LosslessBob Bootleg CD - Song: - The Lonesome Death Of Hattie Carroll
LosslessBob Bootleg CD - Song:
The Lonesome Death Of Hattie Carroll
DateBootleg CD TitleCDTRLB#tuit94#
10/23/63Biograph19 52
10/23/63The Times They Are A Changin'19 52
2/1/64Paranoid Blues13LB-664456
10/31/64It's Alright24LB-666866
3/27/651965 Revisted211LB-667473
5/2/651965 Revisted313LB-667480
5/7/651965 Revisted413LB-667477
5/10/651965 Revisted513LB-667478
6/1/651965 Revisted65LB-667481
1/6/74You Dont Know Me25LB-6626 
2/9/74Phantoms of My Youth214LB-6704 
11/21/75Cowboy Angel Blues13LB-4509 
11/21/75Get Ready! Tonight Bobs staying here with you13LB-4508 
12/1/75Flagging Down the Double E's13LB-6719 
11/12/81You Can't Kill an Idea, Part 1,214LB-5842 
6/3/84The Jokerman has just left the Stadium24LB-6753 
6/13/84From the Mountains of Madrid18LB-6755 
6/13/84Just the Girls29LB-6754 
10/8/87Flashing for the Refuges110LB-6784 
10/15/87The Critics Choice Vol 5 & 629LB-6786 
6/11/88Driftin Too Far From the Shore17LB-6637 
10/19/88Stuck inside of New York27LB-6799 
6/29/91The Never Ending Tour110LB-6824 
11/9/9120/20 Vision210LB-6805 
5/4/92From Broadway to the Milky Way112LB-6832 
5/4/92Tangled Up in Blue110LB-6831 
6/29/93Breadcrumb Sins22LB-6848 
9/8/93Not Much is Really Sacred18LB-6106 
9/8/93The Real Sound17LB-6107 
7/16/94The Wiener Club of Spaulding29LB-6868 
8/16/94Just Because19LB-6872 
10/8/94Blue Eyed Boston Boy17LB-6874 
10/20/94All Along the Roseland18LB-5794 
10/20/94New York '9427LB-5742 
3/18/95With One Hand Waving Free29LB-5828 
3/31/95Bob's Full House Brixton III18LB-5785 
3/31/95Brixton Blues18LB-5786 
4/23/96I've Got a Song To Sing17LB-6896 
7/18/96North Wind Blowing18LB-6908 
1/17/98Does the Big Apple24LB-6916 
1/17/98Voices in the Garden14LB-6917