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xx/xx/85rare recordings out takes2C91min

rare recordings out takes, "Rare Recordings & Out-Takes", Lineage: Various sources > ? > Cassette > Aiwa AD-F450 Cassette Deck > WAV> Audacity (Remove hiss, boost volume, edit and track) > TLH (Encode aligining on sector boundaries) > FLAC 8, Notes:, This is an odd mix of Dylan recordings from the mid-80's (with for some reason two 1966 tracks thrown in as well)., The quality varies from excellent to OK., The first 8 tracks are all very good quality., Let's Stay Together is a longer version (3:15) to that on "Down In The Groove", When The Night Comes Falling From The Sky is longer (6:29) than the version released on Bootleg Series 1-3 and inlcudes pre-take chat, Desolation Row comes from the shows that Dylan & The Dead played together. This is from the Dead's set when Dylan joins them and he seems to want to spend 10 minutes trying to out shout Bob Weir., 14 minutes of Dylan rehearsing his few lines for the final chorus of "We Are The World" is something you will probably only ever listen to once., The four songs with Dire Straits are great performances but the sound quality is probably the weakest of these recordings., Overall, if you are interested in Dylan (and who isn't?) there is probably something here you will enjoy., I got this tape in the late 80's/early 90's. I'm not sure exactly where it came from though. There used to be a record shop I went to that had a loose leaf book kept under the counter which had typed lists of recordings that you could request and when you returned a week later a tape of what you wanted was available to collect. I have a feeling that this may have come from that source., Scan of the original tape cover and track details is included. I have added additional information in my descriptions which I believe is accurate. Happy to accept any corrections.

bittorrent download 05/21; (did not listen to all of this)
01. Let's Stay Together (unreleased track off Promo tape), 02. When the Night Comes Falling From The Sky (1985-02-19 Power Station, New York, NY - with Steve Van Zandt - There were 4 different takes that day. I do not know which take this is. Includes initial studio chat), 03. This Was My Love (Outtake from "Infidels" recording sessions April - July 1985), 04-08. Sweetheart Like You (Rehearsals/ five different takes from "Infidels" recording sessions including chat with Mark Knopfler (producing) Power Station, New York, NY April - May 1985), 09. Desolation Row (w/ Grateful Dead 1986-07-07 RFK Stadium, Washington, DC), 10. We Are The World (1985-01-28 A&M Studios, Hollywood, CA - rehearsing Bob for the final chorus - 14 Minutes), 11. One Too Many Mornings (1966-05-20 ABC Theatre, Edinburgh, Scotland), 12. Like A Rolling Stone (1966-05-20 ABC Theatre, Edinburgh, Scotland), 13. Dylan Inducts Gordon Lightfoot into Canadian Music Hall Of Fame (1986-11-10), 14. All Along The Watchtower (w/ Dire Straits 1986-02-19 Sports And Entertainment Centre, Melbourne, Australia), 15. Leopard-Skin Pill-Box Hat (w/ Dire Straits 1986-02-19 Sports And Entertainment Centre, Melbourne, Australia), 16. Licence To Kill (w/ Dire Straits 1986-02-19 Sports And Entertainment Centre, Melbourne, Australia), 17. Knocking On Heaven's Door (w/ Dire Straits 1986-02-19 Sports And Entertainment Centre, Melbourne, Australia)
Year 1985
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