LosslessBob LB For Year 1965
LB-0804xx/xx/65Dimestore Medicine2A-BOOTLEG: Dimestore Medicine; Wild Card 65, Silver
LB-1348xx/xx/65LK's collection of1A 
LB-2421xx/xx/65Don't Look Back1Afrom gen telecasts
LB-2838xx/xx/65Hollow Horn2A-BOOTLEG: Now Your Mouth Cried Wolf; contains
LB-35901/1/6565 Outtakes4A-compilations of takes not in the original cds, we
LB-4902xx/xx/651965 Odds and Ends1B+This is all of the non-concert material, mostly
LB-4914xx/xx/65Reveals All !!1 lowgen; Seeded on HungerCity May 2007. Please do
LB-4920xx/xx/65Hollow Horn2 BOOTLEG: What are you trying to save;
LB-4952xx/xx/65several dates in May1A- 
LB-5201xx/xx/65One Too Many1B+Sources:, Different torrents and bootlegs
LB-6057xx/xx/65Electric Gashcat4B+is an organized compilation of circulating Bob
LB-6517xx/xx/65LONDON BRIDGES V33A-So What Have We Here?, The London Bridges project
LB-6669xx/xx/65Highway 61 Revisted1 BOOTLEG: Skeleton Songs; cd > ultraplex > eac >
LB-6671xx/xx/65Various1 BOOTLEG: Acetates on the Tracks Vol. 2 (1965-1974)
LB-6672xx/xx/65Outtakes - Back Home1 BOOTLEG: Lonesome Sparrow Sing; cd > ultraplex >
LB-6673xx/xx/65Studio1 BOOTLEG: Strip Tease; cd > ultraplex > eac > wav >
LB-6674xx/xx/65collection14 BOOTLEG: 1965 Revisted; cd > ultraplex > eac > wav
LB-9104xx/xx/65The Blonde On Blonde1B+BOOTLEG: blonde on blonde sessions; All tracks
LB-9105xx/xx/65Studio Outtakes3B+BOOTLEG: church with no upstairs;
LB-9374xx/xx/651965-66 Studio1A-BOOTLEG: thin wild mercury music; Manufacturer /
LB-9628xx/xx/65various1B+BOOTLEG: midnight train; Recorded live between
LB-9924xx/xx/65various studio1BBOOTLEG: sunset studio 1965; Firepower 034 [T-613]
LB-10572xx/xx/65Columbia Studios4BBOOTLEG: nite crash ballads; (Limited Edition
LB-11029xx/xx/65CBS Studio A, NY1 BOOTLEG: from the heart vol1; Live Experience /
LB-11031xx/xx/65various studio1A-BOOTLEG: from the heart vol1; Live Experience /
LB-11033xx/xx/65various live1BBOOTLEG: from the heart vol3; source: Various Live
LB-11129xx/xx/65Highway 61 Revisted1 BOOTLEG: Highway 61 Revisted Again; downloaded
LB-11503xx/xx/65Highway 611A-BOOTLEG: greatest single ever made; Reference
LB-11560xx/xx/65Highway 611A-highway61 interactive cd rom audios jtt, (Tape
LB-12205xx/xx/65HIGHWAY 61 ROM B+highway61 interactive cd rom audios jtt v2 wavf,
LB-12224xx/xx/65Eat The Document B+eat the document soundtrack lowgen jtt, (RIP -
LB-12543xx/xx/65various1 BOOTLEG: spiders web; Got in a vine and compressed
LB-14037xx/xx/65Highway 61 Acetates  highway 61 revisited acetates dolphinsmile 48k;
LB-15041xx/xx/65various1 BOOTLEG: dylan 65 revisited; Tracked Version
LB-15317xx/xx/65Like a Rolling Stone  BOOTLEG: greatest song of all time; I uploaded
LB-15411xx/xx/65various  BOOTLEG: achilles is in your alleyway,; Freakin'
LB-15472xx/xx/65various  BOOTLEG: lucky at the beeb; Bootleg:Lucky At The
LB-73531/13/65BRINGING IT ALL BACK1B+Companion
LB-43312/17/65The Les Crane Show1B+lowgen; Broadcast live 17Feb 1965, Audio only
LB-111602/17/65Les Crane Show &1B+les crane unreleased biabh, Lineage info "Created
LB-120892/17/65Les Crane1Blk live, This is from my low gen tape (possibly
LB-21963/27/65Santa Monica1BThis is an enjoyable recording. Not from a bootleg
LB-34713/27/65Santa Monica1Bversion "a"; Some of these tracks are abruptedly
LB-48413/27/65Santa Monica1B-version "b"; AUD, The legend behind this 1965
LB-110833/27/65Santa Monica1Blowgen, -------- Lowgen wrote: --------, I got
LB-110873/27/65Santa Monica, CA1B-BOOTLEG: songs that made him famous; Billy Faier
LB-120903/27/65Santa Monica1B-lk live tape1, This is from my old tape. This is
LB-48324/30/65Sheffield City Hall1B-Lowgen; Good show. 28 minutes of an audience tape.
