LosslessBob Bootleg CD - Song: - I Don't Believe You (She Acts Like We Never Have Met)
LosslessBob Bootleg CD - Song:
I Don't Believe You (She Acts Like We Never Have Met)
DateBootleg CD TitleCDTRLB#tuit94#
6/9/64Another Side of Bob Dylan19 62
6/9/64The Emmet Grogan Acetates11LB-666461
6/9/64The Emmet Grogan Acetates & Other Rarities11LB-666361
10/31/64It's Alright19LB-666866
8/28/651965 Revisted911LB-667485
12/4/651965 Revisted133LB-667492
12/4/65Before and After the Flood28LB-670792
12/4/65Long Distance Operator12 92
5/6/66Biograph118 110
5/10/66Get Loud22LB-6685111
5/14/66A week in the Life19LB-6687113
5/15/66Leicester '6619LB-6686114
5/17/66A week in the Life12LB-6687117
5/17/66Guitars Kissing and the Contemporary Fix22LB-6688117
5/17/66Live 196622  
5/17/66The Live Dylan12LB-6689117
5/1/707 Years of Bad Luck116LB-6977142
5/1/70Possum Belly Overalls16LB-6700142
1/14/74Love Songs for America15LB-6705 
1/14/74Phantoms of My Youth110LB-6704 
1/15/74Into the Flood14LB-6706 
10/31/75Cowboy Angel Blues25LB-4509 
10/31/75Plymouth Rock11LB-6716 
11/21/75Cowboy Angel Blues111LB-4509 
11/21/75Get Ready! Tonight Bobs staying here with you25LB-4508 
11/27/75Flagging Down the Double E's212LB-6719 
11/25/76The Complete Last Waltz43LB-6427192
1/30/78Darkness at the Break of Noon15LB-6600197
1/30/78Moving Violation14LB-6732197
2/26/78A Night to Remember16LB-6733 
2/26/78Far East Tour210LB-4143 
4/1/78Darkness at the Break of Noon118LB-6600206
4/1/78It's All Right Babe110LB-5184 
4/1/78Moving Violation19LB-6732206
6/18/78Tales of Yankee Power19LB-6737 
7/6/78Border Beneath the Sun110LB-6738 
9/17/78Inside the Coliseum18LB-6741 
10/12/78I was Young When I Left Home19LB-6742 
11/10/78Live at the Pitstop 78 - Gaza Strip19LB-6743 
9/3/88The Critics Choice Vol 811LB-6792 
9/4/88Wanted Man12LB-6798 
6/10/89Hunted (Like a Crocodile)110LB-6592 
1/12/90Toads Place Vol 222 375
5/5/92Tangled Up in Blue29LB-6831 
2/9/93Hammersmith Highlights111LB-6840 
2/9/93Just Like Zimmerman15LB-2779 
2/12/93Fifth Time Around15LB-6843 
2/9/94Lunch in Tokyo14LB-6857 
4/28/94The Real Voice of America16LB-6863 
7/7/94The Man the Master13LB-6866 
7/10/94Love Minus Zero14LB-6867 
8/16/94Just Because14LB-6872 
3/12/9512/- A Pound25LB-6877 
3/31/95Bob's Full House Brixton III14LB-5785 
3/31/95Brixton Blues14LB-5786 
6/22/96Something's Happening Here15LB-6901 
4/8/97Million Miles15LB-6912