LosslessBob LB-9897
11/20/11London, UK2A-48min+45min

BOOTLEG: hammersmith 2011 three nights complete; 6cd Box Set-Uxbridge Silver Cds Rip, 19th-21st Nov 2011, This is Disc 3 and 4 the 20th nov 2011, Lineage-Silver CDs-Eac to Wav-TLH to encode to FLAC(level 8)-You, Eac logs and Checksums included, Artwork Included, Bugger I cant resist Siver CDs even though I know it will be of someone on heres recording,picked this up at a record fair in Norwich 28th Jan 2012

bittorrent download 01/12; in 6-way comparison these are different recordings based on different crowd at beginning of d2t2; skm140 soomlos LB-9854, at853 soomlos LB-9853.km140 romeo LB-9751, and schubert raw LB-9764 have a fuller warmer sound than this; froggiefreeloader LB-9849 is similar fullness; (did not listen to all of this)
drop/cut between cdrs
disc 3, 01 opening, 02 leopard skin pill box hat, 03 Its all over now baby blue, 04 things have changed, 05 tryin to get to heaven, 06 honest with me, 07 tangled up in blue, 08 summer days, 09 blind willie mctell, disc 4, 01 highway 61 revisited, 02 desolation row, 03 thunder on the mountain, 04 ballad of a thin man, 05 all along the watchtower, 06 Band intro, 07 Like a rolling stone
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