LosslessBob LB For Year 1987
LB-0025xx/xx/87rehearsal with1Afirst rehearsal; (Bob Dylan, Jerry Garcia, Bob
LB-6771xx/xx/87Various3 BOOTLEG: Temples in Flames; cd > ultraplex > eac >
LB-8912xx/xx/87source: various1BBOOTLEG: highway of diamond vol3; Review:, This is
LB-10964xx/xx/87various fall tour6B-BOOTLEG: flames on the italian streets; (Godfather
LB-15468xx/xx/87various6 BOOTLEG: temples in flames complete set; [White
LB-21372/19/87Hollywood1CBOOTLEG: Live! The Silver Wilburys; Review:, The
LB-35122/19/87Palomino Club1 BOOTLEG: THE GOLDEN WILBURYS; Liberated Front Row
LB-4536xx/xx/87Sidewalks B+45"sample mp3 downloaded from http://www.sendspace
LB-47743/5/87Los Angeles1Alossless version; Down In The Groove recording
LB-111833/11/87The Treasure of Love1Cthe treasure of love jtt, LOSSY (JTT), SOURCE:,
LB-31464/3/87Hollywood A 
LB-26244/15/87Ringo Starr - The1AVoxx 0004-01 (Disc 1 from Lost & Found), CDr trade
LB-35614/20/87Los Angeles1CDylan guest appearance at a U2 concert, Quality
LB-49734/20/87Los Angeles1Bversion "a"; (1st Gen Cass.>Remaster>Speed Fix),
LB-79894/20/87Los Angeles1Cversion "b"; Audience Recording Unknown Taper And
LB-95034/20/87Los Angeles1Bversion "c", Average quality audience recording
LB-132274/20/87Los Angeles, CA2B+u2 keithm jems, KeithM Master via JEMS, Recording
LB-00015/xx/87Dead Dylan4A 
LB-67725/xx/87San Rafael3A-BOOTLEG: The French Girl; cd > ultraplex > eac >
LB-72435/xx/87Dylan & The Dead -6Adonated by Alan Fraser; Setlist and Information,
LB-102355/xx/87San Rafael CA1B+rehearsals version "a", Dylan Dead Rehearsals, San
LB-141705/xx/87Le Club Front B+rehearsals lta 48k, & Grateful Dead 6/1/87,
LB-02466/xx/87Grateful Dead Hour1ARadio program broadcast date March 25, 2002, this
LB-00107/xx/87US tour with7B+(sbd + aud) this set was assembled and circulated
LB-00247/xx/87Dylan & the Dead7 sbds with aud filling in missing songs; notes are
LB-27357/4/87Foxboro1B+FOB>>aud>>senn me80>>cassette master>>cdr,
LB-54467/4/87Foxboro MA1B+Andrew F; (cd3 only of full grateful dead show);
LB-64567/4/87Foxborough1Aversion "c"; incomplete; Mostly soundboard with
LB-67737/4/87Foxboro, MA1B+BOOTLEG: A Dream Come True; cd > ultraplex > eac >
LB-67747/4/87Foxboro1A-BOOTLEG: Foxboro; cd > ultraplex > eac > wav >
LB-67757/4/87Various1 BOOTLEG: The Unreleased Live Album; cd > ultraplex
LB-80227/4/87Foxboro, MA1ARecording Info:, SBD -> Cassette Master -> CD,
LB-84577/4/87Foxboro, MA1BMaster:, Nakamichi CM300's/CP1's>Sony D6>Cass(m),
LB-95737/4/87Foxboro1A-BOOTLEG: orbiting uvula; Soundboard recording from
LB-98177/4/87foxboro, ma1B+jaybobaggins chasingwilma, source:, neuman kmr
LB-123077/4/87foxboro, ma B+chasingwilma 24, source:, neuman kmr 81>sony
LB-129937/4/87Foxboro, MA4A-fob akg mcsheffrey gastwirt miller noel, Sets I &
LB-137057/4/87Foxboro, MA  mtx tobin 143048, SBD + AUD Matrix 2 Source Mix
LB-140557/4/87Foxboro, MA A-senn421 hessberg miller clugston 145604 48k, This
