LosslessBob Bootleg CD - Song: - The Man In Me
LosslessBob Bootleg CD - Song:
The Man In Me
DateBootleg CD TitleCDTRLB#tuit94#
3/30/70New Morning110 143
1/30/78Darkness at the Break of Noon14LB-6600197
2/24/78Far East Tour33LB-4143 
2/26/78A Night to Remember29LB-6733 
4/1/78It's All Right Babe29LB-5184 
7/6/78Border Beneath the Sun21LB-6738 
7/6/78You Dont Know Me211LB-6626 
9/17/78Inside the Coliseum29LB-6741 
6/22/89All the Way Down to Italy28LB-6804 
2/16/91They Don't Deserve It - Part 114LB-6819 
2/16/93Shadows in the Sound12LB-6844 
7/1/93From the Coast of Barcelona118LB-6849 
7/7/94The Man the Master11LB-6866 
7/10/94Love Minus Zero12LB-6867 
6/29/95Salt for Salt13LB-6886 
7/10/95Germany Summer Tour 95 Vol 127LB-6888 
2/20/97Hollis Brown At Ivy117LB-6910 
2/20/97Northern Songs32LB-4525