LosslessBob LB For Year 1994
LB-6210xx/xx/94Various1 BOOTLEG: If My thought dreams could be seen; cd >
LB-44942/5/94Sendai2A-Audience recording (Full spectrum) > Unknown
LB-68552/5/94Sendai, Japan2A-BOOTLEG: Jokerman and Queen Mary; cd > ultraplex >
LB-108542/5/94Sendai, Japan2Acos11pt, COS 11 PT -> D3 - clone -> (digital
LB-153582/5/94Sendai-shi Acos 11 sebastian lta 48, taper: Sebastian,
LB-32522/7/94Yokohama2ASource: low gen audio disks > dBpowerAMP > flac.,
LB-68562/7/94Yokohama2A-BOOTLEG: Breakfast in Yokohama; cd > ultraplex >
LB-108562/7/94Yokohama, Japan2A-ht, HT, ? -> portable DATrecorder - clone ->
LB-108572/7/94Yokohama, Japan2Acos11pt, Sebastian, COS 11 PT -> D3 - clone ->
LB-136122/7/94Yokohama, Japan A-okm dolphinsmile 48k, Taped with Sony Dat and the
LB-153592/7/94Yokohama Acos 11 sebastian lta 48, taper: Sebastian,
LB-32532/8/94Tokyo2ASource: low gen audio disks > (dBpowerAMP) flac.,
LB-75132/8/94Tokyo, Japan2A-"Hide" recording, ECM-959 > TCD D7, DAT-master >
LB-108582/8/94Tokyo, Japan2Acos11pt, Sebastian, COS 11 PT -> D3 - clone ->
LB-153602/8/94Tokyo Acos 11 sebastian lta 48, taper: Sebastian,
LB-32612/9/94Tokyo2A-Source: low gen audio disks > (dBpowerAMP) flac.
LB-68572/9/94Tokyo2 BOOTLEG: Lunch in Tokyo; cd > ultraplex > eac >
LB-108592/9/94Tokyo, Japan2A-cos11pt, Sebastian, COS 11 PT -> D3 - clone ->
LB-110202/9/94Tokyo, Japan2A-BOOTLEG: positivery 4th night; Bonus:, Budokan
LB-153572/9/94Tokyo Alta 48, taper: unknown, Mastered by LTA 1 December
LB-32602/11/94Nagoya2ASource: low gen audio disks > (dBpowerAMP) flac.,
LB-70182/11/94Nagoya2B-Taper: "Bach", Lineage: Sony PC-62 stereo >Sony
LB-108612/11/94Nagoya, Japan2Acos11pt; Sebastian, COS 11 PT -> D3 - clone ->
LB-153612/11/94Nagoya-shi Acos 11 sebastian lta 48, taper: Sebastian,
LB-32662/12/94Osaka2ASource: low gen audio disks > (dBpowerAMP) flac.,
LB-45522/12/94Osaka2AEquipment & Lineage, COS-11PT > handmade power
LB-68582/12/94Osaka2BBOOTLEG: Dinner in Osaka; cd > ultraplex > eac >
LB-68592/12/94Osaka2BBOOTLEG: If Not for You; cd > ultraplex > eac >
LB-70212/12/94Osaka2BTaper: "Bach", Lineage: Sony PC-62 stereo >Sony
LB-108672/12/94Osaka, Japan2Acos11pt, Sebastian, COS 11 PT -> D3 - clone ->
LB-153622/12/94Osaka Acos 11 sebastian lta 48, taper: Sebastian,
LB-32672/14/94Kokura2A-Source: low gen audio disks > (dBpowerAMP) flac.,
LB-68602/14/94Fukuoka, Japan2A-BOOTLEG: Japan 1994; cd > ultraplex > eac > wav >
LB-72782/14/94Kokura, Japan2A-version "b"; Taper: Not certain. Source: LB-3267,
LB-108682/14/94Kokura, Japan2A-ntm, net taper M, Sennheiser MKE 2002 -> portable
LB-152342/14/94Kokura A-lta 48, lineage: taper unknown>most likely analog
LB-17692/15/94Kokura2ASource: Audience, Lineage: CDR > EAC v.09b4 > WAV
LB-108702/15/94Kokura, Japan2Acos11pt, Sebastian, COS 11 PT -> D3 - clone ->
LB-52022/16/94Hiroshima, Japan2ACOS-11PT; [flac](2CD), new transfer from DAT
LB-68612/16/94Hiroshima2A-BOOTLEG: Through a glass Darkly; cd > ultraplex >
LB-107662/16/94Hiroshima, Japan2A-version "b", Alternative recording to 'Hide' &