LB-140567/4/87Foxboro, MA  senn421 hessberg miller clugston 145605 2496,
LB-156177/4/87unreleased live1 unreleased live album speed corrected mr echo
LB-12967/10/87JFK Stadium1BFOB>>aud>>senn me80>>cassette master>>cdr;m part
LB-47897/10/87Philadelphia1AThis is a combination of known lineage soundboard
LB-53807/10/87Philadelphia PA1B+aud; carpenter; (cdr3 of grateful dead set); AUD:
LB-67767/10/87JFK, Philadelphia1B+BOOTLEG: I'll be Your Robert Today; cd > ultraplex
LB-67777/10/87Philidelphia1B+BOOTLEG: Men of Peace; cd > ultraplex > eac > wav
LB-80217/10/87Philadelphia, PA1ARecording Info:, SBD -> Cassette Master -> CD,
LB-81057/10/87Philadelphia, PA1BTaper : Rob, Editing : Joe D'Amico ''AKA''
LB-98187/10/87philadelphia, pa1B+jaybobaggins chasingwilma, source:, (2)sennhesier
LB-122107/10/87Philadelphia, PA3Amtx tobin 135276, SBD + AUD Matrix 2 Source
LB-129797/10/87Philadelphia PA B+sbd dolphinsmile 48k, When the Dylan Dead Sdbs
LB-134807/10/87Philadelphia, PA1Asbd dolphinsmile verision "a";, Found a Dat with a
LB-149627/10/87Philadelphia, PA Aultra24 24, Recording Info:, UltraMatrix SBD >
LB-149767/10/87Philadelphia, PA  149955 ultramatrix sbd cm miller, Recording Info:,
LB-27747/12/87East Rutherford1A-with the Grateful Dead, Source: Audience (FOB) >
LB-47137/12/87E. Rutherford3B+Grateful Dead and Bob Dylan, Pitch fix of shnid
LB-47147/12/87East Rutherford3A-Recording Info:, Sets 1 & 2: SBD -> PCM -> Dat ->
LB-67787/12/87Giants Stadium1B+BOOTLEG: Dylan Plays Dead; cd > ultraplex > eac >
LB-67797/12/87Giants Stadium1 BOOTLEG: The Dead Play Dylan; cd > ultraplex > eac
LB-84827/12/87East Rutherford, NJ2B+incomplete; Master:, Nakamichi CM100's/CP4's>Sony
LB-84867/12/87East Rutherford, NJ2Aversion "h"; 48k trade dat described as "(AUD
LB-98197/12/87east rutherford, nj1A-jaybobaggins chasingwilma, source:, (2)sennhesier
LB-124507/12/87East Rutherford, NJ2A137298 set3 aud gems, Audience, Sony L-750ESX-HFB
LB-139027/12/87East Rutherford, NJ3A137381 akg460, Source: Set 1 & 2: FOBl AKG460 Omni
LB-139037/12/87East Rutherford, NJ2Aset3 sbd tobin 144301, Tapes Provided by Charlie
LB-139047/12/87East Rutherford, NJ2A-set3 mtx tobin 144319, SBD + AUD Matrix 2 Source
LB-147167/12/87East Rutherford3 fob aud unknown paino connor 3422, Grateful Dead,
LB-150237/12/87East Rutherford, NJ A149437 fob senn421 hessberg miller clugston 48k,
LB-150247/12/87East Rutherford, NJ  149438 fob senn421 hessberg miller clugston 2496,
LB-64427/19/87Eugene, Oregon1B+version "a"; incomplete; This is a combination of
LB-65767/19/87Eugene, Oregon1ADylan & The Dead, (Disc 3): SBD>?>CD, Notes:,
LB-67807/19/87Eugene, OR1 BOOTLEG: In the Heart of Oregon; cd > ultraplex >
LB-110537/19/87Eugene, Oregon1A-BOOTLEG: live vol 2; with The Grateful Dead -
LB-124497/19/87Eugene, OR2A-137294 set3 aud gems, Grateful Dead with Bob Dylan
LB-133787/19/87Eugene, OR Asbd dolphinsmile 48k, Dsdb>cassette>Dat>clone to
