LosslessBob LB-4215
6/17/85Rockline Call In Show1A-74min

FLAC From Promo Tape, I'm posting this here so I don't have to edit out any of the commercial songs played between, the interview/phone calls. This is a radio call in show from June 17, 1985. Dylan is on, promoting Empire Burlesque. It is funny to hear the callers ask sometimes very heartfelt, questions only to get a one word, or an I don't know answer from Bob. This is taken from a, promo tape I found at the Austin Record show. I did not know they did promos of Rockline., A scan of the tape is included. All I did was play it straight into my Sony cd recorder., Track 1 is side 1, track 2 side 2. The sides are split up in the middle of a response, so, you get a bit of silence as I pressed the button to play side 2, but otherwise the, transition is smooth. I've got to believe the quality of this version should rival even the, best version recorded straight off the air.

bittorrent download 11/06; in comparison to LB-4207 this is similar sound quality but has the songs included; (did not listen to all of this)
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