LosslessBob LB For Year 2002
LB-27931/1/02Best of 20022A 
LB-11047xx/xx/02various2A-Doberman Records / DBM312/313, Source / Venue:, (1
LB-11671xx/xx/02various Aogust 20022A-BOOTLEG: tomorrow is never gonna be the same again
LB-03901/31/02TD Waterhouse Centre2A- 
LB-90561/31/02Orlando, Florida2Asullylove;, 16th Row Dead Center seat!, LHorton
LB-144671/31/02Orlando FL  bk 4021 dolphinsmile 48k, B&K 4021 and Dat>cloned
LB-03992/1/02Sunrise2A-(FOB)AUD>DAT>CDR>SHN; Recording and transfering
LB-16112/1/02Sunrise2A-alternate version "a";, audience recording, sound
LB-54592/1/02Sunrise2A-version "b"; Source: CSB > M1 (FOB)AUD > DAT > CDR
LB-57892/1/02Sunrise2ATaper: NET Taper E, Source: audio disks (of
LB-84272/1/02Sunrise, FL2A-sonics dat; Recorded and mastered to cdr by
LB-105852/1/02Sunrise2ABOOTLEG: tangled in tampa; Silver boot>EAC (secure
LB-131472/1/02Sunrise, FL2A-dolphinsmile, Finally got to this. I dont think I
LB-04142/2/02Ice Palace Arena2A- 
LB-46752/2/02Tampa2A-BOOTLEG: Surviving In A Ruthless World; MH;
LB-57722/2/02Tampa2A-Taper: JF & KM, Location: Floor, just left of SBD,
LB-84292/2/02Tampa, FL2A-Sonics dat; incomplete; Recorded and mastered to
LB-116292/2/02Tampa2A-BOOTLEG: surviving in a ruthless world; ***
LB-119422/2/02Tampa, Florida2A-BOOTLEG: tampa dee and tampa dum,; TambourineMan
LB-144382/2/02Tampa, FL2A-mbho dolphinsmile,
LB-44922/5/02Jacksonville2B+Audience MD recording > MD(m) > Unknown transfer >
LB-81292/5/02Jacksonville2B+version "a"; This recording is surely derived from
LB-142592/5/02Jacksonville FL2B+md dolphinsmile, MD>cloned to disc>Eac>Goldwave
LB-44852/6/02Charleston2AAudience recording (Full spectrum) > Unknown
LB-100052/6/02Charleston, SC2B+version "a", Alternative audio source to LB-4485,
LB-120762/8/02Winston-Salem NC2ABOOTLEG: ljvm 2002; Manufacturer / Catalog No.,
LB-146222/8/02Winston-Salem, NC  oade mics dolphinsmile 48k, Taped on dat with Oade
LB-03202/9/02Philips Arena2Aaud
LB-06972/9/02Philips Arena2AALD recording
LB-13302/9/02Atlanta2Afrom bootleg cd "All Ages Catch Dylan, Live In
LB-61702/9/02Atlanta2AHojo; (ALD Recording), Title: "Atlanta 2002 Remix
LB-93652/9/02Atlanta, Georgia2Asullylove, Brel & Kjr 4021 Compact Cardioid
LB-103842/9/02Atlanta, GA.2ABOOTLEG: he is the man; Rattle Snake 134/35,
LB-110782/9/02Atlanta, GA2ABOOTLEG: got a line on you; Wild Wolf / 2902-A/B,
LB-03792/10/02Cricket Arena2ATaper: George Wang (gewwang@yahoo.com) Source:
LB-21642/10/02Cricket Arena2ABOOTLEG: Dark Suit & White Cowboy Hat; Tambourine
LB-86722/10/02Charlotte3A-version "b";, I got this from a news group not
LB-100072/10/02Charlotte, NC2B+version "c", Alternative audio source to Lossless
LB-157822/10/02Charlotte, NC Aneumann km140 dolphinsmile, Neumann KM140's >
LB-03662/11/02Civic Center2A- 
LB-81392/11/02Charleston3B+version "a"; I received this recording in a trade.