LB-149477/19/87Eugene, OR A149779 ultramatrix sbd cm miller, Recording Info:,
LB-149487/19/87Eugene, OR Aultramatrix sbd miller 24, Recording Info:,
LB-151797/19/87Eugene, OR B+fob nak700 severson miller clugston 152142 48k,
LB-151807/19/87Eugene, OR B+fob nak700 severson miller clugston 152143 2496,
LB-07107/24/87Oakland Stadium2B+aud
LB-47757/24/87Oakland Stadium1Acomplete combination of known lineage soundboard
LB-62147/24/87Oakland Stadium1A-russjcan; incomplete; Hat-Mounted Realistic PZM's
LB-62397/24/87Oakland2A-russjcan; complete; Hat-Mounted Realistic PZM's
LB-62657/24/87Oakland, California2A-AUD (schoeps CMC 32s)>DAT>CDM, Notes:, Audio
LB-72777/24/87Oakland, California1A-Howlin Husky remaster ; Soundboard, lineage: trade
LB-122517/24/87Oakland, Ca2Amk4, & Grateful Dead, Recorded by Daspyknows and
LB-126497/24/87Oakland-Alameda4A-akg 460 omni gastwirt miller sirmick 138228,
LB-130137/24/87Oakland, CA A-sbd dolphinsmile 48k, One of my Cassettes, low
LB-28507/26/87ANAHEIM2B+Audience recording
LB-73357/26/87Anaheim2B+Modified Nak 700's omni with, Sony D5, FOB Spread
LB-107507/26/87Anaheim Stadium3Bwith Grateful Dead; Source: 1x Sennheiser MD-421
LB-126487/26/87Anaheim, California2B+sbd aud flyingm, & the Grateful Dead, Applause
LB-134427/26/87Anaheim, CA  sbd24 141759 24bit, Grateful Dead, Recording Info:
LB-134627/26/87Anaheim, CA B+partial fob akg c460 omni gastwirt miller sirmick
LB-134677/26/87Anaheim, CA2A-141897 ultramatrix sbd cm miller, Recording Info:,
LB-147037/26/87Anaheim, CA4Amtx tobin 148616, Grateful Dead, SBD + AUD Matrix
LB-07389/5/87Tel-Aviv, Israel2Bcb master,
LB-50769/5/87Tel-Aviv2Bversion "a"; Unknown Audience>CDR>EAC>FLAC LEVEL 5
LB-54339/5/87Tel-Aviv2B+Taper: LTE
LB-67819/5/87Tel-Aviv, Israel2 BOOTLEG: Visit to Islael; cd > ultraplex > eac >
LB-140869/5/87Tel-Aviv, Israel B+senn2002 dolphinsmile 48k, Senn2002 binaurals and
LB-07589/7/87Sultan's Pool1B+from cb master,
LB-51259/7/87Jerusalem1B+pink robert; Complete 1987 Temples In Flames Tour,
LB-54359/7/87Jerusalem1B+Taper: LTE
LB-149969/7/87Jerusalem, Israel B+senn2002 dolphinsmile 48k, taped by a friend of
LB-01569/10/87Basel1B+from the cb master audience
LB-51309/10/87Basel1Bpink robert; Complete 1987 Temples In Flames Tour,
LB-54399/10/87Basel1B+Taper: LTB
LB-05439/12/87Area Ex Autodromo -1B+ 
LB-22869/12/87Area Ex Autodromo -1B+cb master
LB-47169/12/87Modena2B-version "b"; from master., I divided this in 2
LB-54459/12/87Modena1B+Taper: LTB
LB-99789/12/87Modena, Italy1BBOOTLEG: Flames on the italian streets; Godfather
LB-149959/12/87Modena, Italy B+senn2002 dolphinsmile 48k, taped by a friend of
LB-150099/12/87Modena1Blc lta, taper: L.C., lineage:, Sony ECM-909
LB-01379/13/87Torino, Italy1B+from the cb master audience
LB-54489/13/87Turin1B+Taper: LTB
LB-60249/13/87Torino1BLegendary Taper D, Lineage: Mikrophon Sennheiser
