LosslessBob LB-9711
xx/xx/62(Witmark Demos compilation), Witmark Demos Recording Period: 1962-19641B+48min

BOOTLEG: ceremonies of the horseman vinyl; Album Release Year: 1974, Further Album Information: http://www.bobsboots.com/boots/bt-c001.html, Lineage: Vinyl > Luxman PD270 turntable/Audio-Technica AT155LC cartridge > Denon preamp > Wabelab 5 processing (de-click only) > flac, What's so special about it? It contains perhaps the very best recording of "Boots of Spanish Leather" Bob ever recorded. That's my one-sided opinion, of course., So what else is so great about it? Perhaps nothing to a casual fan, yet a small piece of history on a 30-year-old sheet of vinyl, nevertheless. Having very lightly researched the importance and purpose of the Witmark Demos, they seem, in essence, the equivalent of someone mailing him/herself their own documented idea as the basis for establishing a time-fence around its creation (e.g. for patent purposes). I assume the recordings were made to establish "legal record" (no pun intended) of the songs, in advance of more "formally" recording them for purposes of release. There are a bunch of folks out there who can confirm or correct this, and I hope they do...In any case, it's among dozens of "unreleased" Dylan records I've had for many years, and this is one I haven't seen surface yet through the trading community., Final Note: Per a listen to track 13 (when the ship comes in) via "the bootleg series, vol 1, it's evident that the album recording is lower in pitch (slower) than the released versiion. From this, I expect the entire record is the same. Folks who wish to speed-correct this content are welcome to do so on their own; I've preserved the integrity of the album, as recorded, which is my overall intent here. Thanks for listening!, Transferred and uploaded to Zomb Torrents by Acefactory, Feb 2008

bittorrent download 11/11; has surface noise; in comparison on t3, this has the fullness and brightness of LB-2107 over jtt vinyl LB-8043, but this has a lot more hiss than those; none are close in comparison to official release Bootleg Series Vol. 9; (did not listen to all of this)
Side 1:, 01 only a hobo, 02 if i could do it all over, i'd do it all over you, 03 boots of spanish leather, 04 girl from the north country, 05 bob dylan's dream, 06 i shall be free, 07 tomorrow is a long time, Side 2:, 08 hero blues, 09 don't think twice, 10 oxford town, 11 the rise and fall of hollis brown, 12 blowin' in the wind, 13 when the ship comes in (removed: available in Bob Dylan the bootleg series volume 1), 14 the times they are a changin'
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Year 1962
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