LosslessBob Most recent hundred LB numbers
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LB-145817/2/92Belfort Alta 48k, taper: Legendary Taper A, location:
LB-145807/1/92Reims Dsoundcheck lta 48k, soundcheck, soundcheck, taper:
LB-1456912/3/19NYC  jf, Recorded by 'JF', Equipment: Sennheiser MKE
LB-1456811/16/96Davenport, IA A-nta lta 48k, (NTA), taper: NET Taper A, lineage:,
LB-145679/3/92Minneapolis, MN A-ltf lta 48k, (LTF), taper: LTF, lineage:, Sonic
LB-145669/2/92Minneapolis, MN A-ltf lta 48k, (LTF), taper: Legendary Taper F,
LB-1456512/2/19NYC  jf, Recorded by 'JF', Equipment: Sennheiser MKE
LB-14564xx/xx/79various1 BOOTLEG: re transmissions; Silver-EAC secure mode-
LB-14563xx/xx/79various1 BOOTLEG: performance; Northworld NW00162 13 june
LB-1456211/30/19NYC  jf, Recorded by 'JF', Equipment: Sennheiser MKE
LB-1456111/29/19New York City  spot, Stereo audience recording 104 mins A SPOT
LB-1456011/29/19NYC  jf, Recorded by 'JF', Equipment: Sennheiser MKE
LB-1455911/27/19New York City  spot, Stereo audience recording 104 mins A SPOT
LB-1455811/27/19NYC  jf, Recorded by 'JF', Equipment: Sennheiser MKE
LB-1455711/26/19NYC  jf, Recorded by 'JF', Equipment: Sennheiser MKE
LB-1455611/24/19New York City  spot, Stereo audience recording 104 mins A SPOT
LB-1454511/24/19NYC  jf, Recorded by 'JF', Equipment: Sennheiser MKE
LB-1454411/23/19NYC  jf, Recorded by 'JF', Equipment: Sennheiser MKE
LB-145436/19/95East Rutherford, NJ Aschoeps mk4 dolphinsmile 48, Schoeps
LB-1453211/12/19Baltimore, Maryland  twe 24bit 44k , Location: Section 101, Row N,
LB-1453111/6/19Ann Arbor, Michigan  manie, Taper: "Manie", Lineage: Roland R-05
LB-1453011/5/19East Lansing  manie, Taper: "Manie", Lineage: Roland R-05
LB-145296/24/01Trondheim, Norway2A-dolphinsmile, Clone off master Dat>File cloned,
LB-1452811/15/19University Park  mg21 soomlos, Source: soomlos, microtech gefell
LB-145277/12/19London, England  BOOTLEG: british summer time 19; Label:Golden Eggs
LB-1452610/9/01Concert At sarnovsky4 lta 48k, taper: sarnovsky.4, lineage:
LB-1452511/13/19Petersburg, VA  sony pcm m10, . VG/EX- AUD recording, Sony PCM-M10
LB-1450612/30/77Rundown Studios1Blk, This is not extracted from LB-2801 as it
LB-1450511/xx/68Dylan's home in1CBOOTLEG; nowhere to go dremastered edition, THE
LB-145047/12/19London, England  BOOTLEG: Hyde Park 2019; cc, Crystal Cat 1106-1107
LB-1450310/7/01Corvallis, OR2Aat853 dolphinsmile, AT853>Zefiro Inbox>M1>dat
LB-145028/1/71New York City1C+aft lk, I have been thinking of doing a tribute to
LB-1450111/1/19South Bend, Indiana  spot, Stereo audience recording 102 mins A SPOT
LB-1450010/30/19Chicago, Illinois  spot, stereo audience recording 102 mins A Spot
LB-144999/3/93Syracuse, NY B+stevemtl 24bit, Fair audience recording of the
LB-144989/2/93Toronto, ON B+stevemtl 24bit, Fine audience recording of the
LB-1449710/29/19Normal, Illinois  spot, stereo audience recording 101 mins
LB-144969/6/61GasLight Café1B+BOOTLEG: live in new york;
LB-1449510/12/19Santa Barbara  spot, stereo audience recording 112 mins, A SPOT
LB-144943/31/00Rochester, Minnesota2A-version "g", AUD DAT Master [unknown equipment] >
LB-144936/30/92Dunkerque Alta 48k, taper: Legendary Taper A, location:
LB-1449210/22/19St. Louis, MO  mk421 babynbox a10, ---16/44.1 CD Quality
LB-1449110/19/19Lincoln, NE  shure mountjoy 24, Shure MV88 > iPhone 7 > Motiv
LB-1449011/8/19Highland Heights  csheb, Source: Core Sound HEBs (dpa 4061s) > C.S.
LB-144897/1/92Reims Alta 48k, taper: Legendary Taper A, lineage:,
LB-144885/3/63Studs Terkel Wax1B+reconstructed stereo lk, This is a reconstructed
LB-1448710/9/01Central Point Oregon Aat853 dolphinsmile 48k, AT853>Zefiro
LB-1447711/4/19Columbus, Oh.  csheb, Source: Core Sound HEBs (dpa 4061s) > C.S.
