LosslessBob Bootleg CD - Song: - Positively 4th Street
LosslessBob Bootleg CD - Song:
Positively 4th Street
DateBootleg CD TitleCDTRLB#tuit94#
7/29/651965 Revisted711LB-667482
7/29/65Biograph215 82
7/29/65Bob Dylan's Greatest Hits15 82
7/29/65Masterpieces22 82
7/29/65Mono Mixes110LB-665482
7/29/65The Emmet Grogan Acetates & Other Rarities118LB-666382
12/4/651965 Revisted145LB-667492
12/4/65Before and After the Flood214LB-670792
12/4/65Long Distance Operator18 92
1/23/76The Day before the Hurricane16LB-6720181
4/14/76Charlie's Choice117LB-6768181
2/24/86True Confessions11LB-6764314
3/6/86Positively Far East12LB-6765 
7/4/86Rich for Poor12LB-6767 
8/5/86There is a place of Broken Dreams12LB-6770 
9/13/87Temples in Flames21LB-6771 
2/8/90Staying Here With You13LB-6813 
11/2/90More Sunrises112LB-6817 
6/29/91The Never Ending Tour17LB-6824 
5/9/92San Jose Revisted12LB-6833 
10/12/92Dust My Broom15LB-6836 
2/7/93Apollo Landing210LB-6841 
2/7/93Hammersmith Highlights24LB-6840 
9/8/93Not Much is Really Sacred14LB-6106 
9/8/93The Real Sound13LB-6107 
2/9/94Lunch in Tokyo16LB-6857 
7/7/94The Man the Master15LB-6866 
7/15/94The Wiener Club of Spaulding14LB-6868 
7/25/94Napolean in Rags212LB-6865 
7/25/94On A Night Like This16LB-6869 
8/19/94Pittsburg 9414LB-6873 
10/20/94All Along the Roseland16LB-5794 
1/1/95Sounds Inside My Mind111LB-6242 
3/16/95With One Hand Waving Free24LB-5828 
3/30/95F*** The PlayList! Brixton II16LB-5784 
3/30/95Skippin Reels of Rhyme16LB-5963 
6/21/96Escaping on the Run Vol 214LB-6900 
6/24/96You Can Call Me Zimmy14LB-6902 
6/26/96The Empire Strikes Back28LB-6903 
6/29/96Big Bob and Holding Company14LB-6466480
7/12/96Dance Beneath the Diamond Sky26LB-6907 
7/12/96Eyes of the Idol14LB-6382 
7/18/96North Wind Blowing14LB-6908 
1/20/98Does the Big Apple111LB-6916 
6/6/98At the Globe Arena26LB-6920