LB-118482/11/02Charleston2A-version "b", Alternative recording to LB-366 &
LB-03222/13/02BI-LO Center2Acompiled by George Wang on 02-17-2002
LB-03772/13/02BI-LO Center2B- 
LB-78762/13/02Greenville2B-version "b"; Most likely derived from LB-0377.
LB-144762/13/02Greenville, SC Aneumann ak40s dolphinsmile 48k, Neumann AK40s >
LB-100112/15/02Augusta, GA2B+version "a", Alternative audio source to LB-323,
LB-123302/15/02Augusta, Georgia2A-version "b", discs cloned from a clone dat off
LB-03352/16/02BJCC Arena2B+ 
LB-81422/16/02Birmingham, Alabama2B+version "a"; notes:, I believe that the (a)
LB-03422/17/02Senator Nat Kiefer2B+ 
LB-50212/17/02New Orleans2B+version "a"; Audience recording (Full spectrum) >
LB-63032/17/02New Orleans2B+version "b"
LB-100382/17/02New Orleans2B+version "c", Alternative audio source to LB
LB-149402/17/02New Orleans2B+md, AUD MD Master [unknown equipment] > ? > CD >
LB-03312/18/02BancorpSouth Center2B+ 
LB-40882/18/02Tupelo2A-AUD DAT Master > DAT clone(s) > CD > EAC > WAV >
LB-03782/20/02Houston Livestock1B- 
LB-154472/20/02Houston, TX Bdolphinsmile 48, echoey, its the Astrodome after
LB-06212/22/02Dallas2ARecording: B&K 4021s > Sonosax SX-M2 > Sony SBM-1
LB-32332/22/02Dallas2B+CSB; Taped and Mastered by The Midnight Rider, -
LB-87692/22/02Dallas, Texas2Asullylove;, Center Section Row R seat 6 (dead
LB-97452/22/02Dallas Texas2A-version "d", lineage: trade cds > eac > flac >
LB-100392/22/02Dallas, Texas2B+version "e", There are 4 distinct recordings
LB-108482/22/02Dallas, Texas2Aversion "f", Sorry, no informations about the
LB-03192/23/02Bossier City2A- 
LB-33512/23/02Bossier City2B+version "a"; Trade CD-R > FLAC (aligned on sector
LB-87772/23/02Bossier City2A***sullylove***sullylove***sullylove***, 14th Row
LB-146152/23/02Bossier City, LA2A-bk4021 dolphinsmile, Brel & Kjr 4021 Compact
LB-44812/24/02Austin2A-Audience recording > Unknown transfer > CDR (x) >
LB-81902/24/02Austin, Texas2A-Taper: V4TX, Core Sound Binaurals>Sony D100>Sony
LB-108492/24/02Austin, Texas2A-version "b", sorry, no informations about the
LB-150212/24/02Austin, TX2A-fogelsong, Taper: Andrew Fogelsong, Source: DSM-6S
LB-01044/5/02Stockhom2 BOOTLEG: Stockholm 2002; Crystal Cat version,
LB-02594/5/02Globe2A-alternate version
LB-28784/5/02Stockholm2A-BOOTLEG: Stockholm 2002; Source: Great Audience
LB-44984/5/02Stockholm2A-BOOTLEG: Stockholm 2002; version "a"; Manufacturer
LB-90724/5/02Stockholm, Sweden2A-Improved Air Catalog Number: IA30, TITLE:
LB-120724/5/02Stockholm2A-version "g", dat clone>cd by me>upload
LB-120794/5/02Stockholm2A-BOOTLEG: stockholm globen; Label:, Live Experience
LB-00994/7/02Oslo2ABOOTLEG: Oslo 2002; Crystal Cat version,
LB-90744/7/02Oslo, Norway2AImproved Air Catalog Number: IA31, TITLE: "Oslo
LB-00944/8/02Copenhagen2A-BOOTLEG: Copenhagen 2002; Crystal Cat version,
