LosslessBob Bootleg CD - Golden Vanity
LosslessBob Bootleg CD
Golden Vanity

DateLabel DescriptionLocationCDLB
01/01/88Wanted Man Music 002Various 88-921LB-6788


Additional DescriptionQualityReferencesT#
Traditional acoustic sap;6/93p15238


11I'm A Roving Blade7/1/92 
12Girl On The Greenbriar Shore6/30/92 
13Little Moses5/9/92 
14Golden Vanity4/24/92 
1520 / 20 Vision10/25/91 
16Barbara Allen6/22/91 
17When First Unto This Country6/12/91 
18I'm A Rovin' Gambler11/6/91 
19That Lucky Old Sun11/5/91 
110Two Soldiers11/2/91 
111Dark As A Dungeon2/6/90 
112Trail Of The Buffalo6/18/91 
113Female Rambling Sailor4/3/92 
114Man Of Constant Sorrow6/11/88 
115Eileen Aroon6/15/88 
116Wild Mountain Thyme6/22/88 
117Waggoner's Lad10/14/88 
118The Lakes Of Pontchartrain6/17/88