LosslessBob Bootleg CD - Song: - Going, Going, Gone
LosslessBob Bootleg CD - Song:
Going, Going, Gone
DateBootleg CD TitleCDTRLB#tuit94#
11/2/73Planet Waves12 166
4/1/76Are you ready for the Carnival12LB-6721184
4/1/76The Days Before Hard Rain12LB-6722184
5/11/76Blood & Thunder111LB-6729 
5/11/76Discover Broken19LB-6727 
5/16/76Hold the Fort for what its worth26LB-6728 
5/18/76Creatures Void of Form113LB-6724 
2/24/78Far East Tour23LB-4143 
2/26/78A Night to Remember115LB-6733 
2/28/78Bob Dylan at Budokan111 202
4/1/78It's All Right Babe113LB-5184 
6/18/78Tales of Yankee Power112LB-6737 
7/6/78Border Beneath the Sun113LB-6738 
9/17/78Inside the Coliseum111LB-6741 
10/12/78I was Young When I Left Home112LB-6742