LB-02874/8/02Copenhagen2A-alternate upgrade
LB-90894/8/02Copenhagen, Denmark2A-Improved Air Catalog Number: IA32, TITLE:
LB-149034/8/02Copenhagen Forum, DK2A-honecker, Source: 2xsony ecm-155->sony mz-r91 md,
LB-01014/9/02Hamburg2ABOOTLEG: Hamburg 2002; Crystal Cat version,
LB-02684/9/02lsterdorfer2A-alternate version
LB-45144/9/02Hamburg2ATaper: LTD, Source: low-gen audio disks >
LB-01894/11/02Berlin, Germany2A 
LB-10054/11/02Berlin, Germany2ABOOTLEG: Berlin 2002; crystal cat version,
LB-20384/11/02Berlin, Germany2Aschubert
LB-28954/11/02Berlin Arena2A-BOOTLEG: Live in Berlin 2002; from CD> eac> MKW>
LB-52774/11/02Berlin2ATaper: "Bach", Lineage: Neumann AK40 > MTX 191 A >
LB-93974/11/02Berlin, Germany2ABOOTLEG: Berlin 2002; version "g", Good quality
LB-100664/11/02Berlin2Aschubert raw, by request - schubert's complete
LB-101794/11/02Berlin2ABOOTLEG: Berlin 2002; cc, version "i", [Crystal
LB-108514/11/02Germany2Aversion "j", sorry, no informations about the
LB-120754/11/02Berlin, Germany2A-BOOTLEG: almost worth a prize; Bootleg,
LB-120804/11/02Berlin2ABOOTLEG: berlin arena; Label:, Live Experience ?-
LB-01794/12/02Messehalle 72B+ 
LB-44554/12/02Leipzig2Aversion "a"; FLAC.... disc trade......no info, for
LB-52784/12/02Leipzig2ATaper: "Bach", Lineage: Neumann AK40 > MTX 191 A >
LB-100674/12/02Leipzig2Aschubert raw, by request - schubert's complete
LB-108524/12/02Germany2A-version "d", sorry, no informations about the
LB-02724/13/02Hannover2A-alternate version
LB-20534/13/02Hannover2ASchubert recording
LB-52844/13/02Hannover2ATaper: "Bach", Lineage: Neumann AK40 > MTX 191 A >
LB-81864/13/02Hanover, Germany2Aversion "e"; SCHUBERT REC + ASM, Received on trade
LB-100754/13/02Hannover2Aschubert raw, by request - schubert's complete
LB-108534/13/02Germany2B+version "g", sorry, no informations about the
LB-115634/13/02Hannover Germany2B+sony ecm 717, Once upon a time there was a torrent
LB-45864/15/02Frankfurt2B+Off DAT master, Taper: Vito, Source/Linage:, OKM
LB-52874/15/02Frankfurt2A-Taper: "Bach", Lineage: Neumann AK40 > MTX 191 A >
LB-83194/15/02Frankfurt, Germany2Asource: soomlos, fob/dfc ga floor, core-sound
LB-100764/15/02Frankfurt2Aschubert raw, by request - schubert's complete
LB-48464/16/02Stuttgart2B+Taper:, Vito, Lineage: AUD DAT Master [OKM Rock
LB-52934/16/02Stuttgart2A-Taper: "Bach", Lineage: Neumann AK40 > MTX 191 A >
LB-87104/16/02Stuttgart,Germany2Aversion "c";, Lineage: 2002 trade shn disc's with
LB-100804/16/02Stuttgart2Aschubert raw, by request - schubert's complete
LB-120774/16/02Stuttgart, Germany2ABOOTLEG: solid rock; Bootleg, Solid Rock (2002),
LB-26344/17/02Munchen2ASOURCE: OKM2R -> MD -> optical -> pioneer cd ->
LB-48674/17/02Olympiahalle2B+Taper:, Vito, Lineage: AUD DAT Master [OKM Rock
