LosslessBob Bootleg CD - Song: - Desolation Row
LosslessBob Bootleg CD - Song:
Desolation Row
DateBootleg CD TitleCDTRLB#tuit94#
7/30/651965 Revisted81LB-667482
7/30/65The Genuine Bootleg Series117LB-662182
7/30/65The Lonesome Sparrow Sings112LB-667282
8/4/65Highway 61 Revisited19 83
8/4/65Mono Mixes19LB-665483
8/4/65Skeleton Songs117LB-666983
8/28/651965 Revisted96LB-667485
4/20/66Melbourne Austrailia15LB-6683104
5/5/66The Live Dylan14LB-6684109
5/10/66Get Loud15LB-6685111
5/10/66Leicester '6615LB-6686111
5/15/66Leicester '66112LB-6686114
5/17/66Guitars Kissing and the Contemporary Fix15LB-6688117
5/17/66Live 196615  
5/17/66Sings the Body Electric16LB-6680117
5/27/66Sings the Body Electric25LB-6680122
2/4/74Phantoms of My Youth32LB-6704 
10/8/87Flashing for the Refuges11LB-6784 
10/18/90Thank you Evry'body19LB-6818 
11/8/90More Sunrises13LB-6817 
11/8/90Paradise, Hawaiian Style29LB-6830 
6/18/91New Morning111LB-6823 
4/14/92No Time to Think29LB-6851 
5/4/92Tangled Up in Blue111LB-6831 
5/11/92Going To Arlington111LB-6639 
2/11/93Hammersmith Highlights18LB-6840 
2/11/93If not for you22LB-5858 
6/29/93Hard Times in Marseilles22LB-5811 
6/30/93Breadcrumb Sins24LB-6848 
11/17/94Completely Unplugged14LB-6426430
11/17/94MTV Unplugged17 440
11/18/94Completely Unplugged211LB-6426430
3/12/9512/- A Pound29LB-6877 
4/2/95One Hand Waving Free18LB-6342 
6/25/95Bob and Jerry17LB-6884 
6/25/95Summer Night 199517LB-6885 
12/17/95Paradise Regained18LB-6894 
6/21/96Escaping on the Run Vol 221LB-6900 
4/5/97Bathed in a Stream of Pure Heat111LB-6911 
1/18/98Does the Big Apple14LB-6916 
1/18/98Not Dark Yet210LB-6918 
1/18/98Voices in the Garden15LB-6917 
6/9/98At the Globe Arena16LB-6920 
6/24/98Bette Davies Style19LB-6921