LosslessBob LB-2895
4/11/02Berlin Arena2A-74min+73min

BOOTLEG: Live in Berlin 2002; from CD> eac> MKW> shn, audience recording

bittorrent download 06/05; has lots of clipping/limiting at -6db; very close to true mono; different recording than CC LB-1005 or schubert LB-2038 based on different crowd at end of d1t9; similar sound quality to those except this one seems a little more distant, harsher, and a little hiss (did not listen to all of this one)
drop/cut between cdrs

1. I am the man, Thomas (A), 2. The times they are a-chingin, (A Bob mit Harp), 3. It, s alright ma (A), 4. Boots of Spanish leather (A Bob mit Harp), 5. Solid rock, 6. Moonlight ( Bob mit Harp), 7. Lonesome day blues, 8. All along the watchtower, 9. Visions of Johanna (A), 10. Masters of war (A), 11. Don, t think twice, it, s alright (A), 12. Love sick, 13. Summer days, 14. The wicked messenger( Bob mit Harp), 15. Leopard skin pillbox hat, 16. Not fade away, 17. Like a rolling stone, 18. Knockin, on heaven, s door (A), 19. Honest with me, 20. Blowing in the wind (A Bob mit Harp), 21. Highway 61 revisited(A Bob mit Harp), from CD> eac> MKW> shn, audience recording

Comment# 119, 7/7/12 10:56:42 AM, mixedup

d1t3 cut @ 2:42 (part of lyrics missing)

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