LB-48994/17/02Olympiahalle2Aversion "c"; Audience recording > Unknown transfer
LB-52964/17/02Muenchen2A-Taper: "Bach", Lineage: Neumann AK40 > MTX 191 A >
LB-100834/17/02Mnchen, Germany;2Aschubert raw, by request - schubert's complete
LB-02784/19/02Ravenna, Italy2A-alternate
LB-20454/19/02Ravenna, Italy2B+ 
LB-20494/19/02Ravenna, Italy2ASchubert recording
LB-53034/19/02Ravenna2A-Taper: "Bach", Lineage: Neumann AK40 > MTX 191 A >
LB-100684/19/02Ravenna2Aschubert raw, by request - schubert's complete
LB-152654/19/02Ravenna, Italy2A-skm140 dolphinsmile, Neumann SKM140 -> Neumann
LB-50094/20/02Milan2B-Taper: "Vito", Lineage: AUD DAT Master [OKM Rock
LB-53044/20/02Milano2B+Taper: "Bach", Lineage: Neumann AK40 > MTX 191 A >
LB-100844/20/02Milan2Aschubert raw, by request - schubert's complete
LB-151854/20/02Milano, Italy2B-biccio59 cdr, Audience stereo recording, Lineage:
LB-157894/20/02Milano, Italy B+franco m master, (Franco M Master), Recording:
LB-44604/21/02Zurich2Aschubert; SHN Files, trade disc......no edit (thx
LB-53084/21/02Zurich2B+Taper: "Bach", Lineage: Neumann AK40 > MTX 191 A >
LB-59954/21/02Zurich2ABOOTLEG: Man Of Constant Sorrow; Silver discs =>
LB-100884/21/02Zrich2Aschubert raw, by request - schubert's complete
LB-38384/23/02Innsbruck2A-Source: soomlos, fob/center floor, core-sound
LB-53284/23/02Innsbruck2B+Taper: "Bach", Lineage: Neumann AK40 > MTX 191 A >
LB-100904/23/02Innsbruck2Aschubert raw, by request - schubert's complete
LB-20554/24/02Nurnberg2A-Schubert recording
LB-53124/24/02Nuernberg2A-Taper: "Bach", Lineage: Neumann AK40 > MTX 191 A >
LB-100694/24/02Nurnberg2Aschubert raw, by request - schubert's complete
LB-149384/24/02Nuremberg, Germany2A-version "d", Alternative recording to (LB-266) /
LB-02754/25/02Hall Rhenus2A-Sennheiser mics > D-7 > D-6 for amplifying >
LB-02814/25/02Hall Rhenus2Asecond alternate
LB-20544/25/02Hall Rhenus2A-Schubert recording
LB-82144/25/02Strasbourg, France2A-version "d"' I received this recording with the
LB-100744/25/02Strasbourg2Aschubert raw, by request - schubert's complete
LB-149394/25/02Strasbourg, France2A-version "g", Alternative recording to (LB-275
LB-22844/27/02Oberhausen Arena -2Aversion "a";, Transfer: CDR > EAC (secure/offset
LB-27694/27/02Oberhausen2BBOOTLEG: Who Lives Outside The Law Has To be
LB-99884/27/02Oberhausen, Germany2Acsc soomlos, source: soomlos, fob/dfc ga standing,
LB-100954/27/02Oberhausen2Aschubert raw, by request - schubert's complete
LB-151874/27/02Oberhausen, Germany2A-unknown cd, AUD DAT Master [unknown equipment] > ?
LB-02924/28/02Brussels2A-BOOTLEG: Brussels 2002; Crystal cat bootleg
LB-09404/28/02Brussels2ASchubert recording,
LB-44024/28/02Brussel; Belgium2Averion "a"; A Schubert recording, with additional
LB-54344/28/02Brussels2AA zimmy21 recording !, Sound quality : Excellent !
