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11/13/19Petersburg, VA   

sony pcm m10, . VG/EX- AUD recording, Sony PCM-M10 Linear PCM Recorder (internal mics, auto levels, high-sensitivity mic setting) > Audacity (FLAC 6) > DIME > you, I've been very fortunate to have Bob bring his big show to my "neighborhood" these past several years... but this year, Bob skipped his usual DPAC show in Durham, NC. So if I wanted to catch this version of his never-ending tour (and the revamped band line-up), I was going to have to take a little drive. This show in Petersburg, VA fit the bill perfectly, and I headed up I-85 for the 2 1/2 ride yesterday on a beautiful, crisp fall afternoon., I got into Petersburg early enough to check out the Pamplin Historical Park & The National Museum of the Civil War Soldier for a brief history lesson on the role Petersburg played during that time in America's history. I was surprised to learn that the city was basically the last city to fall prior to final battle of the Civil War at Appomattox Court House about a week after Petersburg had fallen ...., The venue last night can best be described as your basic "big-gym echo chamber", and this is why I am rating the quality of my capture as a VG+/EX- as it's just not a great place to hear a show... The sound is a bit muffled and dry.. not a "warm" capture and I have not adjusted the sound in any way. My seat location was really ideal though, as I was set up right behind the sound board, in the bleachers above 10 row up, almost DFC. I was basically able to sit in my own row and therefore, there is minimal noise from my neighbors. Unfortunately, towards the end of the show I learned that a guy behind me was a loud-ass whistler ... so be prepared to turn the volume down during the encore crowd track., My thoughts on the new band... flat out : the new players sounded great, and I was impressed with the guitar work of Bob Britt... Bob took virtually all of the "big-money" guitar solos and he was ready and able to step up at each juncture. Very technical and punchy, with excellent timing. Charlie is still Charlie, and his rhythm work and rock-star cockiness still infuse the sound with an edge and flashiness that sizzles. New drummer Matt Chamberlin was rock solid and really appears to be having the time of his life. I brought binoculars last night and was able to catch Matt share a wide-ass grin with Tony several times throughout the night as they hit a particular break with gusto. Donnie layers so many wonderful sounds over the proceedings, whether on violin or lap/pedal steel.., And then there's Bobby Z... who continues to amaze. So focused, so passionate, and a singer who doesn't waste a syllable... And it was really nice to see him pick up an electric guitar again as well... which he did to open the show and then again on Ballad Of A Thin Man... So many times Bob would end up right in front of his rhythm section.. bobbing and weaving to the groove in a quasi-hunched-over position... through my binoculars, I could get all the players in one frame (except Donnie, who was "over there" stage right, on an island)... the way Bob was dancing, he sometimes looked like he was ready to throw some dice in an alley crap game lol..., Also, the band members have moved their position on stage with Charlie now far stage left in front of the drum kit with Tony to the right and Bob Britt next to Tony... Donnie is way stage right, with his Bob-Ness pretty much center stage on his piano. On many tunes, Bob would start on the piano and then walk to center stage to play his harmonica, or to just sing in front of the rhythm section., I've added a few photos as well.. if anyone would like to work up some artwork to share with us... please and thank you :-), As always, do whatever you want with this except sell it because that aint cool.. Your comments are always appreciated, (Thanks to Boblinks for setlist and band personnel)

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1. Intro ..., 2. Things Have Changed (Bob center stage on guitar, Donnie on violin), 3. It Ain't Me, Babe (Bob on piano, Donnie on violin), 4. Highway 61 Revisited (Bob on piano, Donnie on lap steel), 5. Simple Twist Of Fate (Bob on piano then center stage on harp, Donnie on violin), 6. Can't Wait (Bob center stage, Donnie on lap steel, 7. When I Paint My Masterpiece (Bob on piano then center stage with harp, Donnie on violin), 8. Honest With Me (Bob on piano, Donnie on violin), 9. Tryin' To Get To Heaven (Bob on piano, Donnie on violin, Tony on standup bass), 10. Make You Feel My Love (Bob center stage, Donnie on violin), 11. Pay In Blood (Bob center stage, Donnie on pedal steel), 12. Lenny Bruce (Bob on piano, Donnie on violin), 13. Early Roman Kings (Bob center stage, Donnie on pedal steel, Tony on standup bass), 14. Girl From the North Country (Bob on piano, Donnie on lap steel, Bob Britt guitar with bottleneck, Tony on standup bass), 15. Not Dark Yet (Bob center stage, Donnie on pedal steel), 16. Thunder On The Mountain (Bob on piano, Donnie on lap steel), 17. Soon After Midnight (Bob on piano, Donnie on lap steel), 18. Gotta Serve Somebody (Bob on piano, Donnie on pedal steel), 19. Crowd - beware the loud whistler !, 20. Ballad of a Thin Man (Bob center stage on guitar, Donnie on pedal steel), 21. It Takes A Lot To Laugh, It Takes A Train To Cry(Bob on piano, Donnie on pedal steel), Band Members :, Bob Dylan - guitar, piano, Tony Garnier - bass, Matt Chamberlain - drums, Charlie Sexton - guitar, Bob Britt - guitar, Donnie Herron - violin, pedal steel, lap steel, Enjoy !
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