LosslessBob Most recent hundred LB numbers
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LB-152771/28/98Syracuse,New York Aschoeps mk 4 dat fob terry sullivan master,
LB-152766/30/92Dunkerque, France Adolphinsmile 48, Dat clone from taper>file cloned,
LB-1527510/31/11Hamburg  rc 077a aud remaster okmiir ls11, Note / Contrast
LB-1527410/15/87London, England B-gw, Lineage: AUD > Cassette(1 Gen) BASF LH-EI 90 >
LB-152734/30/96Syracuse,New York2 mk 4, Source: 2-Schoeps CMC6 W/MK-4 Cardiod (
LB-1527211/12/19Baltimore, Maryland  twe lbp51 fix, Audience Mono recording, Taper: TWE
LB-152714/29/19Santiago de  bq v2, Audience recording (44.1k/16bit), Taper:
LB-152704/xx/76Clearwater1 BOOTLEG: days before hard rain dymamite; Dynamite
LB-152694/17/76Belleview Biltmore2 lk, Rehearsals before tour.
LB-152687/2/95Hamburg, Germany Aokmii dolphinsmile 48, OKMII and Sony DAT>clone,
LB-15267xx/xx/79Helena Springs A-helena springs demos lta 48, 1979-09-26, Demo tape
LB-152664/15/76Belleview Biltmore2 lk, Rehearsals before tour.
LB-152654/19/02Ravenna, Italy2A-skm140 dolphinsmile, Neumann SKM140 -> Neumann
LB-152642/16/93Utrecht2A-sbd lta, Soundboard, ***Mastered 15 August 2021 by
LB-152634/10/95Belfast2Ac dolphinsmile, taped by C, Sennheiser
LB-152622/16/93Utrecht B+lta 48, lineage:, Cassette>DAT>Maxell HS-4/60S
LB-152617/8/92Aosta, Italy Adolphinsmile 48, Dat clone>File cloned, in
LB-152604/7/04Boone2Bdolphinsmile, Taped by a friend of mine on dat and
LB-152599/16/88Columbia1B+version "d", Taper: PL, Source: appears to match
LB-152588/31/90Lincoln, NE Bdolphinsmile 48, Cass Master>Dat>clone to me>,
LB-152576/28/84Barcelona A-tv3 lta 48, Estoc de Pop, TV3, lineage: VHS >
LB-152568/8/18Perth, Australia  lamla999 iphone audiowhore wavf, recorded by
LB-152555/13/92Hollywood Asenn2002 dolphinsmile 48, Dat Clone>File cloned in
LB-1525410/30/91Tulsa, Oklahoma2Bjtt, Excellent Stereo Audience Recording (Good
LB-152536/15/90Bismarck, ND Bp with crown radio shack dolphinsmile 48, Taped by
LB-152525/16/96Clarkston, MI Arb ds archive 48, taped by RB>clone snail mailed,
LB-152519/8/90San Antonio, TX2C+cm dolphinsmile, cassette master put on dat by me
LB-152506/28/84Barcelona, Spain2A-sennheisers dolphinsmile, taped with Sennheisers
LB-1524911/18/08Montral, QC2A-csheb, Source: Matched DPA4060s > Core Sound HEB
LB-1524811/5/95Austin, Texas2Alb 3674 fmprm, LB-3674 Repaired & Re-mastered by
LB-152478/28/94Kalamazoo, MI2A-b with sonic ds archive, taped by B with Sonic
LB-152464/19/93Huntsville, AL Aaud lta 48, lineage:, audience recording>DAT
LB-1524511/20/12Washington, D.C.2 audm at 822 sony pcm 50 a, AT-822 > Sony PCM-50 16
LB-1524411/2/73Planet Waves1 planet waves outtakes
LB-15243xx/xx/73pat garrett outtakes2 pat garrett outtakes source files lk, Forget the
LB-152421/20/73Pat Garret and Billy1 BOOTLEG: pat garrett and zimmy the kid; (RD067-1),
LB-152413/14/01Tokyo, Japan B+md transfer, Transfer from MD MZ-R35 Line Out -->
LB-152403/4/01Tokyo, Japan B+md transfer, Transfer from MD MZ-R35 Line Out -->
LB-152393/3/01Tokyo, Japan B+md transfer, Transfer from MD MZ-R35 Line Out -->
LB-152384/11/97Durham, NH  inc lta 48, taper: unknown, lineage:, Maxell
LB-152374/9/97Bangor, Maine A-b sonic dolphinsmile 48, taped by B with Sonic
LB-152362/24/97Sapporo, Japan A-md, Transfer from MD MZ-R35 Line Out --> PCM-M10
LB-152357/19/96Molde, Norway B+kl lta 48k; taper: Local Taper NO (KL), lineage:,
LB-152342/14/94Kokura A-lta 48, lineage: taper unknown>most likely analog
LB-152335/7/92Berkeley, CA Acb dolphinsmile 48, taped by CB with Sony dat and
LB-152329/3/89Berkeley, CA2Bmarkp, source: Nakamichi CM300 (cp4) > Sony tcd5m,
LB-1523111/18/00Atlantic City, NJ Accm 4v dolphinsmile 48, Schoeps CCM 4V > Sony
LB-1523011/24/10New York City, NY2ABOOTLEG: Terminal 5 Box; cc, Crystal Cat The
LB-1522911/23/10New York City, NY2Acc, Crystal Cat The Terminal 5 Box featuring 6CDs
LB-1522811/22/10New York City, NY2A-BOOTLEG: Terminal 5 Box; cc, Crystal Cat The