LB-108722/16/94Hiroshima, Japan2Acos11pt, Sebastian, COS 11 PT -> D3 - clone ->
LB-110622/16/94Hiroshima, Japan1A-BOOTLEG: sensei; Home Records / HR 5987-9,
LB-149212/16/94Hiroshima, Japan Acos dolphinsmile 48k, COS-11PT and Dat
LB-153632/16/94Hiroshima Acos 11 sebastian lta 48, taper: Sebastian,
LB-32702/18/94Urawa2ASource: low gen audio disks > (dBpowerAMP) flac.,
LB-94952/18/94Urawa, Japan2Aversion "a", Unknown rec. Great sound, The start
LB-108732/18/94Urawa, Japan2Acos11pt, Sebastian, COS 11 PT -> D3 - clone ->
LB-133192/18/94Urawa, Japan Am cos11 dolphinsmile 48, taped by M with COS 11
LB-45172/20/94Tokyo2A-Audience recording (Full spectrum) > Unknown
LB-76902/20/94Tokyo, Japan2A-version "a"; * Based on different tracking times,
LB-81642/20/94Tokyo, Japan2A-BOOTLEG: Triple Night; plus Fillers, Fillers:, *
LB-101412/20/94Tokyo, Japan2B+BOOTLEG: last night stand; Silver
LB-102192/20/94Tokyo, Japan2A-BOOTLEG: triple night; version "d", ((Factory
LB-108752/20/94Tokyo, Japan2A-cos11pt, Sebastian, COS 11 PT -> D3 - clone ->
LB-153642/20/94Tokyo Acos 11 sebastian lta 48, taper: Sebastian,
LB-154122/20/94Tokyo, Japan Acos 11 dolphinsmile 48, Sanken COS-11>Sony
LB-49772/24/94Singapore2CAudience recording (Full spectrum) > Unknown
LB-92132/24/94Singapore1Cversion "a", Lineage: Audience recording (Full
LB-106263/23/94Los Angeles1Ajjt, & TRISHA YEARWOOD - Tomorrow Night, (MPEG
LB-42114/5/94Springfield2AGood audience recording, trade cd-r's > eac > flac
LB-83834/5/94Springfield2Anet taper A, ??? -> portable DATrecorder - clone
LB-34304/6/94Davenport2Aunknown source, amplification adjusted, gaps
LB-79614/6/94Davenport, Iowa2Aversion "a"; ***** No LB-number; different source
LB-83884/6/94Davenport, Iowa2Anet taper A, Jokerman incomplete, dropout in Lenny
LB-25294/7/94Ames2B+Audience recording of a fine concert. May be near
LB-83974/7/94Ames, Iowa2Abr, ??? -> portable DATrecorder - clone ->
LB-153064/7/94Ames, IA Asonic dolphinsmile 48, Sonic Studio mics and Denon
LB-21344/9/94Lawrence, KS2ATrade CDR > EAC > FLAC
LB-66014/9/94Lawrence, Kansas2Anet taper A, ?? -> portable DATrecorder - clone ->
LB-146444/9/94Lawrence, KS Asonic dolphinsmile 48k, taped by a top
LB-30624/10/94St. Louis2B+Source: unknown, low generation copy, very good
LB-71864/10/94St. Louis, Mo, USA2ASource: Sonic Studio Mics PA-6 > Sony D7,
LB-21194/12/94Coronado Theatre2A-incomplete; DAUD > ? > Cass/1 > Hhb 830 > EAC >
LB-21214/12/94Coronado Theater2A-daud
LB-83744/12/94Rockford, Illinois2A-net taper A, cut before All Along The Watchtower,
LB-14854/13/94Peoria Civic Center2BImproved Air Remasters 080 [tape sourced]
LB-83994/13/94Peoria, Illinois2Anet taper A, ?? -> portable DATrecorder - clone ->
LB-129394/13/94Peoria, Illinois Ahce ms dolphinsmile 48k, Taped by HCE MS with
LB-55964/15/94Green Bay2Anet taper A, ??? -> portable DATrecorder - clone
LB-92634/15/94Green Bay, WI2B+aud arf, master audience recording, no LB number
LB-94744/15/94Green Bay, WI2Bversion "b", Audience source, Alternative
LB-00484/16/94Valparaiso2BRecording: DAUD > DAT, Transfer: Sony TCD-D8 > M.
