LosslessBob LB-9955
4/18/94Riviera Theatre, Chicago IL USA1A-79min

BOOTLEG: dont dream your life, live your dream; Compilation from April 17-18, 1994, appearances, Uploaded from glass-mastered CD, Manufacturer: Diamonds in your ear, Can't find any other info about this release, but it's a good listen.

bittorrent download 03/12; for 4/18 in 4-way comparison on crowd at end of t1 and t2 this is a different recording; in comparison on t2, both mjs LB-2469 and D.T. LB-4268 have similar full and warm sound; this is harsher and narrower; bootleg Simple Man Keep Waiting LB-6862 has narrowest sound; for 4/17 this is same recording as LB-7946 based on same clapping wavs at beginning of t11; in comparison this is harsher; (did not listen to all of this)
1994-04-18:, 1. Jokerman, 2. Gates of Eden, 3. It's all over now, baby blue, 4. God knows, 5. Man in the long black coat, 6. I'll remember you, 7. Maggie's farm, 8. What good am I, 9. It ain't me, babe, 1994-04-17:, 10. Under the red sky, 11. Mama you been on my mind
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Year 1994
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