LosslessBob LB-102
xx/xx/83Infidels Outtakes Remaster2A-67min +73min

excellent sound, a little crackly on d2t8; in comparison on d1t1 to bootleg rough cuts LB-6751, this has levels raised and compressed with less hiss; track sound quality varies from mainly A to B+;

(a bittorrent from 05/10 is a close eac match on d1t1 with same digital flaws described as "Outfidel Intakes" and "remastered" and info file also contains more specific remastering details and has filenames like "Disk1_Track01.flac"; xref-00362)

(a bittorrent from 06/11 seems to be a fix for xref-00362; described as "OUTFIDELS INTAKES - FIXED DISC TWO, TRACK TWO plus JTT ARTWORK, Removed skip at 10 secs" with filenames like "Disk2_Track02 JTT fixed.flac"; xref-00824)


1 Sweetheart Like You, Tell Me 2 Someone's Got A Hold Of My Heart 3 Lord Protect My Child 4 Angel Flying Too Close To The Ground 5 Foot Of Pride 6 Tell Me 7 I And I 8 Union Sundown 9 Julius And Ethel 10 Jokerman 11 License To Kill 12 Man Of Peace 13 Don't Fall Apart On Me Tonight,


1 Neighborhood Bully 2 Blind Willie McTell 3 This Was My Love 4 This Was My Love 5 Angel Flying Too Close To The Ground 6 Dark Groove 7 Don't Fly Unless Its Safe 8 Clean Cut Kid 9 Death Is Not The End 10 Sweetheart Like You 11 Union Sundown 12 Sweetheart Like You rehearsals

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Year 1983
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