LosslessBob LB-558
5/xx/94The Great Music Experience (Nara City, Japan)1 76min

BOOTLEG: Are You Experienced; Don't Ya Tell Henry Label, May 18-22, 1994 (soundboard), Bob Dylan with the Tokyo Philharmonic Orchestra, Conducted by Michael Kamen

excellent sound, shn download from osamr 12/01
drops between tracks
Tracklist, 1 Ring Them Bells; 2 Hard Rain Gonna Fall, 3 I Shall Be Released, 4 Ring Them Bells, 5 I Shall Be Released; 6 Just Like A Woman, 7 Hard Rain Gonna Fall, 8 I Shall Be Released, 9 Ring Them Bells, 10 I Shall Be Released; 11 I Shall Be Released; 12 Just Like A Woman, 13 Hard Rain Gonna Fall, 14 I Shall Be Released, 15 Ring Them Bells, 16 I Shall Be Released; 17 BBC Interview
Year 1994
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