LB-93019/13/87Turin, Italy1BBOOTLEG: temple in flames 1987 tour anthology;
LB-99799/13/87Palasport1B-BOOTLEG: Flames on the italian streets; Godfather
LB-110719/13/87Torino, Italy1B+BOOTLEG: torino 1987; Quality Masters 002, Flac
LB-01349/15/87Dortmund1B+from the cb master audience
LB-54509/15/87Dortmund1A-Taper: LTB
LB-60299/15/87Dortmund1B+Legendary Taper D, Lineage: Mikrophon Sennheiser
LB-93049/15/87Dortmund1B+BOOTLEG: temple in flames 1987 tour anthology;
LB-110649/15/87Dortmund1A-BOOTLEG: dortmund 1987; Quality Masters / QM 003,
LB-157659/15/87Dortmund, WG Btb 24, Roger McGuinn, Tom Petty & Heartbreakers,
LB-07559/16/87Frankenhalle1B+cb master,
LB-54549/16/87Nuremberg1B+Taper: LTB
LB-60329/16/87Nurnberg1B+Legendary Taper D, Lineage: Mikrophon Sennheiser
LB-61009/16/87Nuremberg1BHowlin' Husky; Concert taper unknown., (JvS)/Tape
LB-01579/17/87Treptower Festwiese1A-from the cb master audience
LB-54589/17/87East Berlin1A-Taper: LTD
LB-61089/17/87East Berlin1BHowlin' Husky; Concert taper unknown., (JvS)/Tape
LB-84089/17/87East Berlin1A-version "c"; DVD DATA DISC # 1, All recorded by CB
LB-103449/17/87East Berlin1A-BOOTLEG: east berlin 1987; Lineage unknown, cdr
LB-110669/17/87East Berlin1A-BOOTLEG: east berlin 1987; Quality Masters / QM -
LB-119689/17/87East Berlin1A-BOOTLEG: molotov cocktails; Colombia 2CDR,
LB-01319/19/87Sportpaleis Ahoy1A-from the cb master audience
LB-42819/19/87Rotterdam1A-version "a"; Size:351MB, Trade > CDR > Wav >
LB-51569/19/87Rotterdam1B+pink robert; Complete 1987 Temples In Flames Tour,
LB-54639/19/87Rotterdam2A-Taper: LTB
LB-60359/19/87Rotterdam1A-Legendary Taper D, Lineage: Mikrophon Sennheiser
LB-60969/19/87Rotterdam1B+taped by Ane (flipp022), Audience
LB-60999/19/87Rotterdam1B+Howlin' Husky; Concert taper unknown., (JvS)/Tape
LB-67829/19/87Ahoy1B+BOOTLEG: Live (Rotterdam); cd > ultraplex > eac >
LB-73499/19/87Rotterdam, Holland1B+RR; Different version*: this is an upload of my
LB-80009/19/87Rotterdam2B+version "I"; taped by Ane (flipp022) live 1987,
LB-01529/20/87Hannover1A-from the cb master audience
LB-51659/20/87Hanover1B+pink robert; Complete 1987 Temples In Flames Tour,
LB-52469/20/87Hanover1C-version "b"; Trade CD > EAC > dBpoweramp > HD >
LB-54779/20/87Hannover1A-Taper: LTB
LB-60409/20/87Hannover1B+Legendary Taper D, Lineage: Mikrophon Sennheiser
LB-123289/20/87Hannover, Germany2C+sony walkman, with Tom Petty feat Roger McGuinn,
LB-01419/21/87Copenhagen1B+from the cb master audience
LB-43119/21/87Copenhagen1Bversion "a"; Size:464MB, Trade > CDR > Wav >
LB-51669/21/87Copenhagen1BComplete 1987 Temples In Flames Tour, Vol.11:
LB-54859/21/87Copenhagen1B+Taper: LTD
LB-07779/23/87Helsinki, Finland1B+cb master,
LB-23079/23/87Helsinki, Finland1Aversion "a", cb master
LB-43189/23/87Helsinki1Aversion "b"; Size:432MB, Trade > CDR > Wav >
LB-54879/23/87Helsinki1B+Taper: LTD
LB-93069/23/87Helsinki, Finland1B+BOOTLEG: temple in flames 1987 tour anthology;
