LosslessBob Bootleg CD - Song: - Tombstone Blues
LosslessBob Bootleg CD - Song:
Tombstone Blues
DateBootleg CD TitleCDTRLB#tuit94#
7/29/651965 Revisted713LB-667482
7/29/65Biograph112 82
7/29/65Highway 61 Revisited12 83
7/29/65Mono Mixes12LB-665483
7/29/65Skeleton Songs110LB-666983
8/28/651965 Revisted910LB-667485
12/4/651965 Revisted132LB-667492
12/4/65Before and After the Flood27LB-670792
12/4/65Long Distance Operator11 92
6/3/84The Jokerman has just left the Stadium27LB-6753 
6/13/84Just the Girls210LB-6754 
6/19/84Oh the streets of Rome211LB-6756 
6/28/84From the Coast of Barcelona210LB-6757 
7/1/84Les Temps Changent28LB-6758 
7/5/84Real Live110 278
7/7/84What's Real33LB-6760 
11/17/94Completely Unplugged11LB-6426430
11/17/94MTV Unplugged11 440
3/31/95Bob's Full House Brixton III15LB-5785 
3/31/95Brixton Blues15LB-5786 
4/2/95One Hand Waving Free15LB-6342 
4/2/95Salt for Salt27LB-6886 
4/5/95Songs of Darkness, Songs of Light110LB-6649 
4/12/95Dylan Gets to the Point15LB-6880 
5/13/95The Day I Saved the Planet at the Hard Rock Hotel15LB-6881 
5/27/95Guided by the Eternal Light16LB-6882 
5/27/95Loud and Strong16LB-6080 
8/4/96Live '9612