LB-82264/28/02Brussels, Belgium2A-version "c"; Crystal Cat recording. great sound
LB-93994/28/02Brussels, Belgium2A-BOOTLEG: Brussels 2002; version "f", Good quality
LB-100964/28/02Brussels2Aschubert raw, by request - schubert's complete
LB-108874/28/02Brussels, Belgium2ABOOTLEG: and then i landed in brussels; bootleg
LB-05904/29/02Paris2ABOOTLEG: Paris First; Crystal cat bootleg version,
LB-60744/29/02Paris, France2AMasterDAT raw Version > Clone >,
LB-91294/29/02Paris, France2AImproved Air Catalog Number: IA49, TITLE: "Paris
LB-06104/30/02Paris2A-BOOTLEG: Paris Second 2002; Crystal cat bootleg
LB-17234/30/02Paris2A-Schubert remaster of Crystal cat bootleg release
LB-44334/30/02Paris2 (CC Recording, ASM by Schubert), with additional
LB-60754/30/02Paris, France2AMasterDAT raw Version > Clone >
LB-101804/30/02Paris2A-BOOTLEG: Paris Second 2002; cc, version "g",
LB-00675/2/02Rotterdam2A-BOOTLEG: Rotterdam 2002; from Crystal cat
LB-76805/2/02Rotterdam2A-BOOTLEG: Rotterdam 2002; version "b"; **** This
LB-108865/2/02Rotterdam2ABOOTLEG: sharp eyed senor of the lowlands; bootleg
LB-157905/2/02Rotterdam  dolphinsmile, Discs>EAC>TLH8, Dolphinsmile Archive
LB-02505/4/02Brighton2Aversion "a"; alternate
LB-08395/4/02Brighton2A-BOOTLEG: Brighton 2002; crystal cat version,
LB-49805/4/02Brighton2B+version "b"; incomplete; Not the same source
LB-52215/4/02Brighton2AAud: Panasonic 61 Capsules>Sony D8>Soundforge>Flac
LB-52645/4/02Brighton2ATaper: NTE, Source: Low-gen audio disks >
LB-116305/4/02Brighton2Aebr; Recorded on Sonic Studios DSM-6 mics->Sony
LB-08455/5/02Bournemouth2ABOOTLEG: Bournemouth 2002; crystal cat version,
LB-52535/5/02Bournemouth2ATaper: NTE, Source: Low-gen audio disks >
LB-106995/5/02Bournemouth, England2A-version "c", Alternative recording to LB-253,
LB-116395/5/02Bounemouth2Aebr, Recorded on Sonic Studios DSM-6 mics->Sony
LB-08445/6/02Cardiff2ABOOTLEG: Cardiff 2002; crystal cat version,
LB-52515/6/02Cardiff2ATaper: NTE, Source: Low-gen audio disks
LB-94135/6/02Cardiff, Wales2ABOOTLEG: Cardiff 2002; version "d", Good quality
LB-08405/8/02Newcastle2A-BOOTLEG: Newcastle 2002; crystal cat version,
LB-52485/8/02Newcastle2ATaper: NTE, Source: Low-gen audio disks >
LB-94215/8/02Newcastle-upon-Tyne2A-BOOTLEG: Newcastle 2002; cc version "c", Good
LB-151255/8/02Newcastle, England2Aversion "e", Alternative recording to LB-285 /
LB-00685/9/02Manchester2ABOOTLEG: Manchester 2002; from Crystal cat bootleg
LB-08435/10/02Birmingham2A-BOOTLEG: Birmingham 2002; crystal cat version,
LB-43685/10/02Birmingham2A-BOOTLEG: Sugar Babe; Young Records / LC 4458 /
LB-52445/10/02Birmingham2ATaper: NTE, Source: Low-gen audio disks >
LB-116405/10/02Birmingham2Aebr, Recorded on Sonic Studios DSM-6 mics->Sony
LB-151265/10/02Birmingham, England2A-version "g", Alternative recording to LB-254 /
LB-01725/11/02Docklands Arena2B+ 
LB-02715/11/02Docklands Arena2A 
LB-08425/11/02Docklands Arena2ABOOTLEG: London First Night 2002; crystal cat
LB-116415/11/02London2Aebr, Recorded on Sonic Studios DSM-6 mics->Sony
LB-151275/11/02London, England2A-version "f", Alternative recording to LB-172 /
LB-01715/12/02Docklands Arena2B- 
LB-02565/12/02Docklands Arena2A 
LB-08355/12/02Docklands Arena2A-BOOTLEG: London Second 2002; crystal cat version,
