LosslessBob Bootleg CD - Hard to Find
LosslessBob Bootleg CD
Hard to Find

DateLabel DescriptionLocationCDLB
01/01/63Effective Mining 4 345388 976651Compilation of rare/official1LB-6651


Additional DescriptionQualityReferencesT#


11Playboys And Playgirls7/28/6349
12House Of The Risin' Sun12/8/6469_1
13Boogie Woogie Country Girl5/1/94415_1
14Pretty Boy Floyd4/1/87347
15Ballad of Hollis Brown5/19/93405_2
17Sign Language3/1/76182
18The Usual8/27/86333
19Night After Night8/27/86333
110A Hard Rain's A-Gonna Fall5/22/94417
111Song To Woody10/16/92397
112Nobody's Child4/1/90381
113Band of the Hand2/8/86309
114Caribbean Wind4/7/81244
115This Old Man1/1/91385
116People Get Ready11/20/89374
117You Belong To Me5/1/93405_1
118Rita May7/30/75176
119Baby, Let Me Follow You Down11/25/76192
120George Jackson11/4/71153