LB-144762/13/02Greenville, SC Aneumann ak40s dolphinsmile 48k, Neumann AK40s >
LB-1447511/2/19Muncie, Indiana  mk4v soomlos, Source: soomlos, schoeps mk4v > nbob
LB-144742/20/86Melbourne2Bmondoprune, previously uncirculated mondoprune
LB-144737/7/84London, England2A-BOOTLEG: all roads lead to wembley; EMPRESS VALLEY
LB-1447211/2/19Muncie, Ind.  csheb, Source: Core Sound HEBs (dpa 4061s) > C.S.
LB-1447111/1/19South Bend, IN  akg ck63 sos ford, Source: AKG(ck63) Naiant
LB-1447010/27/19Bloomington  dk wi, Taper: DK-WI, Recording: Audio-Technica
LB-1446910/26/19Milwaukee, WI  akg ck61 sos ford, Source: AKG(ck61) > Naiant
LB-1446810/24/19Mankato  vodkadog, vodkadog, Sennheiser MKE2002-> Sony M10,
LB-144671/31/02Orlando FL  bk 4021 dolphinsmile 48k, B&K 4021 and Dat>cloned
LB-144467/26/99Tramps, NYC2Ad sbd, (D-sbd), The Recording:, Master: soundboard
LB-1444510/19/19Lincoln  readermo declipped, readermo recording, raw
LB-1444410/19/19Lincoln, Nebraska  readermo cpoet, taper: readermo, Sun October 20th,
LB-1444310/17/19Denver, CO  ambeo 24, SOURCE: Sennheiser Ambeo Headset > iPod
LB-1444210/14/19Palo Alto  skm140 soomlos, Source: soomlos, neumann skm140 >
LB-1444110/14/19Palo Alto  hurricane, Location: 2nd riser step center,
LB-1444010/14/19PALO ALTO  spot, stereo audience recording 103 mins a Spot
LB-1443910/11/19IRVINE, CALIFORNIA  spot, stereo audience recording 112 mins a Spot
LB-144382/2/02Tampa, FL2A-mbho dolphinsmile,
LB-1443710/12/19Santa Barbara, CA  jb 24bit, Fantastic show at the fantastic Santa
LB-144368/9/03Holmdel, NJ2Aat853 dolphinsmile, at853's > denecke ad-20 > sony
LB-1441412/16/95Philadelphia2A-version "g", AUD DAT Master [unknown equipment] >
LB-1441312/15/95Philadelphia2A-AUD DAT Master [unknown equipment] > DAT Clone >
LB-144004/9/19Prague2 BOOTLEG: third prague 2019; Bootleg:Third Prague
LB-143997/2/92Belfort, France2Ddolphinsmile, master>dat to me>cloned into
LB-14392xx/xx/88Various live9 BOOTLEG: genuine net covers collection 1988 2000;
LB-143915/29/88Lone star Cafe, NYC1A-sbd 3rdgen, Levon Helm, (early show), (3rd gen sbd
LB-143898/2/02Worcester, MA2A-md core sounds dophinsmile, taped on MD and Core
LB-143887/23/00Saratoga Springs NY2Asbd aud matrix, Lineage, Source 1(DSBD) + Source
LB-143767/1/84Paris, France B-long version sdb dolphinsmile 48k, sdb>cassette
LB-143757/23/00Saratoga Springs NY2Adsbd, Lineage, Dsbd > Cdr>Freerip> Cool edit Pro
LB-1437410/29/99Oxford B+schoeps dolphinsmile 48k, taped on Dat with
LB-143734/7/99Lisbon, Portugal Adolphinsmile 48k, dat clone>file cloned in
LB-143626/29/19Oslo, Norway  mg21 soomlos, Source: soomlos, microtech gefell
LB-143615/31/00Ancona B+tarantula lta 48k, taper: Tarantula-, lineage:,
LB-143607/2/99Shakopee, MN A-neumann km140 dolphinsmile 48k, i think this is
LB-143592/1/99Tallahassee, FL Bversion "d", 48k, From a DAT (received in trade,
LB-143585/1/70Studio Sessions1ABOOTLEG: if not with you; Nashville 1969-05-03 and
LB-143478/6/03Columbus, OH A-akg451 dolphinsmile 48k, AKG451>Dat>clone snail
LB-14346xx/xx/69Various1 BOOTLEG: be my guest; Blue Eyes / 005, Released:
LB-143457/31/89Joliette, QC2Blta v2, Second Transfer, taper: unknown, lineage:
LB-143449/3/88Manchester, NH1A-jvs lta, taper: JVS, lineage:, Sennheiser MKE-2002
LB-143437/21/89Holmdel, NJ  barn185 24, BARN185, Original Cassette master
LB-143427/21/89Holmdel, NJ2Cbarn185, BARN185, Original Cassette master
LB-143412/1/99Tallahassee, FL B-core sounds dolphinsmile 48k, I got this from the
LB-143408/13/90Edmonton, AB Bltm lta 48k, taper: Legendary Taper M, lineage:,
LB-143396/17/91Stuttgart, Germany Asenn2002 dolphinsmile 48k, Taped by a German
LB-143316/24/10Barcelona  BOOTLEG: poble espanyol 2010; Higway Records HW
LB-143308/12/90Edmonton, AB Bltm lta v3 48k, taper: Legendary Taper M, lineage:
LB-143298/26/94Merrillville, IN Anta lta v2 48k, taper: NET taper A, lineage:,
LB-1432812/4/67Basement Tapes1Agans miller, & The Hawks, From The Archive of
LB-1432710/24/92Storrs, CT A-lte lta v2 48k, taper: Legendary Taper E, lineage:


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