LosslessBob LB-6363
xx/xx/85Empire Burlesque sessions, New York City and Los Angeles1B75min

BOOTLEG: The Naked Empire; Godfather records, Silver CD -> WAV (EAC) -> FLAC (Flac frontend) -> You, July 1984 - April 1985, Excellent Stereo, I've been hoping for this bootleg to show up on trackers, after reading the reviews of it online. Of course, those "bootleg-guides" can't be trusted, but I've been pleased with the "Godfather" releases of the Oh Mercy outtakes and Blood On The Tracks outtakes...(which I bought before getting into this fantastic Hungercity site.) (on a sidenote: Some of them "bootleg review sites" seem to be both clueless about the quality of the original recordings and respectless of the torrent society and people who share the recordings in the first place), But anyway, "The Naked Empire" didn't show up on any trackers....so I bought it in a store yesterday; something I rarely do when it comes to Bob Dylan....the best material is to be found online, for free. Made an exception for "Naked Empire", According to various "bootleg-sites" online, it features well known material - but in upgraded sound., Can't let you know my opinion on this, as my "Empire Burlesque outtakes CDRs" are not with me at the moment, for comparision., But I think it's a very listen..this one., Featuring Mick Taylor and Ronnie Wood., Info about musicians (below) is taken from the covers. Artwork for the front and back included (had to remove some horrible watermarks with paint-software). Couldn't find scans of the innersleeves., Enjoy....Erik_Snow, Upped to Hungerity by Erik_snow, Aug. 2008

bittorrent download 08/08; nothing above 9k except lego parapets, levels are at the maximum and compressed; this has no hiss but has an unnatural mechanical harsh mp3 sound; in 4-way comparison on danville girl, bootleg outside the empire has warmest fullest most natural sound with a little hiss; bootleg clean cuts has similar hiss but also is harsher and less natural sound and reported to run fast and is 5% faster than this and bootleg outside the empire; hollow horn reference vol 7 LB-3312 seems to be copied from bootleg clean cuts with similar wav and spectral view and sound and speed; (did not listen to all of this)
TRACKLIST:, 01. New Danville Girl *, 02. Tight Connection To My Heart ****, 03. Clean Cut Kid ***, 04. I'll Remember You *, 05. Seeing The Real You At Last *, 06. Something's Burning Baby *, 07. Trust Yourself *, 08. Emotionally Yours *, 09. When The Night Comes Falling ****, 10. Never Gonna Be The Same Again ****, 11. Waiting To Get Beat ****, 12. Straight A's In Love ***, 13. The Very Thought Of You ***, 14. Driftin' Too Far From Shore ***, 15. Who Loves You More ***, 16. Go 'Way Little Boy **, * Cherokee Studio, Guitar: Ira Ingber, Bass: Carl Sealove, Keyboards: Vince Melamed, Drums: Don Heffington, Backing vocals: Madelyn Quebec, ** Power Station Studios, NYC, Guitar: Ronnie Wood, Bass: Marvin Ettioni, Organ: Benmont Tench, Drums: Don Heffington, *** Delta Sound Labs, Guitar: Ronnie Wood, Bass: John Davis, Piano/synth: Bob Dylan, Drums: Anton Fig, Backing vocals: Carolyn Dennis, **** Shakedown Sound Studios, Guitar: Al Kooper, Guitar: Mick Taylor, Guitar: Ted Pearlman, Guitar: Stuart Kimball, Keyboards: Bob Dylan, Drums: Sly Dunbar, Bass: Robbie Shakespear
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Year 1985
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