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BOOTLEG: Live! The Silver Wilburys; Review:, The 1987 Taj Mahal concert at the Palomino turned into a historical event when 3 members of the audience made their way to the stage for an impromptu jam. The 3 were Dylan, George Harrison, and John Fogerty. Taj & George do most of the singing. Taj plays harp. Dylan plays guitar, but sings nothing but a couple of back-up wails on 4 or 5 tunes. (Harrison sings Watching The River Flow). The highlight of the show is Fogerty singing Proud Mary ("'Cause Bob Dylan asked me to do this Holy Mackerel!"). This CD offers nothing for the Dylan fan other than a couple of cover photos. If you are a completeist and feel you must own it, be warned that the quality is not good, the mix is horrible. This is a CD that you will play once to say that you've heard it. Once is enough.; good sound [C]

bittorrent download 11/04; most below 10k;

(a bittorrent from 07/09 is same recording based on similar wav and spectral view except has nothing above 16k and drops between tracks so probably from mp3; described as "Live At The Palomino Club, The Travelling Wilburys - The Silver Wilburys - 1988" with artwork for this bootleg with filenames like "01 - Farther On Down The Road.flac")

(a bittorrent from 06/11 is a close eac match on d1t1 with same digital flaws; described as "Silver CD > EAC > WAV > Flac frontend > FLAC 8" with filenames like "Track01.flac"; xref-00813)

drop/cut end of t8
Tracks:, Farther On Down The Road (T.Mahal), Matchbox (Carl Perkins), Knock On Wood (Crooper/Floyd), Midnight Hour (Crooper/Pickett), Honey Don't (Carl Perkins), Blue Suede Shoes (Carl Perkins), Watching The River Flow (Dylan), Proud Mary (J. Fogerty), Johnny B Goode (C. Berry), Willie And The Hand Jive (J. Otis), Peggy Sue (Allison/Petty), Dizzy Miss Lizzy (Larry Williams), Lucille (Albert Collins/ R.Penniman), Twist And Shout (Medley/Russell)
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Year 1987
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