LB-20984/16/94Athletic Recreation2Bversion "a";, Stereo audience recording, Note:,
LB-57714/16/94Valparaiso2A-net taper A, ??? -> portable DATrecorder - clone
LB-84054/16/94Valparaiso, Indiana2A-NTA; net taper A, ?? -> portable DATrecorder -
LB-152104/16/94Valparaiso, IN A-lta 48, taper: unknown, lineage: Maxell HS-4/60S
LB-35584/17/94Chicago2AD.T. Master>DAT>CDr(0)>EAC(secure)>TLH(Flac lev8 +
LB-79464/17/94Chicago, Illinois2Aversion "a"; ***** No LB-number(?) *****, NOTES:
LB-94814/17/94Chicago, IL2Amjs, Audience source, Alternative recording to
LB-24694/18/94Chicago2AMJS Master
LB-42684/18/94Chicago2ATaper: D.T., Linage: Neumann KM140's>Neumann BS 48
LB-68624/18/94Chicago2B+BOOTLEG: Simple Man Keep Waiting; cd > ultraplex >
LB-99554/18/94Riviera Theatre1A-BOOTLEG: dont dream your life, live your dream;
LB-24974/20/94Champaign2AMJS (=wario) Master
LB-84154/20/94Champaign, Illinois2Anet taper A, ?? -> portable DATrecorder - clone ->
LB-150744/20/94Champaign, IL Ab dolphinsmile 48k, Taped by B with Denon dat
LB-42314/22/94Fort Wayne2Agood audience recording - samples in comments,
LB-84264/22/94Fort Wayne, Indiana2Anet taper A, ?? -> portable DATrecorder - clone ->
LB-151894/22/94Fort Wayne A-sonic studio dolphinsmile 48, Famous Dylanogist,
LB-08744/23/94Milwaukee2A-MJS Master
LB-25054/23/94Milwaukee2Aversion "a"; MJS Master
LB-71924/23/94Milwaukee, Wi, USA2ASource: Sonic Studio Mics PA-6 > Sony D7,
LB-83844/23/94Milwaukee, WI2A-arf; The Field Recording: Sonic Studios DSM-6P
LB-84544/23/94Milwaukee, Wisconsin2Anet taper A ?, ?? -> portable DATrecorder - clone
LB-94824/23/94Milwaukee, WI2Aversion "f", Audience source, Alternative
LB-13564/24/94Mayo Civic Center2ANET Tapers Series #1 (Taper: NTA), off-master,
LB-133844/24/94Rochester, MN Asonic doplhinsmile 48k, Taped by famous
LB-24584/26/94Sioux City2A 
LB-84624/26/94Sioux City, Iowa2Anet taper A, ?? -> portable DATrecorder - clone ->
LB-15524/27/94UNIVERSITY OF2B+from dat master
LB-84654/27/94Lincoln, Nebraska2B+net taper A, ?? -> portable DATrecorder - clone ->
LB-94834/27/94Lincoln, NE2B+AKG C451EB/ck1s (Row N Seat 15_ DFC/DIN/handheld)
LB-124814/27/94Lincoln, Nebraska2B+akg descreamed, AKG C451EB/ck1s (Row N Seat 15_
LB-55694/28/94Topeka2B+audiotrade (hermann), no info, audio > HD > xACT >
LB-68634/28/94Topeka, KS2B+BOOTLEG: The Real Voice of America; cd > ultraplex
LB-123404/28/94Topeka, KS2Anta lta, Topeka, KS (NTA) *** New transfer ***,
LB-132134/28/94Topeka, KS  nta lta v2 48k, taper: NET Taper A, lineage:,
LB-142074/28/94Topeka, KS Anta lta v3 48k, ***Third Transfer 10-June-2019 by
LB-44754/30/94Springfield2AAudience recording (Full spectrum) > Unknown
LB-07375/1/94Jesse Auditorium2AReceived CDR from the taper, After I got them:,
LB-71425/1/94Columbia, Missouri2Anet taper A, ?? -> portable DATrecorder - clone ->
LB-91255/1/94Columbia, MO2A-iar047, Improved Air Catalog Number: IA47, TITLE:
LB-130105/1/94Columbia, MO Ax sonic studio dolphinsmile 48k, taped by X with
LB-156365/xx/94various  everything source bananly, 09 to 11 May 1994
LB-70805/3/94Evansville, Indiana2Anet taper A, ?? -> portable DATrecorder - clone ->
LB-15605/5/94Bristol University2A-NET Tapers Series #4, This is an off-master
LB-61365/5/94Bristol, Tennesse2A-net taper A, ?? -> portable DATrecorder - clone ->
LB-56405/6/94Spartenburg2Anet taper A, ??? -> portable DATrecorder - clone
LB-94845/6/94Spartenburg, SC2Bversion "a", Audience recording, Alternative
LB-56505/7/94Chattanooga2Anet taper A, ??? -> portable DATrecorder - clone
