LosslessBob LB-15230
11/24/10New York City, NY2A 

BOOTLEG: Terminal 5 Box; cc, Crystal Cat The Terminal 5 Box featuring 6CDs recorded at Terminal 5, on November 22, 23, & 24, 2010. + Fillers, CC1123-24-25-26-27-28

bittorrent download 06/21; this is different recording than LB-9012 and LB-9033 based on different crowd at end of d1t6; in comparison on d1t6 this and LB-9012 had similar sound; (did not listen to all of this)

0. Intro, 1. Gonna Change My Way Of Thinking (Bob on keyboard), 2. The Man In Me (Bob center stage on harp, Donnie on electric mandolin), 3. Beyond Here Lies Nothin' (Bob on guitar, Donnie on trumpet), 4. Tangled Up In Blue (Bob center stage on harp, Donnie on electric mandolin), 5. The Levee's Gonna Break (Bob on keyboard), 6. Spirit On The Water (Bob on keyboard and harp), 7. Tweedle Dee & Tweedle Dum (Bob on guitar), 8. Can't Wait (Bob center stage on harp), 9. Summer Days (Bob on keyboard), 10. Forgetful Heart (Bob on center stage on harp, Donnie on violin), 11. Honest With Me (Bob on keyboard),


12. Nettie Moore (Bob on keyboard, Donnie on electirc mandolin), 13. Thunder On The Mountain (Bob on keyboard), 14. Ballad Of A Thin Man (Bob center stage on harp), (encore), 15. Jolene (Bob on keyboard), 16. Like A Rolling Stone (Bob on keyboard), 17. All Along The Watchtower (Bob on keyboard), 18. Intro (12-8-10), 19. Rainy Day Women #12 & 35 (12-8-10), 20. Girl From The North County (12-8-10), 21. Love Sick (12-8-10), 22. Happy Birthday Tony Garnier (18-8-10), 23. To Ramona (21-8-10), 24. Lay Lady Lay (7-10-10)

Year 2010
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