LosslessBob LB-5745
4/xx/89Outtakes O Mercy Sessions March-April 19891 76min

BOOTLEG: Mercy on Us; The Godfatherrecords G.R. 136, Silver Disc.....Eac....Flac.frontend.... Flac, Not so well known compilation of the o mercy sessions. I could not find nothing on the net to this one, which i bought at a market Utrecht (NL), Monicasdude and Bobsboots refers to Deeds of Mercy and Ring Them Bells., There seems to be a Wanted Man tittle O mercy Outtakes:, http://www.dylanbase.com/specificinfo.asp?albumID=535, This one I don't know but the tracklist differs slightly!, More infomation would be welcome!

bittorrent download 01/08; (did not listen to all of this); in 5-way comparison of bootlegs on sound quality on t10 listed below from least preferred to most preferred; (1) this has raised levels with lots of compression, almost all above 10k stripped away by noise reduction and sound processed very harsh and more unnatural sounding than the others; (2) The Deeds Of Mercy LB-5746 has nothing above 21k with most below 10k except for what looks like noise and has the most hiss; (3) the Oh Mercy Outtakes is full spectrum with most below 10k except what looks like noise and has just a little less hiss than the Deeds of Mercy; (4) Ring Them Bells is full spectrum with most below 16k except what looks like noise; (5) The Outtakes Vol 2 Oh MercyOuttakes Remasters LB-1052 has nothing above 20k with most below 10k except for what looks like noise and compares in similar quality to Ring Them Bells which may have fuller sound but is harsher
Tracks:, 1. Shooting Star #1, 2. God Knows #1, 3. God Knows #2, 4. What Good am I?, 5. Most of the Time #1, 6. Everything is Broken, 7. Political World, 8. Born in Time, 9. Dignity, 10. Shooting Star #2, 11. Disease of Conceit, 12. Ring them Bells, 13. Most of the Time #2, 14. What was it you Wanted, 15. Series of Dreams #1, 16. Series of Dreams #2, 17. Series of Dreams #3
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Year 1989
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