LosslessBob LB-8543
4/12/63NYC Town Hall & Carnegie Hall1A-48min

BOOTLEG: Are You Now or Have You Ever Been; (His Gotham Ingress) (JTT Vinyl Transfer), THIS IS FROM THE ORIGINAL VINYL PRESSING FROM WHICH, THE WILD WOLF BOOTLEG WAS MOST LIKELY TAKEN. THE QUALITY OF, THIS IS MUCH CLEARER THAN THE CD RELEASE AS HEAVY NOISE, REDUCTION WAS USED ON THAT. THIS DOES HAVE MORE SURFACE NOISE., SOURCE: Bob Dylan in Concert, Unreleased CBS Album, TAKRL / 1952 MONO, Details Here: http://www.bobsboots.com/boots/bt-a009.html, SOURCE: Near Mint Vinyl LPs > Technics SL-110/SME 3009 Series 111/Goldring G1010 >, Onkyo P-304 Pre Amp > Soundforge PRO 10 > FLAC Level 6 Align on sector boundaries, Some Clicks and Surface Noise Present, Replica Artwork by JTT Using Original Scans, JTT, April 2010

bittorrent download 04/10; has tv band; in comparison on t2 of the vinyl/acetate sourced bootlegs, wild wolf in concert LB-6657 does not seem to have noise reduction as mentioned and does have a little surface noise and has fullest warmest sound; this is harshest with similar surface noise and a little more hiss; bootleg Talking Too Much LB-6655 has a rumbly noiser sound; bootleg capricorn in concert LB-6656 has least surface noise and looks like it had noise reduction used on it but it is not as harsh as this one; bootleg Find Out Why LB-4918 on d1 has the surface noise and noise reduction; bootleg hollow horn Unravelled Takes LB-6181 does not have the surface noise of the vniyl/acetate sources and has a clearer sound and less distortion in vocals than the wild wolf version; for these shows the best clearest sound without the surface noise for 4/12/63 is on LB-6656 and for 10/26/63 is on LB-6180 (did not listen to all of this)
has surface noise
SIDE ONE:, Last Thoughts On Woody Guthrie *, Lay Down Your Weary Tune, Dusty Old Fairgrounds *, Ballad Of John Brown *, SIDE TWO:, When the Ship Comes In, Who Killed Davy Moore, Percy's Song, Bob Dylan's New Orleans Rag *, Seven Curses, Carnegie Hall - October 26, 1963, * NYC Town Hall - April 12, 1963
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Year 1963
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