LB-71895/7/94Chattanooga, Tn, USA2ASource: Sonic Studio Mics PA-6 > Sony D7,
LB-94765/7/94Chattanooga, TN2A-version "b", Audience source, Alternative
LB-150455/7/94Chatanooga TN Ab dolphinsmile 48k, Taped by B with Denon dat
LB-156355/7/94Chatanooga, TN Asonic dolphinsmile 48, Sonic Studio
LB-43135/8/94Memphis2A-audience recording - samples in comments, trade
LB-134225/8/94Memphis, TN2A-pdub dolphinsmile, Sent to me by Pdub who taped
LB-05585/xx/94The Great Music1 BOOTLEG: Are You Experienced; Don't Ya Tell Henry
LB-53255/22/94Nara1ALineage: Digital satellite TV > DAT > CDR > PC >
LB-68647/xx/94Live in 941 BOOTLEG: Exclusive Series '94; cd > ultraplex >
LB-51637/3/94Paris2ATaper: Legendary Taper J, Source: Transferred from
LB-68657/3/94Paris, France2 BOOTLEG: Napolean in Rags; cd > ultraplex > eac >
LB-150667/3/94Paris, France  dolphinsmile 48k, Dat clone>File cloned in,
LB-10597/4/94Besancon, France2B-DAT recording,
LB-40337/4/94Besancon2 version "a"; cd trade > xACT > Flac's > azareus >
LB-40347/4/94Besancon2 version "b"; DAT AUD [Sony RK-136 > Sony TCD-D7] >
LB-43617/4/94Palais Des Sports1Apartial; DAT AUD [possibly Sennheiser mics] > DAT
LB-76157/4/94Besancon, France2B+version "e"; This is most likely the circulated
LB-99267/4/94Besancon, France3B-jtt, (Transfer from Low Generation Tapes, JTT),
LB-108777/4/94Besanon, France2B-local taper de b, local taper DE B, cut before
LB-152177/4/94Besanon B-bach lta 48, taper: bach, lineage:, Shure
LB-43697/5/94Lyon2ASchubert asm (remaster) -, not found on
LB-51447/5/94Lyon, France2B+version "a"; Cassette trade > audio cdr > Nero
LB-57277/5/94Lyon, France2C+version "b"; request, data dvd trade just the flac
LB-108787/5/94Lyon, France2B+local taper de b, local taper DE B, cut before
LB-156307/5/94Lyon Abach lta 48, taper: "Bach", lineage:, Sony PC-162
LB-33737/7/94San Remo2 the bootleg cd "The Man, the Master" is missing
LB-68667/7/94San Remo, Italy2 BOOTLEG: The Man the Master; cd > ultraplex > eac
LB-33337/8/94Milan, Italy Sonoria2A-From DAT master - unknown taper
LB-35717/8/94Milano, Italy2Cversion "a"; data dvd trade (flac) > azareus >
LB-50537/8/94Milano, Italy2C+radio;; aud; from a dat dvd source with no info
LB-108007/8/94Milano - Italy2B+beyerdynamic, Source: Audience > Beyerdynamic MCE
LB-150567/8/94Milan, Italy Bdolphinsmile 48k, cassette masters put on dat and,
LB-151837/8/94Milano, Italy2B+biccio59 cdr, Audience stereo recording, Lineage:
LB-29837/9/94Balingen, Germany2Ataped by sh; raw
LB-53687/9/94Balingen2A-version "a"; audience recording, alternative
LB-83557/9/94Balingen, Germany2ANTF; Maggie's Farm incomplete, net taper F, OKM II
LB-108957/9/94Balingen, Germany2Altb, legendary taper B, OKM II -> portable
LB-29847/10/94Rheinpark2Ataped by sh; raw
LB-53577/10/94Cologne2A-fixed; Taper: Legendary Taper B, Source:
LB-68677/10/94Cologne, Germany2A-BOOTLEG: Love Minus Zero; cd > ultraplex > eac >
LB-72727/10/94Koln, Germany2Aversion "b"; Source: Unknown Audience > DAT,
LB-108967/10/94Koeln, Germany2A-local taper de c, local taper DE C, Sony 155 t ->
LB-52167/12/94Montreux2ATaper: Legendary Taper J, Source: Low-gen audio
LB-109057/12/94Montreux2A-local taper de d, local taper DE D, Sennheiser MKE
LB-116797/12/94Montreux2B+BOOTLEG: live at montreux 1994; Bonus:, Aberdeen
LB-29867/14/94Graz2Ataped by sh; raw
LB-30437/14/94Graz  Fix for d1t1; NOTES: This is the same recording as
LB-40857/14/94Graz2ATaper: Legendary Taper D, Souce: Audio disks
LB-94897/14/94Graz, Austria2A-version "c", Audience source, Alternative
LB-29887/15/94Vienna2A-taped by sh; raw