LB-88585/12/02London UK2Apanasonic wm61; Aud: Panasonic WM61 capsules>Sony
LB-102375/12/02London,UK2ABOOTLEG: Missin' Mississippi; version "g", NOTE:
LB-116435/12/02London2Aebr, Recorded on Sonic Studios DSM-6 mics->Sony
LB-00828/2/02The Palladium2B- 
LB-06948/2/02The Palladium2A-alternate from dat, upgrade,
LB-54378/2/02Worcester2D+version "b"; Lineage: CD-R (by Trade) > EAC > flac
LB-143898/2/02Worcester, MA2A-md core sounds dophinsmile, taped on MD and Core
LB-00668/3/02Newport, RI2B+ 
LB-06138/3/02Newport, RI2Ataped by Shasta
LB-06848/3/02Newport2Aalternate version b
LB-08718/3/02Newport, RI2A-BOOTLEG: Newport 2002; crystal cat version,
LB-31948/3/02Newport2A-Unwanted Man Music 022, "I Sure Wish He'd Get That
LB-110438/3/02Newport2B+BOOTLEG: after 37 years bring it all back to
LB-151288/3/02Newport Folk2A-alt1, Alternative recording #1 to LB-0066 /
LB-151298/3/02Newport, RI2B+alt2, Alternative recording #2 to LB-0066 /
LB-00878/4/02Augusta, ME2B+ 
LB-07868/4/02Augusta, ME2A-alternate upgrade "a", schoeps,
LB-31718/4/02Augusta2 Unwanted Man Music 024, "Hot Augusta Night",
LB-150228/4/02Augusta, ME2A-schoeps dolphinsmile, schoeps
LB-00868/6/02Halifax2A-version "b"; alternate upgrade version
LB-78128/6/02Halifax2B+version "c"; ***** This is believed to be the same
LB-120748/6/02Halifax2B+BOOTLEG: blind willie in nova scotia; Manufacturer
LB-07728/8/02Moncton2ASchoeps ccm4's > Aerco MP-2 > Sony TCD-D100
LB-00758/9/02St. John2B+ 
LB-07498/9/02St. John2A-alternate, Schoeps,
LB-52478/9/02Saint John2B+version "b"; torrent folder says cedar1; Based on
LB-06318/10/02Quebec2Aschoeps ccm4v > lunatec v2 > benchmark ad2k+ >
LB-06018/12/02Montreal2 schoeps ccm4v > lunatec v2 > benchmark ad2k+ >
LB-53198/12/02Montreal2ATaper: NET Taper E, Source: Low-gen audio disks >
LB-00818/13/02Corel Centre2C- 
LB-07538/13/02Corel Centre2A-alternate
LB-28438/15/02Hamburg2C-drunk fan edition; Location: Eye level with Bob on
LB-28468/15/02Hamburg2A-version "a"; source: cdr>mkw
LB-77028/15/02Hamburg2Aversion "b"
LB-120848/15/02Hamburg, New York2A-version "d", dat clone>upload
LB-142968/15/02Hamburg, NY A-nak dolphinsmile 48k, Dat and Nak mics>clone to
LB-156508/15/02Hamburg, NY Adolphinsmile, Dat>cloned to disc using a stand
LB-06778/16/02Molson Amphitheatre2B+version "a"; alternate upgrade
LB-06878/16/02Molson Amphitheatre2B 
LB-49848/16/02Toronto2B+cedar1; Audience recording > Unknown transfer >
LB-79568/16/02Toronto2A-version "c"; NOTE: First acoustic version of
LB-76088/18/02Baltimore MD USA2A-version "a"
LB-83128/18/02Baltimore, Maryland2A-version "b"; SBEs fixed w/ trader's Little Helper
LB-38458/19/02Southampton2ASource: soomlos, fob, center, ga field (25-30ft
LB-06128/21/02Omaha2A-taped on DAT and transfered to CD by Shasta,
LB-06238/21/02Omaha2AKM 140s > Beyer > M1; Probably 14th row center,
LB-71248/21/02Omaha2Aversion "b"; recorded direct to DAT @48 kHz
LB-72238/21/02Omaha, Nebraska2A-version "c"; Digital audio discs received in trade
LB-72288/21/02Omaha, Nebraska2Bversion "d"; Digital audio discs received in trade
LB-06228/22/02Sioux Falls Stadium2A-B&K 4021s > Sonosax SX-M2 > Sony SBM-1 > Sony D8 >
LB-83238/22/02Sioux Falls2A-version "a"; No info.
