LosslessBob Bootleg CD - Song: - Cocaine
LosslessBob Bootleg CD - Song:
DateBootleg CD TitleCDTRLB#tuit94#
12/22/61The Minnesota Tapes39LB-661819
10/1/62Gaslight Tapes115LB-662533
1/10/63Alias: The Sideman Story Vol 1, 2, 3,4115LB-661938
8/7/97Can't Wait Vol. 218LB-6914 
8/23/97Back at Wolftrap28LB-6429 
8/24/97House of Blues28LB-6112 
10/1/97Never Mind the Bollocks Here's Bob Dylan25LB-6330 
10/1/97Tailgates & Substitutes16LB-6915 
11/14/97The Private Affairs of Bob Dylan16LB-6225 
12/17/97Love Sick CD 113  
8/24/98Weekend At Wolftrap33LB-6430