LosslessBob LB-11503
xx/xx/65Highway 61 Interactive1A-40min

BOOTLEG: greatest single ever made; Reference Recording, [Trademark Of Quality / LRS 101], Artwork included, Lineage : trade cdr > EAC (secure) > Wav > Flac, Highway 61 Interactive disc, Review: (from www.bobsboots.com), This is a pirate disc in the strictest sense of the definition, since it was taken from an official release., That release is the 1995 Highway 61 Interactive CD-ROM. However, we'll let it slide for several reasons. First off, the disc is long out of print. The manufacturer is out of business. Only one song could be played via a standard audio CD player... all others were imbedded in the CD-ROM program. The released disc had two tracks. Track two was an audio track of the electric version of House Of The Rising Sun. That's the first track on this boot. Track one was the computer track. Interactive was really quite a nice disc, with some great interactive segments, and a lot of unique recordings. One segment is a virtual 1964 CBS studio. If you go into the control room, you can pull up various versions of the greatest single ever made. These recordings are what is to be found on this boot title. The biggest problem with the CD-ROM is that it was designed for Windows 95 format, is not completely compatible with Windows 98 and above. Therefore, few get to benefit from it these days. The cover photo on this boot is a great publicity shot that was used on several projects in the 60's. A glossy outer cover with a single fold houses a plain white cardboard envelope that contains the CD. There is a single slip of paper insert with Bob's H61R image on one side and the track list on the other. This release is but one of 5 different packages that were released with this disc. Each package was limited to only 100 stamped / numbered copies., 2002 CD Pinkerton bobsboots.co

bittorrent download 06/14; confirmed I could not get my official release to setup in windows 7; excellent sound [A]
Tracks:, 01. House Of The Rising Sun (electricdub), 02. I Shall Be Free #10 (extra verse), Like A Rolling Stone :-, 03 take 1 (false start), 04. take 1, 05. take 1 (remake), 06. take 2 (false start), 07. take 2, 08. take 6 (first try), 09. take 6 (second try), 10. take 8, 11. take 10, 12. take 2 more extant (acetate) check out laughing at the end !, 13. Piano demo, 14. Highway 61 Revisited version, 15. Mono version (Take 4)
Year 1965
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