LosslessBob LB-5546
9/3/65Hollywood, California1B-73min

BOOTLEG: Back In Hollywood Bowl 1965; Soundboard!!!, Bell Bottom Records, *Includes art work!!, Lineage: Silver CD > Jet Audio Flac Converter > Level 6 > You!!, Transfered and uploaded by newyorkdoll.. Turn it up!!!

bittorrent download 11/07; has very light tv band on d1t2; limited with light clipping on t9 to -4db; in comparison to LB-0518 this has more hiss and more distortion and is missing Tombstone Blues and It Aint Me Babe; in comparson to bootleg "From Newport to the Ancient Empty Street in LA" that has most above 8k removed so has less hiss but sound is not as natural; (did not listen to all of this);

(a bittorrent from 04/07 is a close eac match on t1 with same digital flaws; decribed as "Source: Silver CD > WAV > FLAC, Label: Bell Bottom BB036, CD to FLAC conversion by nydoll" with filenames like "01-She Belongs To Me.flac"; xref-00309)

analog drop d1t2 1:11; drop t1 3:48, t2 1:11, end of t7, square wav static t5 7:41, 7:55
Acoustic:, 01. She Belongs To Me, 02. To Ramona, 03. Gates Of Eden, 04. It's All Over Now Baby Blue, 05. Desolation Row, 06. Love Minus Zero, 07. Mr. Tambourine Man, Electric:, 08. I Don't Believe You, 09. Just Like Tom Thumb's Blues, 10. From A Buick 6, 11. Maggie's Farm, 12. Ballad Of A Thin Man, 13. Like A Rolling Stone
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Year 1965
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