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BOOTLEG: live pt2 vinyl; Transfer From My Vinyl, Sony PS-11W>Philips CDR 765>cd-r>EAC (secure mode)>TLH> flac (Level-8)>md-5>torrent, Artwork as received from seller at the INTERNATIONAL FAIR OF CD's AND VINYL RECORDS in Valladolid, Artwork incluided, Sources:, (1) [1st Highway 61 Revisited session] 1965-06-15, (2) [3rd and last Bringing It All Back Home session] 1965-01-15 (Overdubbed by unidentified musicians May 21, 1965 in Studio A, Columbia Recording Studios, New York City, NY and released on single CBS-2921 in Benelux, Europe January 1967 - Same take as BOOTLEG SERIES VOL.2 but different mix, without the harmonica heard on that one), (3) [13th take of The 6th Freewheelin' Bob Dylan session] 1962-11-14 (Released on single Columbia 4-42656 December 14, 1962), (4) [Newport Folk Festival - Lawn of Newport Casino, Freebody Park, Newport, Rhode Island] 1963-07-27 (Topical Songs Workshop), (5) [Newport Folk Festival - Porch # 1 of Newport Casino, Freebody Park, Newport, Rhode Island] 1963-07-27 (Afternoon Workshop), (6) [Johnny Cash Show - Ryman Auditorium, Nashville, Tennessee] 1969-05-01, (7) [Royal Albert Hall, London, England, UK] 1965-05-09 (AUD) (same recording as LB-1770*), (8, 9) [Colston Hall, Bristol, UK] 1966-05-10 (AUD) (same recording as LB-9419 and LB-9424), Further info: http://www.bjorner.com/still.htm, ----------------------------------------------, (*) NOTE: The recording present in this vinyl record for track 7 (t07) is actually the same as LB-1770, which is supposed to be from the Royal Albert Hall concert 1966-05-09. However, I compared this one with several live recordings of the song If You Gotta Go, Go Now, taking this list of shows as possible ones to match:, 1964-10-24 Boston, MA, USA, 1964-10-31 New York City, NY, USA, xxx 1964-11-25 San Jose, CA, USA, xxx 1964-11-27 San Francisco, CA, USA, xxx 1965-03-27 Santa Monica, CA, USA, xxx 1965-04-30 Sheffield, England, UK, >>> 1965-05-07 Manchester, England, UK, >>> 1965-05-09 London, England, UK (LB-1770), and just came to the following conclusion:, Shows from 1964 that I compared (marked with 3x) had one more verse that was omitted on the 1966 performances and last verse on this track was also modified (as in 1966 performances), so I guessed the track included here should come from one of the 1965 concerts., Recording from 1965-03-28 Santa Monica, CA showed that this was a noticeably different performance, same as it happened with the one I chose from 1965-04-30 Sheffield, England, UK. But to my surprise, 1965-05-07 Manchester, UK sounded pretty similar to t07 here and even if quite different sound quility (as Manchester 1965 recording is an excellent SBD, and hardly comparable), I began to believe this t07 could be from Machester '65., Yet I tried a new comparison with LB-1770, which is described and archived at the LB site as 1965-05-09 RAH, London, England, UK. Such comparison revealed that this Track07 actually comes from the same recording as LB-1770, so it should be from that date and venue., But still I was doubtful about the procedence (date and venue) because of the similarity between the same song on Manchester 1965 SBD recording and this t07, so I made a new comparison, note by note and word for word, in my audio editor. An exhaustive audition led me to the conclusion that this one, actually coming from the same source as LB-1770, is not from the RAH show, but rather from Manchester '65. I might state now, without fear to make a mistake, that If You Gotta Go on LB-1770 and this are the same and the preformace matches that one of Manchester '65, according to the SBD released on bootleg "Now's The Time For Your Tears", especially noticeably if we pay attention to the last verse, when Dylan says:, "Ain't it that I'm wanting, Anything you never gave before, It's just that I'll be sleeping soon, And It'll be too dark for you to find the door, so if you gotta go....", As the words, tone, phrasing, timing and emphasis are almost identical even if pitch corrections and disproportion in quality could make them sound different. The audience laughter after "too dark for you to find the door" can be spotted also on the SBD recording, though, obviously, far away in the background., But in the end I have my doubts about LB-1770 being from Manchester. After comparing other songs of the recording with "Now's The Time..." SBD recording, the setlists are coincident and one might think the songs are sung exactly the same, but there are still slight differences in Dylan's talk on a few songs and at times some of the harmonica fragments are different too, though there is a gap on the AUD in one of them tracks on a harmonica part (which could be a sign that the missing part of the harmonica was on that gap as the rest is sounding pretty similar) and there's also a small attempt of playing harmonica at the beginning of Gates of Eden (just a chord) on the SBD that is not on the AUD. Again a fragment of harmonica is shorter on the SBD, but paying attention to the AUD it looks like a brief segment of that harmonica solo is repeated as if it had been edited to patch anothere gap there., It looks strange that Dylan could have done the same setlist one day and the next and even more that the songs could have been performed in such a similar way (one might say identical if not for the difference in pitch and quality) but the difference in talk at the beginning of Love Minus Zero makes improbable that someone could have gone through so much trouble to fake it. Manipulate some fragments of the harmonica by editing them to make them sound slightly different or longer, to mix another harmonica chord on a brief segment at the beginning of Gates or change the pitch is one thing, but imitate Dylan's voice to alter a couple of words of his talk on Love Minus Zero by changing the order in which they were pronounced seems to me hard to believe, so even if I can't explain myself the similarities through the whole recording, I'm not yet in a position to explain the punctual differences and certify they are both recordings of the same show., I'm not certain that LB-1770 was actually from 1965-05-09 RAH, London, UK, but I don't have evidences to prove it was wrong so we will have to believe it until a more cientifical analysis could demonstrate that the AUD is really from Manchester'65., Luis Borrego Polanco, Madrid, Spain

bittorrent download 01/13; (did not listen to all of this)
lots of surface noise
Tracklist:, 01. [3:59] Killing Me ALive (Sitting On A Barbed Wire Fence), 02. [2:27] If You Gotta Go, 03. [2:29] Mixed Up Confusion, 04. [3:17] Playboys And Playgirls, 05. [6:13] With God On Our Side, 06. [2:44] Living The Blues, 07. [2:17] If You Gotta Go (Live 1965), 08. [8:23] Mr. Mambourine Man, 09. [5:53] I Don't Believe You
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