LB-65437/15/94Vienna2A-Taper: "Bach", Lineage: Sony ECM C100 >Sony Dat
LB-68687/15/94Vienna, Austria2B+BOOTLEG: The Wiener Club of Spaulding; cd >
LB-109177/15/94Vienna, Austria2A-ltd, legendary taper D, cut before encore,
LB-29177/16/94Prague2A-A gesture to kan144 who asked for this recording;
LB-61167/16/94Prague2CTaper: "Bach", Lineage: Sony ECM 100 >Sony Dat
LB-61317/16/94Prague2A-LTD; mic problems 1st song, cut before encore,
LB-25407/17/94Cracovia Football1A-INSIDE THE RAIN (LIVE IN POLAND VOL. 1), Don't Ya
LB-29137/17/94Krakow1ASchubert Additional Sound Master (Schubert ASM),
LB-70687/17/94Krak?w, Poland1ABOOTLEG: Shelter from the Storm; THINMAN / 011,
LB-109187/17/94Krakow, Poland1A-ltd, legendary taper D, Sennheiser MKE 2002 ->
LB-07897/19/94Warsaw2Afrom 'Bob Dylan in Warszawa (Live in Poland v. 2)'
LB-28987/19/94WARSAW2AAudience recording, Schubert's Remaster
LB-29897/19/94Warsaw2A-taped by sh; raw
LB-31127/19/94Warsaw2Aunknown source
LB-47617/19/94Warszawa2Alineage:, DAT master > DAT(x) > CDr(1) > EAC
LB-87437/19/94Warsaw, Poland2Aschubert asm; version "f";, Additional
LB-146037/19/94Warsaw, Poland2ABOOTLEG: shelter from the storm vol2; From the
LB-29907/21/94Dresden, Germany2B+Taper: no information; raw
LB-83717/21/94Dresden, Germany2A-NTF; Maggie's Farm a few seconds missing, net
LB-29917/23/94Halle, Germany2Btaped by sh; CVR:, Track separation corrected,
LB-45197/23/94Halle2BTaper: "Bach", Lineage: cheap Sony Micro > Sony
LB-53657/23/94Halle, Germany2A-Taper: Legendary Taper B, Source: low-gen audio
LB-53697/23/94Halle2A-version "c"; audience recording, alternative
LB-109227/23/94Halle, Germany2Antf, net taper F, cut before encore, OKM II ->
LB-29927/24/94Gotha2Ataped by sh; CVR:, Track separaton corrected
LB-88137/24/94Gotha, Germany2Aversion "a"; Taper: S.H., 2CDR, Fixed LB-2992
LB-94917/24/94Gotha, Germany2A-version "b", Audience source, Alternative
LB-127057/24/94Gotha, Germany2A-version "f", From cassettes (received in trade,
LB-14817/25/94Ostseehalle2B+Improved Air Remasters 078
LB-57567/25/94Kiel2Anet taper I, OKM II -> portable DATrecorder -
LB-66027/25/94Kiel, Germany2Assrc; net taper I, OKM II -> portable DATrecorder
LB-68697/25/94Kiel, Germany2 BOOTLEG: On a Night Like This; cd > ultraplex >
LB-109277/25/94Kiel, Germany2Antf, net taper F, end of Maggie's Farm missing,
LB-24888/10/94State Theater2ALineage: presumably lowgen audio cdr> (feurio) wav
LB-46098/11/94Patterson2BAudience recording (Full spectrum) > Unknown
LB-95238/11/94Patterson, NY2A-version "b", Audience source, Alternative
LB-55988/12/94Stratton2A-Taper: Legendary Taper F (=Glen Dundas), Lineage:
LB-104638/12/94Stratton, VT2Anak700, 2 Nakamichi 700s and Teac DA-P20 DAT
LB-68708/14/94Woodstock Festival1A-BOOTLEG: North Stage; cd > ultraplex > eac > wav >
LB-68718/14/94Saugerties2B+BOOTLEG: Woodstock 1994; cd > ultraplex > eac >
LB-110868/14/94West Saugerties, NY1B+BOOTLEG: master of woodstock; Publisher: SUBPOP
LB-124978/14/94Saugerties NY1B+orr, ** 16 BIT **, Source: Sonic Studios DSM-6P
LB-150798/14/94Saugerties, NY1 BOOTLEG: decades 61 94 disk7; Woodstock 94
LB-151698/14/94Various Artists  bbc radio gw, 1994-08-12 to 14, Recording: BBC
LB-56688/16/94Lewiston2A??? -> portable DATrecorder -> (digital transfer)
LB-68728/16/94Art Park2B+BOOTLEG: Just Because; cd > ultraplex > eac > wav
LB-72808/16/94Lewiston, NY2B+SBD > ? > Cassette >, DAT > CD >, Exact Audio Copy
LB-107618/16/94Lewiston, New York2B+sbd jtt, (Mono Soundboard) Uncirculated Tape
LB-127068/16/94Lewiston, NY2B+senn2002 dolphinsmile, taped by a good friend of
