LosslessBob Bootleg CD - Song: - Visions Of Johanna
LosslessBob Bootleg CD - Song:
Visions Of Johanna
DateBootleg CD TitleCDTRLB#tuit94#
11/30/651965 Revisted1013LB-667490
11/30/65The Genuine Bootleg Series Take 2114LB-662290
11/30/65The Lonesome Sparrow Sings118LB-667290
1/21/66The Genuine Bootleg Series118LB-662194
1/21/66The Lonesome Sparrow Sings116LB-667294
2/14/66Blonde on Blonde13 95
2/14/66Mono Mixes23LB-665495
4/20/66Melbourne Austrailia13LB-6683104
5/5/66The Live Dylan11LB-6684109
5/10/66Get Loud13LB-6685111
5/15/66Leicester '6613LB-6686114
5/17/66Guitars Kissing and the Contemporary Fix13LB-6688117
5/17/66Live 196613  
5/17/66Sings the Body Electric14LB-6680117
5/26/66Biograph21 121
5/26/66Sings the Body Electric19LB-6680121
5/27/66Sings the Body Electric23LB-6680122
2/6/74Phantoms of My Youth26LB-6704 
9/3/88Great White Wonder vol. 2111LB-6642 
9/3/88The Critics Choice Vol 7113LB-6791 
9/6/8920/20 Vision116LB-6805 
2/1/90Infinity on Trial18LB-6811 
5/8/92From Broadway to the Milky Way18LB-6832 
5/8/92Going To Arlington210LB-6639 
5/8/92Modern Minstrel14LB-6829 
9/3/92Friend of the Devil21LB-6835 
6/21/95The Pedlar Now Speaks18LB-6883 
6/24/96I've Got a Song To Sing15LB-6896 
6/24/96You Can Call Me Zimmy17LB-6902