LB-03539/25/87Scandinavium1A-cb master,
LB-51749/25/87Gothenburg1A-pink robert; Complete 1987 Temples In Flames Tour,
LB-54919/25/87Gothenburg1A-Taper: LTD
LB-90449/25/87Goteborg, Sweden1B+iar007; from goverstick:, Improved Air Catalog
LB-109099/25/87Gothenburg, Sweden2A-BOOTLEG: got you by the heel; (Thinman-125/126), I
LB-123639/25/87Goethenburg, Sweden1A-ltd transfer lta, taper: Legendary Taper D,
LB-128369/25/87Goethenburg, Sweden A-second transfer lta 2448, taper: unknown, lineage:
LB-07909/26/87Stockholm1A-cb master,
LB-55039/26/87Stockholm1A-Taper: LTD
LB-01649/28/87Frankfurt1A-from the cb master audience
LB-55069/28/87Frankfurt1A-Taper: LTB
LB-01639/29/87Stuttgart1B+from the cb master audience
LB-52009/29/87Stuttgart1B+Pink Robert;; Complete 1987 Temples In Flames Tour
LB-55099/29/87Stuttgart1B+Taper: LTB
LB-56949/29/87Stuttgart2B+sony; source: Aud, gen: Master/1.Gen, Tracklist
LB-60459/29/87Stuttgart1BLegendary Taper D, Lineage: Mikrophon Sennheiser
LB-84119/29/87Stuttgart1B+version "e"; DVD DATA DISC # 2, All recorded by CB
LB-07929/30/87Olympiahalle1Acb master,
LB-55139/30/87Munich1ATaper: LTB
LB-60509/30/87Munich1A-Legendary Taper D, Lineage: Mikrophon Sennheiser
LB-67839/30/87Munich1 BOOTLEG: Heartbreakers Blues; cd > ultraplex > eac
LB-060210/1/87Verona, Italy1Bfrom the cb master audience
LB-321810/1/87Verona, Italy1Bgs 1st gen from master
LB-551610/1/87Verona1BTaper: LTB
LB-998010/1/87Verona, Italy1B-BOOTLEG: Flames on the italian streets; Godfather
LB-1104910/1/87Verona, Italy1BBOOTLEG: flames in verona 1987; Mainstream /
LB-1109610/1/87Verona, Italy1BBOOTLEG: verona 1987; Minus Zero Records-001,
LB-083610/3/87Rome1A-a CB master most likely
LB-321910/3/87Rome1A-gs 1st gen from master
LB-551910/3/87Rome1A-Taper: LTD
LB-998110/3/87Rome, Italy1B-BOOTLEG: Flames on the italian streets; Godfather
LB-059910/4/87Arena Civica di1B+from the cb master audience
LB-497110/4/87Milano2B-38f; with Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers & Roger
LB-538110/4/87Milano1B-38f version "a"; from master (Flac)(1CD), (New
LB-552510/4/87Milan1B+Taper: LTD
LB-998310/4/87Milan, Italy1BBOOTLEG: Flames on the italian streets; Godfather
LB-059810/5/87Piazza Grande1B+from the cb master audience
LB-237110/5/87Piazza Grande1BSchubert ASM (additional sound mastering) from CB
LB-438910/5/87Locarno1BSchubert asm (additional soundmastering), This is
LB-553810/5/87Locarno1A-Taper: LTD
LB-1068110/5/87Locarno, Switzerland1B+version "e"; from torrent description:
LB-060410/7/87Paris, France2A-from the cb master audience
LB-555410/7/87Paris2A-Taper: LTD
LB-228310/8/87Vorst Nationaal1B+101.5 speed corrected version of bootleg "Flashing
LB-366210/8/87Forest National1B+version "a"; analog cassette master > DAT > CD >
LB-678410/8/87Brussels, Belgium1B+BOOTLEG: Flashing for the Refuges; cd > ultraplex
LB-735010/8/87Brussel, Belgium1B+RR; Different version*: this is an upload of my