LB-127838/16/94Lewiston, NY2B+line rec master dolphinsmile, Hard of hearing
LB-142308/16/94Lewiston, NY B+lta sbd 48k, ALD, ALD, source:, Assistive
LB-55008/17/94Hershey2B+Taper: NET Taper K., Source: Audio disks of
LB-53338/19/94Pittsburgh2B+bach; new Transfer from Master DAT August 2007,
LB-68738/19/94Pittsburg1 BOOTLEG: Pittsburg 94; cd > ultraplex > eac > wav
LB-107008/19/94Pittsburgh, PA1B+version "c", Alternative but incomplete recording
LB-107578/19/94Pittsburgh, PA1Cversion "d"; incomplete concert, vg+ to ex- low
LB-134238/19/94Pittsburgh, PA B+dolphinsmile 48k, cass master>dat>file cloned in
LB-138648/19/94Pittsburgh, PA2Cradioshack, Source: Radio Shack 33-1065 stereo mic
LB-45188/20/94Cleveland2ATaper: "Bach", Lineage: cheap Sony Micro > DAT
LB-71748/20/94Cleveland, Oh2ASource: Sonic Studio Mics PA-6 > Sony D7,
LB-95008/20/94Cleveland, OH2Aversion "e", Audience source, Alternative
LB-35698/21/94Columbus2Adata dvd trade (FLAC) > azareus > torrent > dime >
LB-45608/21/94Columbus2B-Taper: "Bach", Lineage: Micro Sony > DAT Sony TCD
LB-32078/23/94PALACE THEATRE2Aversion "a"
LB-128878/23/94Louisville, KY Ahce b dolphinsmile 48k, taped by HCE B aka MR W.
LB-35728/24/94South Bend2AData DVD Trade (FLAC) Azareus > Torrent > Dime, no
LB-137448/24/94South Bend, Indiana  sonic b dolphinsmile 48k, taped by B, VIP
LB-154778/24/94South Bend, IN Anta lta 48, taper: NET Taper A, lineage:, Sonic
LB-65778/26/94Merrillville2Anet taper A, ?? -> portable DATrecorder - clone ->
LB-65838/26/94Bob Dylan2Aversion "a"; Alternative recording to NTA version.
LB-134858/26/94Merrillville, IN  nta lta 48k, taper: NET taper A, lineage:, Sonic
LB-143298/26/94Merrillville, IN Anta lta v2 48k, taper: NET taper A, lineage:,
LB-55328/27/94Kalamazoo2ATaper: NET Taper A, Lineage: ??? -> DAT clone ->->
LB-65868/27/94Kalamazoo, Michigan2A-ssrc; net taper A, ?? -> portable DATrecorder -
LB-71488/27/94Kalamazoo, Mi, USA2ASource: Sonic Studio Mics PA-6 > Sony D7,
LB-131318/27/94Kalamazoo, MI Asonic dolphinsmile 48k, taped with Sonic Studio
LB-55368/28/94Kalamazoo, Michigan2A-Taper: NET Taper A, Lineage: ??? -> DAT clone ->->
LB-66168/28/94Kalamazoo, Michigan2A-ssrc; net taper A, ?? -> portable DATrecorder -
LB-71528/28/94Kalamazoo, Mi, USA2ASource: Sonic Studio Mics PA-6 > Sony D7,
LB-152478/28/94Kalamazoo, MI2A-b with sonic ds archive, taped by B with Sonic
LB-55308/29/94Detroit2A-??? -> DAT clone -> (digital transfer) m-audio
LB-65988/29/94Detroit, Michigan2A-version "a"; ?? -> portable DATrecorder - clone ->
LB-66178/29/94Detroit2B+BOOTLEG: Always On My Mind Vol. 1; cd > ultraplex
LB-129968/29/94Detroit, Michigan A-crownradioshack dolphinsmile 48, taped with
LB-523010/1/94Ithaca2B+Trade CD > EAC > dBpoweramp > HD > Hungercity >
LB-923710/1/94Ithaca, NY2B+version "c", lineage : CDR trade>EAC>TLH>FLAC6 >
LB-568410/2/94Amherst2A-dropout in 'All Along The Watchtower', ?? ->
LB-1322910/2/94Amherst, MA A-senn2oo2 dolphinsmile 24bit 48k;, taped on Dat
LB-562010/4/94Portland2A??? -> portable DATrecorder -> (digital transfer)
LB-550210/5/94Portland2BTaper: No information., Source: AUdio disks of
LB-922410/5/94Portland, Maine2Bversion "a", Fixed version of LB-5502. I removed
LB-1476410/5/94Portland, ME2Bversion "c", From a cassette (received in trade,
LB-197210/7/94The Orpheum Theatre2A-Field:, Core Sound Binaural > Battery Box > Sony
LB-358810/7/94Orpheum Theatre2Aversion "a"; Transferred from a DAT clone, no
LB-909510/7/94Boston2Aversion "c"; torrenter comment:"recorded by Glen G