LB-48894/30/65Sheffield1C+version "a"; Incomplete mono audience recording,
LB-119474/30/65Sheffield City Hall1B-lowgen verion "b", Aud tape. This transfer from a
LB-120914/30/65Sheffield1B-lk live 1stgen, My tape. This tape was labelled
LB-48945/1/65Liverpool1A-Concert footage partly released in the movie Don't
LB-49015/2/65Leicester1A-Bob Dylan (vocal, harmonica & guitar), 1-6, 8 from
LB-11695/7/65Free Trade Hall1A- 
LB-85195/7/65Free Trade Hall1B+BOOTLEG: Nows the Time for your Tears; version "b"
LB-87365/7/65Manchester, England1A-BOOTLEG: free trade hall 1965; Rattle Snake RS-133
LB-88625/7/65Manchester UK Free1A-lowgen;, One of Dylan's last all-acoustic shows.,
LB-96315/7/65Manchester UK1B+BOOTLEG: now aint the time for your tears; inc,
LB-110325/7/65Manchester, UK1A-BOOTLEG: from the heart vol2; From torrent
LB-120925/7/65Manchester1A-lk live 1stgen, This is from the master tape., It
LB-17705/9/65London Royal Albert1B-From master tape, recently circulated
LB-49925/9/65London England2C+version "a"; 1 - 2 are fragments included on the
LB-108115/9/65London England2B-jtt, (Transfer from Tape) JTT, Audience Recording
LB-120935/9/65London Royal Albert1B-lk live master not, This was torrented a while
LB-120945/9/65London Royal Albert1B-lk live tape, My Tape is at least 2nd or 3rd
LB-121085/12/65Levy's Recording1B+lowgen, A short but enjoyable recording sent to a
LB-08536/1/65BBC Studios1B+BOOTLEG: At The Beeb;
LB-25466/1/65BBC1B+LK Upgrade (see notes), NOTES from the generous
LB-32276/1/65BBC1B+Tape 3; Recorded on 15th & 26th June 1965, in Hull
LB-32366/1/65BBC1Breel source and partial tape
LB-32416/1/65BBC Studios1B+Tape 4; pb's comments: "the original had extremely
LB-38956/1/65BBC Studios1B+TAPE 5 On 16th July 2006, I received this email
LB-58176/1/65BBC Studios1B+BBC TV Specials Recorded June 1st 1965 "SPEED
LB-64856/1/65"In Concert"1B+sm remaster; 2 shows 64:10, Studio TC4, BBC
LB-66546/1/65HIghway 612 BOOTLEG: Mono Mixes; cd > ultraplex > eac > wav >
LB-75616/1/65BBC Studios1B+BOOTLEG: BBC Studios 1965; silver disc>EAC (secure
LB-88556/1/65BBC Broadcasts1B+version "j";, BBC Broadcasts June 1st 1965 (New
LB-94936/1/65London England1B-vinyl jtt, (Transfer From Vinyl) JTT, TV
LB-95606/1/65Date: 1 June 19651B+BOOTLEG: bbc in concert 1965; Black Dog bootleg
LB-103646/1/65BBC Studios, London B+if you gotta go jtt, (Transfer from Tape) JTT,
LB-113106/1/65BBC broadcast1BBOOTLEG: circus is in town; CDR Trade>EAC>FLAC
LB-120576/1/65BBC Studios1B+lk best version, Forget all the other recordings
LB-122226/1/65BBC Studios B+if you gotta go lowgen jtt, If You Gotta Go, Go
LB-149376/1/65BBC broadcast.10 lk ten versions, I see that recently on ER there
LB-10706/8/65BBC1 The show as presented here is exactly the way i
LB-48886/15/65New York City1A-Rolling Stone Sessions
LB-92656/15/65New York1B+BOOTLEG: like a rolling stone unreleased sessions;
LB-106106/15/65like a rolling stone1B+verison "b", The 2nd Highway 61 Revisited session,
LB-25757/24/65Newport Folk1Bunknown date
LB-31747/24/65Newport Folk1B"complete Newports 64/65 as of 2005"
LB-103437/25/65Newport Folk1BBOOTLEG: live in newport 1965; Except: ** City
LB-119497/25/65Newport1B+flying m, Source:, "Folk Rogue" Silver > EAC >
LB-120337/25/65Newport1B+eve mono lowgen, evening set, unedited mono
LB-120957/25/65Newport1B+lk live squaring the circle, This is CD2 of
LB-120967/25/65Newport Blk live tape, , This is my continuous Non-bootleg
LB-14338/28/65Forest Hills Tennis2D+Minimially equalized from a Lowgen tape.