LB-152276/14/86Berkeley, CA2Bnak300 markp v2, source: nakamichi cm300 (cp1) >
LB-152267/3/95Hannover, Germany Aokmii dolphinsmile 48, Taped with OKMII mics and
LB-152256/13/86Berkeley, CA2B+nak300 markp v2, source: nakamichi cm300 (cp1) >
LB-1522410/3/97Cardiff A-nti lta 48, (NTI), taper: Net Taper I, lineage:
LB-152234/26/09London2Aat853 reworked, from torrent description: "I was
LB-152227/30/95Nyon Alt de c lta 48, taper: LT DE C, lineage: Sony
LB-152216/14/98Bremen, Germany Ads archive 48, OKMII>Sony DAT>clone, to me>file
LB-152208/24/97Wolf Trap A-ald lta 48, ALD, Assistive Listening Device (ALD),
LB-152194/13/97Wayne, NJ Alta 48, taper: unknown, lineage:, Maxell HS-4/60S
LB-152184/6/97Halifax, NS Acba lta 48, taper: Cba, lineage:, Soundman OKM II
LB-152177/4/94Besanon B-bach lta 48, taper: bach, lineage:, Shure
LB-1521610/30/10Chicago, Illinois A-km140 2448, Notes:, Neumann KM140 source, left
LB-1521510/25/10Madison, Wisconsin Aearly c 2448, early show, Notes:, Audience
LB-1521410/17/10Clemson University  mrsoul 24, another mrsoul recording, Source:
LB-1521311/8/97Dayton, OH Bntg lta 48, taper: NET Taper G, lineage:,
LB-1521210/2/97Bournemouth A-nti lta 48, taper: Net Taper I, lineage:, Soundman
LB-1521112/9/95Boston, MA A-lta 48,, taper: unknown, lineage:, Hewlett Packard
LB-152104/16/94Valparaiso, IN A-lta 48, taper: unknown, lineage: Maxell HS-4/60S
LB-152097/20/91Vienna, VA Bald lta 48, ALD, source: Assistive listening
LB-15208xx/xx/85rare recordings out2Crare recordings out takes, "Rare Recordings &
LB-152076/5/78Los Angeles2B+BOOTLEG: Los Angeles, California June 6th 1978
LB-1520612/22/61The Home Of Bonnie Aminneapolis tape ds archive 48, lowest possible
LB-1520510/19/01Los Angeles, CA Btarantula lta 48, taper: tarantula, lineage:, Sony
LB-152043/25/01Sydney2B+waz audiowhore, Upgrade From Waz From Oz Master
LB-1520310/31/64New York City  BOOTLEG: all hallows eve 1964 vinyl; sodd 000 jtt
LB-152027/19/89Columbia, Maryland2Blbp51 fix, Fixed version of LB-11538 (See old info
LB-152017/23/81Basel Dsoundcheck jvs lta 48k, soundcheck, taper: JVS,
LB-152007/23/81Basel Bjvs lta 48k, taper: JVS, lineage:, Sennheiser
LB-151995/18/76Oklahoma City, OK B-aud sbd dolphinsmile 48k, Aud/Sdb composite from
LB-151987/11/91Wantagh, NY2Btwo of us, (Two Of Us Master Volume 45), Transfer:
LB-151976/12/86Sacramento2Bdolphinsmile v2, Taped on cassette by BW with Nak
LB-151967/2/96Mannheim, Germany2B+ralph g, AUDIENCE-DAT-Master>Analog Master got in
LB-151954/26/96Montreal, QC B+stevemtl dolphinsmile 48, Sennheiser2002 and dat
LB-1519410/17/91Guitar Legends  fm gw, Lineage: FM > Cassette > Transfer via Aiwa
LB-151937/27/18Seoul, South Korea   
LB-151924/21/11Melbourne, Victoria  the doc audiowhore, recorded by 'The Doc',
LB-151914/20/11Melbourne, Victoria  the doc audiowhore, recorded by 'The Doc',
LB-151903/23/01Tamworth2A-waz from oz audiowhore, Upgrade From Waz From Oz
LB-151894/22/94Fort Wayne A-sonic studio dolphinsmile 48, Famous Dylanogist,
LB-151887/13/96Hamburg DE A-pe125s 48k, Source: Tascam PE-125s cardioid
LB-151874/27/02Oberhausen, Germany2A-unknown cd, AUD DAT Master [unknown equipment] > ?
LB-151868/19/01Vail, Colorado2B+dm cd, AUD DAT Master [unknown equipment] > ? > CD
LB-151854/20/02Milano, Italy2B-biccio59 cdr, Audience stereo recording, Lineage:
LB-1518412/17/97Los Angeles, CA Aseverson sirmick 48, Source: Sonic Studios Dsm
LB-151837/8/94Milano, Italy2B+biccio59 cdr, Audience stereo recording, Lineage:
LB-151827/7/96Pistoia, Italy2B+biccio59 cdr, Audience stereo recording, Lineage:
LB-151818/5/86Mountain View, CA3B-markp v2, source: nakamichi cm300 (cp1) > sony
LB-151807/19/87Eugene, OR B+fob nak700 severson miller clugston 152143 2496,
LB-151797/19/87Eugene, OR B+fob nak700 severson miller clugston 152142 48k,
LB-151788/16/01Wichita, Kansas2Adm cd, AUD DAT Master [unknown equipment] > ? > CD


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