LosslessBob LB-8601

BOOTLEG: Dr Zimmermans Original Old Time Hootenany; [Libertated Bootleg/Italy], A: Quest TV, Canada 1964, B: Live with Joan Baez 1964, C: Wings 1962, D: Turner's Basement 1963

bittorrent download 10/08; looks like noise reduction used; in comparison on t3 to LB-3013 that has a fuller warmer sound and this has the more unnatural sound of noise reduction; (did not listen to all of this)
A-1-The Times They Are A Changin', A-2-Bob Dylan's Dream, A-3-Lonesome Death Of Hattie Carroll, A-4-Girl From The North Country, A-5-A Hard Rains A Gonna Fall, A-6-Farewell, B-1-Troubled And I Don't Know Why, B-2-Blowin' In The Wind, C-1-If I Had Wings, C-2-Living The Blues In The Evening, C-3-Long John, D-1-Who You Really Are, D-2-Bob Dylan's Dream, D-3-Farewell, D-4-If I Could Do It All Over You, D-5-Keep Your Hands Off Her, D-6-Used To Do, D-7-Going Back To Rome, D-8-Stealin', D-9-Hootenany
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Year 1962
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