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xx/xx/65Hollow Horn Reference Recording: Studio Outtakes Volume Two2A-79min+78min

BOOTLEG: Now Your Mouth Cried Wolf; contains studio outtakes from January 1965 to March 1966; "REFERENCE RECORDING COLLECTOR'S SERIES" on the UK HOLLOW HORN LABEL, The aim of Hollow Horn's Reference Recordings Collection is to provide the collector with a concise and comprehensive library of all the essential, unissued, circulating recordings. As such, the recording collection will be a supplement to the authorized catalog of recordings which, it is assumed, the collector already owns., The focus will be to compile recordings that are listenable and enjoyable, as well as enlightening, informative and complete. The collection will be grouped into a series, with each Volume within a series being issued one at a time., The first series to be issued in the Reference Recording Collection, "Studio Outtakes," aims to bring together recordings made during studio sessions that are not issued on the currently authorized album releases (proper). Outtakes from these sessions have surfaced erratically; coming into 'circulation' via tapes, cassettes, CDs, compilations, etc. This dissipation of the tracks means that any context in which they were recorded is totally lost. Though we can only piece together 'fragments' that are in circulation, assimilating them in this way helps restore context to the recordings; sometimes revealing recording practices and procedures, sometimes revealing the development of a song or album, sometimes revealing cacophony and mayhem....but always revealing.

(a bittorrent from 04/10 has similar wav and spectral view with same digtial flaws plus a little bigger gaps between tracks; described as "silver discs > eac > wav > flac > AIFF > Apple Lossless (for tagging and renaming) > back to FLAC" with filenames like "HHRA 2-1\01 Love Minus Zero _ No Limit.flac"; xref-00326)

DISC ONE, Bringing It All Back Home January 1965, 01 - Love Minus Zero/No Limit, 02 - I'll Keep It With Mine, 03 - If You Gotta Go, Go Now, 04 - It's All Over Now, Baby Blue, 05 - She Belongs To Me, 06 - Subterranean Homesick Blues, 07 - California, 08 - Farewell Angelina, 09 - You Don't Have To Do That, Levy's Recording Studio, London May 12 1965, 10 - Bob Dylan Convention Speech, Highway 61 Revisited June-August 1965, 11 - CO 86449, 12 - Sitting On A Barbed Wire Fence, 13 - Phantom Engineer, 14 - Like A Rolling Stone, 15 - Sitting On A Barbed Wire Fence, 16 - Positively 4th Street, 17 - Desolation Row, 18 - From A Buick 6, 19 - Can You Crawl Out Your Window?, 20 - Like A Rolling Stone, 21 - Like A Rolling Stone, 22 - Like A Rolling Stone, 23 - Like A Rolling Stone, 24 - Like A Rolling Stone, 25 - Like A Rolling Stone, 26 - Like A Rolling Stone, 27 - Like A Rolling Stone, DISC TWO, Blonde On Blonde October 1965 - March 1966, 01 - Medicine Sunday, 02 - Can You Crawl Out Your Window?, 03 - I Wanna Be Your Lover, 04 - Jet Pilot Eyes, 05 - Can You Crawl Out Your Window?, 06 - I Wanna Be Your Lover, 07 - Visions Of Johanna, 08 - She's Your Lover Now, 09 - I Wanna Be Your Lover, 10 - Number One, 11 - Visions Of Johanna, 12 - I'll Keep It With Mine, 13 - She's Your Lover Now, 14 - CO 83185, Blonde On Blonde UK Mono Mixes, 15 - Rainy Day Women #12&35 (+2%), 16 - Pledging My Time (extended fade), 17 - One Of Us Must Know (piano edit), 18 - 4th Time Around (space mix), 19 - Obviously 5 Believers (bass mix)
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Year 1965
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