LosslessBob Bootleg CD - Song: - Every Grain Of Sand
LosslessBob Bootleg CD - Song:
Every Grain Of Sand
DateBootleg CD TitleCDTRLB#tuit94#
9/23/80The Bootleg Series1961-199136 239
4/2/81Biograph22 245
4/2/81Shot of Love110 245
6/3/84Hard to Find Volume 219LB-6662 
6/3/84The Jokerman has just left the Stadium21LB-6753 
6/13/84Just the Girls25LB-6754 
6/19/84Oh the streets of Rome25LB-6756 
6/28/84From the Coast of Barcelona21LB-6757 
6/28/84You Dont Know Me38LB-6626 
7/1/84Les Temps Changent21LB-6758 
7/1/84Life takes Livetakes13LB-6761 
7/7/84What's Real26LB-6760 
7/28/84Les Temps Changent211LB-6758 
1/1/88The Critics Choice Vol 4114LB-6790 
8/31/88Blown Out On The Trail211LB-6795 
2/8/90Staying Here With You21LB-6813 
10/30/91Answer Me21LB-6826 
5/4/92Tangled Up in Blue12LB-6831 
7/7/92Meran 9214LB-6640 
9/3/92Friend of the Devil22LB-6835 
2/9/93Hammersmith Highlights110LB-6840 
2/9/93Just Like Zimmerman12LB-2779 
7/21/94Exclusive Series '9413LB-6864 
3/30/95F*** The PlayList! Brixton II15LB-5784 
3/30/95Skippin Reels of Rhyme15LB-5963 
5/27/95Guided by the Eternal Light111LB-6882 
5/27/95Loud and Strong111LB-6080 
7/8/95Germany Summer Tour 95 Vol 121LB-6888 
12/17/95Paradise Regained14LB-6894 
4/9/97Bathed in a Stream of Pure Heat14LB-6911 
6/9/98At the Globe Arena14LB-6920