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BOOTLEG: midnight train; Recorded live between 1964 and 1966 (bootleg's notes claim so, which of course isn't true as most tracks are studio versions), Lineage: Silver disc (TL 1325) > wav (eac secure mode) > flac (flac 1.1.1 - align on SB option - level 8 - verify on), liner notes:, Tracks 1-8 are live recorded rehearsals for the 1965 US-Tour with Al Kooper on piano and Mike Bloomfield on guitar, Tracks 9-10 are recorded live in Edinburgh May 5th, 1966, Manufacturer / Catalogue No., Traditional Lines / TL 1325, _______________________________________________________________________________, I found these notes about on the net, back then, when I bought this bootleg at El Corte Ingles discs store on Puerta del Sol in Madrid right after MT release. I thought they could be of interest, though they might not be necessarily right or accurate enough:, info taken from:, http://www.dylandaily.com/, +++++++++++++++++++++++++, 04/04/2007, Three grey market Dylan albums available online from top Spanish, retailer, After The Dylan Daily discussed an unofficial disc, Midnight Train, encountered in El Corte Ingles, the leading Spanish department store, chain, reader Andrew Kelly ordered it, and some other interesting, looking Dylan product, online from El Corte Ingles., Thanks to Andrew for this report on his purchases, and especially for, his detailed detective work:, ---> The discs arrived earlier this week as promised by ECI. Two doubles, and one single (Midnight Train), mostly cut-and-paste compilations of, varying sound quality, which appear to have been burned privately, from vinyl., 'Midnight Train' is the only one that remotely approaches sine qua, non status. Track listing hereunder, provenances/attributions as per, Clinton Heylin's listings in "Behind closed doors", * Midnight Train, 1. Midnight train, 2. Can you please crawl out your window, 3. I wanna be your lover (Biograph version), 4. Number one, 5. Visions of Johanna (Nightingale's code version), 6. She's your lover now (Bootleg series Vol 1-3 version), 7. Jet pilot (Biograph version - see note below), 8. If you gotta go (European single version), 9. One too many mornings (Bootleg Series Vol 4, Live 1966 version), 10. Like a rolling stone (Bootleg Series Vol 4, Live 1966 version), I had not come across 1, 2 and 4 before, but from the instrumentation, and vocal timbre I would place them in the mid-60s. All three, unexceptional, and perhaps 3 - a trudging instrumental warm-up -, might be better titled Number 2. Track 7 is the Biograph version but, at 1m 34s has a longer instrumental fade., Andrew Kelly <---, ===================================================================================, Here comes my own research, after comparison on a track by track basis with the sources in my collection:, 1. Midnight train [1:00] ------------------------------> an incipient song, quite similar to "Just Like Tom Thumb Blues", actually registered as "Medicine Sunday" [same source as Thin Wild Mercury Music (t06)] [Columbia Studios, NYC 1st Blonde On Blonde Session Oct 5, 1965], 2. Can you please crawl out your window? [0:57] -------> false start, same source as on Acetates on The Tracks Vol.2 (t03) reprocessed [Columbia Studios, NYC 4th Highway 61 Revisited Session July 30, 1965 or 1st/2nd Blonde On Blonde Sessions Oct 5/Nov 30, 1965], 3. I wanna be your lover [3:34] -----------------------> same source as Acetates on The Tracks Vol.2 (t07) and Thin Wild Mercury Music (t07), which is also the same used on Biograph version (most likely remixed, though), but the official track fades out about 4 seconds before the end [Columbia Studios, NYC 1st Blonde On Blonde Session Oct 5, 1965], 4. Number one [4:13] ----------------------------------> instrumental (Dylan on guitar) same source as on Acetates on The Tracks Vol.2 (t12) [though that one is just a fragment of 1:05 from the beginning] and Thin Wild Mercury Music (t11) [has a few seconds more on this version, adding a piano chord at end and rumours from the studio.] [Columbia Studios, NYC 1st Blonde On Blonde Session Oct 5, 1965], 5. Visions of Johanna [7:39] --------------------------> same source as Thin Wild Mercury Music (t03), identified as "Freeze Out #1" (so called Nightingale code version) but it's about 10 seconds longer on this new release, fading out when the song is finished