Soundman OKM-IIR > Adapter A3 >
LB-141034/20/19Augsburg, Germany  crox, Taper: crox, AT-933, 4.7k mod > Sony PCM-M10
LB-141024/19/19Innsbruck, Austria  spot, stereo audience recording 112 mins another
LB-141014/17/19Vienna, Austria  spot, stereo audience recording 112 mins a Spot
LB-141004/16/19Vienna, Austria  spot, stereo audience recording 116 mins a Spot
LB-140994/2/19Wuerzburg, Germany  bach, Taper: "Bach", Lineage: >Neumann AK40
LB-140984/2/19Wuerzburg, Germany  version "b"
LB-140884/16/19Vienna, Austria  robert71, this is a"robert71" recording, all
LB-140879/22/78Syracuse, NY D+soundcheck lta 48k, soundcheck, taper and lineage
LB-140869/5/87Tel-Aviv, Israel B+senn2002 dolphinsmile 48k, Senn2002 binaurals and
LB-140854/9/19Prague  pb 48k; torrenter added following description to


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