LosslessBob Bootleg CD - Detail for Tangled Up In Tapes 1994 Number: 140
LosslessBob Bootleg CD
Detail for Tangled Up In Tapes 1994 Number: 140
1969 & 1970Nashville, NYC & Isle of WightSelf Portrait album


Bootleg CD TitleLabelcdseqsongseqSongLB#
Self PortraitColumbia11All the Tired Horses 
Self PortraitColumbia12Alberta No 1 
Self PortraitColumbia13I Forgot More Than You'll Ever Know 
Self PortraitColumbia14Days Of '49 
Self PortraitColumbia15Early Morning Rain 
Self PortraitColumbia16In Search Of Little Sadie 
Self PortraitColumbia17Let It Be Me 
Self PortraitColumbia18Little Sadie 
Self PortraitColumbia19Woogie Boogie 
Self PortraitColumbia110Belle Isle (The Star Of Belle Isle) 
Self PortraitColumbia111Living The Blues 
Self PortraitColumbia112Like A Rolling Stone 
Self PortraitColumbia113Copper Kettle 
Self PortraitColumbia114Gotta Travel On 
Self PortraitColumbia115Blue Moon 
Self PortraitColumbia116The Boxer 
Self PortraitColumbia117Quinn The Eskimo 
Self PortraitColumbia118Take Me As I Am (Or Let Me Go) 
Self PortraitColumbia119Take A Message To Mary 
Self PortraitColumbia120It Hurts Me Too 
Self PortraitColumbia121Minstrel Boy 
Self PortraitColumbia122She Belongs To Me 
Self PortraitColumbia123Wigwam 
Self PortraitColumbia124Alberta No 2 
Bob Dylan's Greatest - Vol IIColumbia112Quinn The Eskimo 
MasterpiecesColumbia18Like A Rolling Stone 
MasterpiecesColumbia19Quinn The Eskimo