LB-96198/28/65Forest Hills Tennis2D-(JTT Transfer from Open Reel), Audience Recording,
LB-120788/28/65Forest Hills2Djtt b, (NEW Transfer from Cassette) JTT, Poor
LB-120978/28/65Forest Hills2Dlk live tape, This is my low gen tape. Recording
LB-121028/28/65Forest Hills Tennis2Dlowgen, Low quality audience recording., I thought
LB-05189/3/65Hollywood Bowl2B+master,
LB-55469/3/65Hollywood1B-BOOTLEG: Back In Hollywood Bowl 1965;
LB-55599/3/65Hollywood Bowl2B+version "b"; Trade CDR > EAC > Audition flac
LB-60189/3/65Hollywood, CA2B-BOOTLEG: We Had Known A Lion; Lineage: CD-R > EAC
LB-94329/3/65Hollywood Bowl2C+BOOTLEG: what are you trying to say; (Gold Factory
LB-103429/3/65Los Angeles1B-BOOTLEG: hollywood bowl 1965; Lineage unknown, cdr
LB-120989/3/65Hollywood Bowl1B+lk live squaring the circle, This is the
LB-134399/3/65Hollywood Bowl2 analog master dolphinsmile, Analog master>put on
LB-151619/3/65Los Angeles  BOOTLEG: at the hollywood bowl; Incomplete,
LB-562810/xx/65Nat Hentoff2CPLAYBOY INTERVIEW: BOB DYLAN, February 1966., A
LB-801410/xx/65Columbia Office2BHH; October - November 1965, Nat Hentoff interview
LB-1222310/xx/65Hentoff Playboy2Bplayboy interview lowgen jtt, (Upgrade RIP
LB-032610/30/65Hartfort1B-master aud reel > cdr,
LB-700210/30/65Hartford, CT1B-version "b"; & the Hawks, Master Tape-->CD-R-->My
LB-949010/30/65Hartford Connecticut1C+BOOTLEG: give the anarchist a cigarette; silver
LB-1209910/30/65Hartford, CT1B-lk live master cd, There are several incarnations
LB-311811/26/65Chicago1C-version "a"; audience recording, same source but
LB-1210011/26/65Chicago, IL1Clk live, This is my low gen tape (possibly 1st gen
LB-249012/3/65The Classic1B+BOOTLEG: Classic Interviews 1965-1966; 03/12/1965,
LB-7201xx/xx/65The Classic1B+BOOTLEG: The Classic Interviews Vol.1 1965-1966,;
LB-823112/3/65KQED TV Studio1B+BOOTLEG: The 1965 Interview,; Label: Baktabak, Cat
LB-823912/3/65The 1965 Press1B+JTT; NOTE: Interviews are not protected by
LB-973512/4/65Berkeley1CBOOTLEG: long distance operator; and the hawks,
LB-978912/4/65Berkeley, CA1CBOOTLEG: long distance operator; version "a",
LB-1124212/4/65Berkeley, CA1Cashes sand, & The Hawks, Ashes & Sand Production,
LB-1210112/4/65Berkeley, CA1C-lk live tape, This show is also on multiple
LB-1282212/11/65San Francisco2B-ag, Linege:These files are from AG Masters, From
LB-1282312/12/65San Jose4B-ag, From RandPink:, Ok, here we go...buckle up., I
LB-249312/16/65Columbia  see Bob Dylan, 12/3/65, The Classic Interviews


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