LB-983910/7/94Boston2Aversion "d", This is actually LB-9095, but the
LB-1056110/7/94Boston, MA2Bversion "f", There are 3 disparate recordings
LB-1507710/7/94Boston, MA2Astevemtl, Excellent set from Bob and band. Torrent
LB-358910/8/94Boston2ATransferred from a DAT clone, no further lineage
LB-687410/8/94Orpheum, Boston,MA2A-BOOTLEG: Blue Eyed Boston Boy; cd > ultraplex >
LB-1390610/8/94Boston, MA Ap dolphinsmile 48k, I have two sets from this run
LB-1407510/8/94Boston, MA Asennheiser m8 dolphinsmile version g 48k, taped by
LB-1508710/8/94Boston, MA2Astevemtl, Superb performance and recording. Thanks
LB-359210/9/94Orpheum Theatre2ATransferred from a DAT clone, no further lineage
LB-1292810/9/94Boston, MA Ahce gg dolphinsmile 48k, an excellent recording by
LB-1509010/9/94Boston2Astevemtl, Last night of three at the Orpheum and
LB-068510/11/94Burlington, VT2B+BOOTLEG: In Like Flynn;
LB-535210/11/94Burlington, VT2ATaper: Glen Dundas, Source: Dat master > audio
LB-1269810/11/94Burlington, VT Ahce g senn2002 dolphinsmile 48k, recorded by HCE
LB-1274210/11/94Burlington2Astevemtl, Audience recording of Dylan and band;
LB-565610/12/94Providence2A-net taper M, ??? -> portable DATrecorder ->
LB-575510/12/94Providence2A-Taper: Glen Dundas (=Legendary Taper F), Source:
LB-1534610/12/94Providence, RI A-sonics dolphinsmile 48, taped with Sonics/Sony Dat
LB-1555410/12/94Providence, RI  sonic studios dolphinsmile oldneumanntapr, Sonic
LB-564310/14/94Albany2B+taper Glen Dundas, ??? -> portable DATrecorder -
LB-1057910/14/94Albany, NY2Binc b, Alternative but incomplete recording #1 to
LB-1058010/14/94Albany, NY2B+inc c, Alternative but incomplete recording #2 to
LB-557110/15/94West Point2B+taper: Glen Dundas, ??? -> DAT -> (digital
LB-557510/15/94West Point2B+speed corrected; taper Glen Dundas, ??? -> DAT -
LB-1507810/15/94West Point, NY B+dolphinsmile 48k, Jokerman, If You See Her Say
LB-359510/16/94New Haven2B+FLAC, from that great data dvd trade, no info on
LB-360010/16/94New Haven2Aversion "a"; AUD DAT Master >clones>WAV>Soundforge
LB-1264710/16/94New Haven2Amk4 kingrue, Source: (R.B.'s) Schoeps MK4's (In
LB-1478010/16/94New Haven,2ABOOTLEG: promises of paradise; From the private
LB-1528610/16/94New Haven CT A-sonics dolphinsmile 48, Sonics mics/dat, Dat
LB-1136210/17/94Madison Square3 see Grateful Dead 10/17/94, Source:Schoeps CMC5
LB-418410/18/94New York2ATaped By Wklitz, Source: Schoeps MK4's>Rbox>Casio
LB-580210/18/94New York City2Alocal taper NY: A, lineage, ? -> portable
LB-580310/18/94New York City2ABOOTLEG: Roseland; cd > ultraplex > eac > wav >
LB-912710/18/94New York City2A-Improved Air Catalog Number: IA48, TITLE: untitled
LB-1359310/18/94New York, NY Amk4 dolphinsmile 48k, Taped by MrX with, Schoeps
LB-574010/19/94New York City2Alocal taper NY: A, lineage, ? -> portable
LB-574210/19/94NYC2A-BOOTLEG: New York City 94; cd > ultraplex > eac >
LB-687510/19/94Roseland Ballroom1 BOOTLEG: Stuck inside of Roseland with the New
LB-890410/19/94New York City3ABOOTLEG: Positively West 52nd Street; SBD
LB-890610/19/94New York City, NY2Asbd fix lbp51;, SBD Recording out of "Positively
LB-891810/19/94New York City3Asbd fix jtt;, Positively West 52nd
LB-1529210/19/94New York City  boiledgutsofbirds remix 2444, Source One:
LB-571510/20/94New York City2Alocal taper NY: A, lineage, ? -> portable
LB-579410/20/94New York City2ABOOTLEG: All Along the Roseland; cd > ultraplex >
LB-1529310/20/94New York City  boiledgutsofbirds remix 2444, Source One:
LB-1411010/22/94Rochester, NY A-akg ackerman noel t 2496, Ackerman's Archive,
