LosslessBob LB-5270
3/27/07Stockholm, Sweden, Debaser-Medis2A64min+78min

BOOTLEG: Debaser 2007; Liberated Bootleg:, Crystal Cat : 816-17

bittorrent download 08/07; different recording than erik LB-4647 or spot LB-4663 based on different clapping at end of d1t10 although crowd noise was very close to erik LB-4647 indicating they must have been nearby; in 3-way comparison erik LB-4647 is warmest, then spot LB-4663 and then this; (did not listen to all of this)
drop/cut between cdrs
CD 1 63:55, 1. Introduction, 2.Most Likely You Go Your Way, 3.Not Dark Yet, 4.I'll Be Your Baby Tonight, 5.It's Alright Ma (I'm Only Bleeding), 6.Tears of Rage, 7.Highway 61 Revisited, 8.Lay, Lady, Lay, 9.Rollin and Tumblin', 10.To Ramona, 11.Country Pie, CD 2 77:17, 1.Tangled Up in Blue, 2.A Hard Rain's A-Gonna Fall, 3.Summer Days, 4.Like a Rolling Stone, 5.Thunder on the Mountain, 6.All Along the Watchtower, Bonus:, 7.Maggies Farm 2006nov11 Boston, Massachusetts, 8.The Times They Are A-Changin' 2006jul06 Palafrugell (Girona), Spain, 9.Down Alomg The Cove 2006jul06 Palafrugell (Girona), Spain, 10.Absolutely Sweet Marie 2007may02 Leipzig, Germany, 11.Senor (Tales Of Yankee Power) 2007may02 Leipzig, Germany
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