LosslessBob LB For Year 1964
LB-0966xx/xx/64Singing with the1ABOOTLEG: Singing with the Crow;
LB-2024xx/xx/64Fantasy Records1A-From: Alan Fraser, Subject: New early versions of
LB-2311xx/xx/64Friends will Arrive3B+compilation spanning from 1964-2001 that documents
LB-2876xx/xx/64 1ABOOTLEG: Emmett Grogan Acetates and Other Rarities
LB-6658xx/xx/64Various1 BOOTLEG: Acetates on the Tracks Volume 4 1964-94;
LB-6670xx/xx/64Various1 BOOTLEG: Folk Rogue; cd > ultraplex > eac > wav >
LB-8506xx/xx/64various2B-BOOTLEG: TV Guide: Various TV Broadcasts 1964-1986
LB-10987xx/xx/64various1B+BOOTLEG: alternate live the times are a changin;
LB-11373xx/xx/641964 revisited9 revisited, RE-SEED, Although LINEAGE NOT
LB-11838xx/xx/6450TH ANNIVERSARY9B-fiftieth anniv lp jtt, 50th 1964 9LP (LP 07-09)
LB-15160xx/xx/64various  BOOTLEG: live with the band; Live With The Band,
LB-30132/1/64CBC TV Studios1B- 
LB-103402/xx/64Quest Tv,Canada1B-BOOTLEG: live more than 20; Lineaje unknown, cdr
LB-30145/xx/64BBC Studios1B+Early May 1964;
LB-30155/14/64Didsbury Studios1B+ 
LB-66636/xx/64Another Side of Bob1 BOOTLEG: The Emmet Grogan Acetates & Other
LB-66646/9/64Another Side of Bob1 BOOTLEG: The Emmet Grogan Acetates; cd > ultraplex
LB-86036/9/64Ultimate Emmet2 BOOTLEG: As Good As It Gets; DIYE 64/65, Copy-No:
LB-125886/9/64Grogan Acetates A-emmett grogan acetates dolphinsmile 48k, This is
LB-05847/26/64various - From2 BOOTLEG: From Newport to the Ancient Empty Street
LB-66667/26/64Newport & LA2 BOOTLEG: From Newport to the Ancient Empty Street
LB-342210/10/64Town Hall2DBOOTLEG: Chimes Of Philadelphia; September 1964,
LB-342410/10/64Philadelphia2Dcomplete; Absolutely not a great recording, not
LB-343210/10/64Philadelphia Town2Dversion "b"; Flac files - 1:49 total, There is a
LB-989910/10/64Philadelphia Town2Dlowgen version "c", This is a re-seed of my 2006
LB-044110/31/64Philharmonic Hall2 BOOTLEG: All Hallows' Eve & More; This is a speed
LB-139510/31/64Philharmonic Hall2Daud
LB-666710/31/64Live Various1 BOOTLEG: Greatest Hits Live; cd > ultraplex > eac
LB-666810/31/64Philharmonic, NY2 BOOTLEG: It's Alright; cd > ultraplex > eac > wav
LB-1070510/31/64New York City2 BOOTLEG: halloween masque vinyl; "Halloween
LB-1070610/31/64New York City2 BOOTLEG: all hallows eve and more; version "f",
LB-1520310/31/64New York City  BOOTLEG: all hallows eve 1964 vinyl; sodd 000 jtt
LB-271811/25/64San Jose Civic1C+25 Nov 1964, From an old tape made by a fidgety
LB-286711/25/64San Jose2 version "a"; also, Santa Barbara (Dec. 7, '64),
LB-160011/27/64Masonic Memorial1DRecording as complete as known to circulate
LB-587611/27/64San Francisco1C+version "a"
LB-257012/7/64Bob Blackmar1B-The Bob Blackmar segment is the KCSB radio
LB-587712/7/64Bob Blackmar1Bversion "a", interview with Bob, The Bob Blackmar
LB-922712/7/64Santa Barbara1Blowgen, Bob Dylan interviewed by Bob Blackmar,
LB-988212/7/64Bob Blackmar1Blowgen version "c", Dec 1964, This is a first-gen


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