LosslessBob Bootleg CD - Song: - Mama, You Been On My Mind
LosslessBob Bootleg CD - Song:
Mama, You Been On My Mind
DateBootleg CD TitleCDTRLB#tuit94#
6/1/64The Witmark Years217LB-663236
6/9/64The Bootleg Series1961-199124 61
10/31/64Even Harder to Find: Lost Recording 1962-8616LB-6660 
10/31/64Greatest Hits Live15LB-666766
10/31/64It's Alright25LB-666866
5/1/70Possum Belly Overalls114LB-6700142
1/6/74Phantoms of My Youth215LB-6704 
1/6/74You Dont Know Me24LB-6626 
11/21/75Cowboy Angel Blues19LB-4509 
11/21/75Get Ready! Tonight Bobs staying here with you23LB-4508 
12/2/75Flagging Down the Double E's29LB-6719 
1/1/88The Critics Choice Vol 319LB-6789 
2/1/90Infinity on Trial19LB-6811 
4/18/94Simple Man Keep Waiting17LB-6862 
4/28/94The Real Voice of America18LB-6863 
7/3/94Napolean in Rags18LB-6865 
7/15/94The Wiener Club of Spaulding17LB-6868 
8/16/94Just Because17LB-6872 
10/19/94New York '9417LB-5742 
10/19/94Stuck inside of Roseland with the New York Blues16LB-6875 
10/20/94All Along the Roseland17LB-5794 
3/26/95One Hand Waving Free26LB-6342 
6/25/95Bob and Jerry16LB-6884 
6/25/95Summer Night 199516LB-6885 
7/10/95Germany Summer Tour 95 Vol 229LB-6889 
7/14/95Sounds Inside My Mind17LB-6242 
6/20/96Escaping on the Run Vol 121LB-6899 
7/1/96It Takes A Lot To Laugh19LB-6904 
6/24/98Bette Davies Style18LB-6921