LB-843110/8/87Brussels, Belgium1Bversion "d"; DVD DATA DISC # 3, All recorded by CB
LB-059310/10/87Birmingham, England1B+from the cb master audience
LB-322010/10/87Birmingham, England1Ags 1st gen from master
LB-558410/10/87Birmingham1B+Taper: LTD
LB-560510/10/87Birmingham1B-JTT, GS;"New 1st Generation Transfer", This
LB-678510/10/87Birmingham, England1B+BOOTLEG: Wild Cathedral Evening; cd > ultraplex >
LB-060310/11/87Birmingham, England1A-from the cb master audience
LB-511810/11/87Birmingham1Dversion "a"; BD-Sounchecks
LB-558710/11/87Birmingham1A-Taper: LTD
LB-560610/11/87Birmingham1B-JTT, GS;, "1st Generation Tape" "Probably
LB-929010/11/87Birmingham, England1B+BOOTLEG: temple in flames 1987 tour anthology;
LB-059210/12/87Birmingham, England2B+from the cb master audience
LB-559110/12/87Birmingham2B+Taper: LTD
LB-560710/12/87Birmingham2B-JTT, GS, "1st Generation Tape" "Probably
LB-929110/12/87Birmingham, England2B+BOOTLEG: temple in flames 1987 tour anthology;
LB-060710/14/87Wembley Arena1A-from the cb master audience
LB-421710/14/87London1 version "a"; Size:487MB, Trade > CDR > Wav >
LB-511910/14/87Wembley Arena D 
LB-559310/14/87London2A-Taper: LTB
LB-561310/14/87London1B-JTT, GS;"1st Generation Tapes" "Probably
LB-1584510/14/87London, England A-cassette transfer, From my cassette -- unknown
LB-060510/15/87Wembley Arena1A-from the cb master audience
LB-228710/15/87Wembley Arena1 cb master
LB-348110/15/87London1 version "b"; I got this one in a trade, so I have
LB-439310/15/87Wembley Arena1B+version "c"; Size:462MB, Trade > CDR > Wav >
LB-559910/15/87London1A-Taper: LTB
LB-561410/15/87London1B-JTT, GS;"1st Generation Tapes" "Probably
LB-994910/15/87London, England1B+version "f", Alternative audio source to LB
LB-1527410/15/87London, England B-gw, Lineage: AUD > Cassette(1 Gen) BASF LH-EI 90 >
LB-060610/16/87Wembley Arena1A-from the cb master audience
LB-512010/16/87London C- 
LB-560410/16/87London1A-Taper: LTB
LB-561510/16/87London1B-JTT, GS;"1st Generation Tapes" "Probably
LB-678610/16/87London - Wembly2 BOOTLEG: The Critics Choice Vol 5 & 6; cd >
LB-011910/17/87Wembly Arena, London2 BOOTLEG: The Final Night and More; Dandelion
LB-060810/17/87Wembley Arena2Afrom the cb master audience
LB-230510/17/87Wembley Arena2Aversion "a", from the cb master audience
LB-560810/17/87London2ATaper: LTB, Lineage: Analogue Master > DAT > CD-R
LB-561610/17/87London2B-JTT, GS;"1st Generation Tapes" "Probably
LB-568810/17/87London2Bversion "e"; JTT; "2nd Generation Tape (Incomplete
LB-806410/17/87London, UK1B-38f; partial; Roger McGuinn & Tom Petty, feat.
LB-927110/17/87London1 BOOTLEG: george was here; George Harrison - George
LB-678711/22/87Rehearsal for 882B-BOOTLEG: Dancing in the Dark; cd > ultraplex > eac
LB-849211/22/87GE Smith Aydition2B-version "a"; Soundboard, THIS VERSION JUST RIPPED


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