while it ends abruptly on Wild Thin [Columbia Studios, NYC 2nd Blonde On Blonde Session Nov 30, 1965], 6. She's your lover now [6:39] ------------------------> same source as Thin Wild Mercury Music (t12) but this is about 14 seconds longer and it goes to the end fading out again [as on Bootleg Series Vol.2] while it cuts off on Wild Thin right after Dylan's stop. It's from the same source as BS#2 version, obviously. However, this is not taken from the official release. This one is missing something that is on the bootleg series vol.2 final mix, such as an unclear voice @ [00:06.420] while a different voice not in the BS#2 version tells "one!" here. It also starts about 2 seconds before it does on the official track, including piano chords that are not on BS#2 version [Columbia Studios, NYC 3rd Blonde On Blonde Session Jan 21, 1966], 7. Jet pilot [1:34] -----------------------------------> some way reminds of "From A Buick 6", same source as on Thin Wild Mercury Music (t13) but again a little bit longer and complete (it's also Biograph version, but the offical release is just a fragment [00:19.820-1:09.520] out of the complete source for this) [Columbia Studios, NYC 1st Blonde On Blonde Session Oct 5, 1965], 8. If you gotta go (European single version) [3:04] ---> this one does not match either BS#2 or Wild Thin versions. Must come from the European single, but had no chance to verify that. [Columbia Studios, NYC 3rd and last Bringing It All Back Home Session Jan 15, 1965 - Overdub session May 21, 1965], 9. One too many mornings [3:06] -----------------------> not at all the BS#4 Live 1966 version, this one does exactly match Edinburgh 1966, not Manchester. [recorded live at ABC Theatre in Edinburgh, Scotland May 20, 1966], 10. Like a rolling stone [7:11] -----------------------> as previous track, this is not the one on BS#4 Live 1966, not even from Manchester either way, but Edinburgh again as stated on the liner notes (for just one time they were right, the bootleggers) [recorded live at ABC Theatre in Edinburgh, Scotland May 20, 1966], The source for Edinburgh 1966 tracks might be SG version [which had already been bootlegged before], rather than the SBD from the broadcast by WNEW-FM, New York City, New York. According to the whistling at end of OTMM and other similarities, they could be any, but in fact they don't seem to match any of these sources, not even those included on Jewels and Binoculars 26 CD bootleg box set from the Vigotone label. Also, these are stereo, while the rest are mono., Track09, "One Too Many Mornings", is shorter in this set than it is on SG tape and the SBD from WNEW-FMW broadcast. They sound quite different though waveform on these tracks might not differ so much to SG version. The one included in J&B is even longer and it's not so clear, though SG is not particularly clear either way. This one sounds closer to the SBD, indeed., Track10, "Like A Rolling Stone", on SG version is missing the very end due to a tape runout, but it is even shorter as presented here, already completely fade out while the last beat of the drum is still sounding, so almost missed., I could not tell they come from a different source but it's hard to determine similarities or noticeable differences. Of course they could come from the same source as other known sources but due to different treatment or pitch corrections, mono to stereo conversion or any kind of remastering work, comparisons are not easy to carry out., Unfortunately sound quality isn't very good as it looks like coming from higher gen tapes or declicked vinyl sources clumsily remastered. Anyway, it seems like some of the sources are not exactly what we had before on silver discs (many of us maybe not even in tapes), so here it comes this probably unnecessary but misterious and indescribable set for those who still like to keep bootlegs., Enjoy!, Luisbp51 (Hungercity September 30, 2011)

bittorrent download 09/11; very good to excellent sound [B+]
Tracklist:, 01. [1:00.466] Midnight train, 02. [0:57.733] Can you please crawl out your window, 03. [3:34.000] I wanna be your lover, 04. [4:13.466] Number one, 05. [7:39.800] Visions of Johanna, 06. [6:39.800] She's your lover now, 07. [1:34.226] Jet pilot, 08. [3:04.866] If you gotta go, 09. [3:06.000] One too many mornings, 10. [7:11.040] Like a rolling stone
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