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HH 669 from LK; started 2004-07-20, SKT files, shntool data & shntool fingerprints added, All the known Infidels takes and re-mixes on 7 CDs., I vined the 'missing' tracks (1st Infidels o/ts, Stereo Work Tape & the Mystery tape) separately, but as several expressed interest in having all these tracks in one set, here they are: DVD in shn format, with Artwork and some of my notes.,

#1 Title: Compete Infidels Vol 1, #CDs: 2 Date : 19/07/2004, Reference: ISIS #113 Disk 1, 01 Angel Falling Too Close to the Ground RW D4t6, 02 Angel Falling Too Close to the Ground RW D4t7, 03 Angel Falling Too Close to the Ground RW D4t8, 04 Blind Willie McTell A D-M D1t3, 05 Blind Willie McTell A O, 06 Blind Willie McTell E D-M D1t11, 07 Neigbourhood Bully D-M D2t3, 08 Neigbourhood Bully I1, 09 Neigbourhood Bully MT, 10 Neigbourhood Bully O t3, 11 Neigbourhood Bully RW (mono) D3t2, 12 Neigbourhood Bully W t10, 13 Clean Cut Kid D-M D1t14, 14 Dark Groove D-M D1t16, 15 Dark Groove MT, 16 Dont Fly Unless its Safe D-M D1t15, 17 Dont Fly Unless its Safe MT, Disk 2, 01-3 Death is Not The End x 3, 04-11 Dont Fall Apart on me Tonight x 7, 11 Foot of Pride D-M D2t9, 12 Foot of Pride O, 13 Julius Ethel D-M D1t9, 14 Julius Ethel D-M D2t16, #2 Title: Complete Infidels Vol 2, #CDs: 2 Date : 19/07/2004, Reference: ISIS # 113, Disk 3, 01 II D-M D2t7, 02 II e I1, 03 II O t7, 04 II RW (mono) D3t11, 05 II W t14, 06 Jokerman D-M D2t1, 07 Jokerman I1, 08 Jokerman O t1, 09 Jokerman RW (mono) D4t10, 10 Jokerman W t8, 11 License to Kill D-M D2t4, 12 License to Kill I1, 13 License to Kill O t4, 14 License to Kill RW (mono) D1t3, 15 License to Kill W t11, Disk 4, 01 Lord Protect my Child D-M D2t12, 02 Lord Protect my Child O, 03 Man of Peace D-M D2t5, 04 Man of Peace I1, 05 Man of Peace O t5, 06 Man of Peace RW (mono) D1t5, 07 Man of Peace W t12, 08 Someones Got a hold of my Heart b O, 09 Someones Got a hold of my Heart r RW D3t7, 10 Sweetheart Like You (later) D-M D2t2, 11 Sweetheart Like You (lighthouse) I1, 12 Sweetheart Like You O t2, 13 Sweetheart Like You RW (mono) D4 t11, 14 Sweetheart Like You W t9, #3 Title: Complete Infidels Vol 3 4, #CDs: 1 Date : 19/07/2004, Reference: ISIS #113, Disk 5, 01 Tell Me D-M D2t11, 02 Tell Me O, 03 This Was my Love (what) D-M D1t10, 04 This Was my Love D-M D2t15, 05 Union Sundown(fs) D-M D3t3, 06 Union Sundown (hum) D-M D2t6, 07 Union Sundown O t6, 08 Union Sundown RW (mono) D4t13, 09 Union Sundown W t13, Disk 6, 01 Sweetheart Rehearsals 1, 02 Sweetheart Rehearsals 2, Disk 7, Sweetheart Rehearsals 3 (clock tape)
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