LosslessBob Bootleg CD - Song: - Just Like Tom Thumb's Blues
LosslessBob Bootleg CD - Song:
Just Like Tom Thumb's Blues
DateBootleg CD TitleCDTRLB#tuit94#
8/2/65Skeleton Songs114LB-666983
8/4/651965 Revisted85LB-667482
8/4/65Bob Dylan's Greatest - Vol II113 82
8/4/65Highway 61 Revisited18 83
8/4/65Mono Mixes18LB-665483
8/28/651965 Revisted913LB-667485
12/4/651965 Revisted141LB-667492
12/4/65Before and After the Flood210LB-670792
12/4/65Long Distance Operator14 92
4/20/66Melbourne Austrailia19LB-6683104
5/10/66Get Loud24LB-6685111
5/14/66Even Harder to Find: Lost Recording 1962-8617LB-6660113
5/14/66Masterpieces24 113
5/15/66Leicester '66111LB-6686114
5/17/66A week in the Life14LB-6687117
5/17/66Guitars Kissing and the Contemporary Fix24LB-6688117
5/17/66Live 196624  
5/17/66Sings the Body Electric11LB-6680116
5/17/66The Live Dylan14LB-6689117
5/20/66The Emmet Grogan Acetates & Other Rarities116LB-6663117
5/1/70Possum Belly Overalls117LB-6700142
1/14/74Love Songs for America13LB-6705 
1/14/74Phantoms of My Youth16LB-6704 
1/15/74Into the Flood13LB-6706 
1/31/74Before and After the Flood13LB-6707 
1/31/74The Poet & the Players13LB-6708 
2/14/74Paint the Daytime Black12LB-6709 
4/1/76The Days Before Hard Rain111LB-6722184
7/15/78The Picnic at Blackbushe14LB-6740 
11/30/80Rise Again15LB-6579 
6/16/84From the Mountains of Madrid110LB-6755 
1/1/88The Critics Choice Vol 4113LB-6790 
6/30/88Blown Out On The Trail12LB-6795 
6/30/88You Figure It Out12LB-6796 
9/4/88Wanted Man13LB-6798 
5/1/89Never Ending Tour Rehearsals212LB-6802363_1
5/1/89Never Ending Tour Rehearsals216LB-6802363_1
5/1/89Never Ending Tour Rehearsals213LB-6802363_1
5/1/89Never Ending Tour Rehearsals217LB-6802363_1
5/1/89Never Ending Tour Rehearsals215LB-6802363_1
5/1/89Never Ending Tour Rehearsals214LB-6802363_1
4/2/95One Hand Waving Free12LB-6342 
4/2/95Salt for Salt25LB-6886 
6/7/95Loud and Strong211LB-6080 
6/7/95The Midas Touch25LB-6892 
6/21/96Escaping on the Run Vol 215LB-6900 
6/27/96The Empire Strikes Back15LB-6903 
6/29/96Big Bob and Holding Company12LB-6466480
10/25/96Dallas, Texas15LB-6909 
2/10/97Hollis Brown At Ivy116LB-6910 
4/1/97Million Miles27LB-6912