LosslessBob LB-11055
4/xx/89Oh Mercy Outtakes1A-80min

BOOTLEG: have mercy; Diamonds In Your Ear 28 [T-244], 79:16, Released 1998, (1) Studio On The Move (New Orleans, LA); March 7-24, 1989, (2) Down In The Groove outtakes, (3) promotional video (Culver City, CA); March 2, 1990, (4) Desire outtake, (1) What Was It You Wanted, Series of Dreams, God Knows, What Good Am I, Most Of The Time, Everything Is Broken, Political, World, Born In Time, Dignity, Shooting Star, Disease Of Conceit, (2) Got Love If You Want It, Important Words, (3) Most Of The Time, (4) Hurricane

bittorrent download 09/13; in comparison on t9, bootleg Ring Them Bells LB-5747 had fullest sound; then Outtakes Vol 2 Oh MercyOuttakes Remasters LB-1052, and then this which was also harshest; (did not listen to all of this)
Tracks:, 01. What Was It You Wanted, 02. Series of Dreams, 03. God Knows, 04. What Good Am I, 05. Most Of The Time (take 1), 06. Everything Is Broken, 07. Political World, 08. Born In Time, 09. Dignity, 10. Shooting Star, 11. Disease of Conceit, 12. Got Love If You Want It, 13. Important Words, 14. Most Of The Time (Take 2), 15. Borderline, 16. Hurricane (extended version 1975)
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Year 1989
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