LB-569010/23/94Syracuse2A??? -> portable DATrecorder - clone -> (digital
LB-1270110/23/94Syracuse, NY Asenn2002s dolphinsmile 48k, taped on dat with sony
LB-1420610/23/94Syracuse, NY Aunknown lta 48k, taper: unknown, lineage:, DAT
LB-363310/25/94Wilkes Barre2AFLAC files, no info!!, incl, fingerprint, txt file
LB-952810/25/94Wilkes-Barre, PA2A-version "b", Alternative recording to LB-3633,
LB-560110/26/94Salisbury2B'I'll Remember You' and 'Maggie's Farm' incomplete
LB-329410/27/94Upper Darby2A 
LB-343110/28/94Upper Darby2A-unknown source, amplification adjusted, gaps
LB-345510/28/94Upper Darby, PA2Aversion "a"
LB-237310/30/94Warner Theater2ABOOTLEG: WASHINGTON 1994; Amsterdam AMS 729), +
LB-590510/30/94Washington2ATaper: NET Taper A, Source: audio disks >
LB-011410/31/94Washington DC2A- 
LB-590410/31/94Washington DC2ATaper: NET Taper A, Source: Transferred from DAT
LB-1314510/31/94Washington, DC Atarantula lta 48k, taper: tarantula, lineage:,
LB-1354410/31/94Washington, DC2Asonics b dolphinsmile, Taped by B with Sonics and
LB-1485110/31/94Washington, DC Ads dolphinsmile 48k, taped by a Dylanologist on
LB-358711/1/94Norfolk2Adata dvd (FLAC) > Azareus > torrent . dime > .....
LB-410011/1/94Norfolk2A-Recorded By Wklitz, Source:Schoeps
LB-1316311/1/94Norfolk, VA Atarantula 48k, 16/48, taper: tarantula, lineage:,
LB-503811/4/94Gainesville2AUnknown Audience>CDR>EAC>FLAC LEVEL 5
LB-1315711/4/94Gainesville, GA Asonics dolphinsmile 48k, taped by B with Sonics
LB-345211/5/94Knoxville2B+DAT>CDr(0)>EAC(secure)>FLAC(level8)>Dime, Very
LB-610311/5/94Knoxville, Tennessee2A-net taper A, ? -> portable DATrecorder - clone ->
LB-1282011/5/94Knoxville, Tennessee2Bbige, Analog Audience Recording- 44.1kHz/16bit
LB-929911/6/94Asheville2 version "b", Close EAC-match on LB-706, (64min
LB-1470511/6/94Asheville, NC  sonic dolphinsmile 48, taped with Denon portable
LB-429311/8/94Nashville2Aversion "a"; Audience recording > Unknown transfer
LB-929811/8/94Nashville, Tennessee2B+version "d", One of the shows which roberts was
LB-1276211/8/94Nashville, TN Ahce b dplphimsmile 48k, Taped by HCE B with Denon
LB-1315811/8/94Nashville, TN Atarantula 48k, taper: tarantula, lineage:, Sonic
LB-486411/9/94Nashville2Aversion "a"; Audience recording > Unknown transfer
LB-621711/9/94Nashville2Anet taper A, ? -> portable DATrecorder - clone
LB-1532011/9/94Nashville, TN Asonic dolphinsmile 48, recored on dat with a Denon
LB-345411/10/94Jackson2A-?>EAC(secure)>FLAC(level8)>Dime, Very Good sound
LB-093511/12/94New Orleans2B+ 
LB-566911/12/94New Orleans2Bnet taper A, ? -> portable DATrecorder - clone
LB-579211/12/94New Orleans2BPDub, ? -> portable DATrecorder - clone ->(digital
LB-1389711/12/94New Orleans, LA Bb sonic dolphinsmile 48k, taped by B with Sonic
LB-560311/13/94New Orleans2B+net taper A, lineage, ? -> portable DATrecorder -
LB-1543011/13/94New Orleans, LA B+sonic studio dolphinsmile 48, taped by B with
LB-004011/16/94Sony Music Studio1Aunplugged rehearsal, stereo,
LB-708911/16/94Sony Music Studios1A-BOOTLEG: Afternoon Acoustic; Track 14: MTV
LB-1263211/16/94Sony Music Studios1A-BOOTLEG: rehearsals for mtv unplugged; Label:
LB-642511/17/94MTV - THE MISSING1A-The Tracks on this CDR ARE NOT included in the
LB-642611/17/94MTV2A-BOOTLEG: Completely Unplugged; cd > ultraplex >
LB-1213011/17/94MTV Unplugged - Sony2A-BOOTLEG: ghost of electricity; Hollow Horn,
LB-1558111/17/94Sony soundstage in A-BOOTLEG: uncut unplugged; C-NINE Records 7-8 .


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