LB-106898/22/02Sioux Falls2A-version "b", Alternative recording to B&K 4021
LB-06288/23/02Newman Outdoor Field2AB&K 4021s > Sonosax SX-M2 > Sony SBM-1 > Sony D8 >
LB-83288/23/02Fargo, North Dakota2A-version "a"; Unidentified taper, Source/Lineage:
LB-06298/24/02Winnipeg Arena2 DPA 4061 > Sony D8> 44k dat, 44k dat > midiman
LB-48718/24/02Winnipeg2B-Audience recording > Unknown transfer > CDR (x) >
LB-06188/26/02Saskatoon2A-Location: FOB/DFC: 14th Row, Recording: DPA 4061s
LB-06308/27/02Edmonton2ALocation: FOB/DFC: 10th Row From Stage, Recording:
LB-06828/28/02Calgary2ALocation: FOB: In Stands, First Section From Stage
LB-06918/28/02Calgary2B+alternate version which is complete
LB-83368/28/02Calgary2B+version "b"; Complete recording., no info about
LB-06538/30/02Park City2B+ 
LB-113088/30/02Park City, Utah2A-km140s, source: Neumann KM140s>EAA PSP/2>Sony
LB-06438/31/02Mesa County2B+ 
LB-113098/31/02Grand Junction2A-km140s, source: Neumann KM140s>EAA PSP/2>Sony
LB-06429/1/02Buttermilk Mountain2A- 
LB-27429/1/02Aspen2B+Source: Neumann KM 140's (in a hat)>EAA_PSP-2>Sony
LB-79499/1/02Aspen, Colorado2B+version 'b"; ***** No LB-reference found *****,
LB-069210/4/02Key Arena2AMain Floor Center, halfway between sbd & stage,
LB-124810/4/02Key Arena2A-version "a"
LB-1193110/4/02Seattle WA2Aschoepsccm4 b, AUD:MDAT:Schoeps CCM4
LB-1547910/4/02Seattle, WA2Accm4 dolphinsmile, Schoeps CCM4 cardiods>Sonosax
LB-067510/5/02MacArthur Court2A 
LB-124910/5/02MacArthur Court2Aversion "a"
LB-660810/5/02Eugene2B+Bootleg (Fan Project): Warren's Commission,
LB-661210/5/02Eugene2B+fixed; Bootleg (Fan Project): Warren's Commission,
LB-066010/7/02Pauline Davis2AAT831 Source, No resample, No DAE, SHN encode from
LB-100210/7/02Pauline Davis2ABOOTLEG: Red Bluff 2002; crystal cat version,
LB-834810/7/02Red Bluff, CA ABOOTLEG: DON'T POKER IN THE RED BLUFF; Silver cd >
LB-980710/7/02Red Bluff, CA2ABOOTLEG: i aint no judas; incomplete, (Official
LB-075610/8/02Sacramento2 neuman mics
LB-077310/8/02Sacramento2Aneuman mics; downloaded from a.b.m.s.d. 12/02 and
LB-463510/8/02Sacramento2Aversion "c"; No info on taper or lineage, Full
LB-836210/8/02Sacramento2Aversion "d"; Unidentified taper, Source/Lineage:
LB-1176510/8/02Sacramento2Ambhos, source: MBHO KA200Ns>EAA PSP/2>Sony
LB-066810/9/02Sacramento, CA2B+Sennheiser mics > Sony M1; 32k dats>midiman delta
LB-077510/9/02Sacramento, CA2Aversion "b"
LB-125010/9/02Sacramento, CA2C+robertonthis@hotmail.com, First off.. the title..
LB-463810/9/02Sacramento2A-Equipment:, COS-11PTs > CPS161(Pre amp) > TCD-D100
LB-1176810/9/02Sacramento2Ambhos, source: MBHO KA200Ns>EAA PSP/2>Sony
LB-1515710/9/02Sacramento, CA2A-version "e", Alternative recording to LB-668
LB-067310/11/02Greek Theater2ACSHEB >D100, 44k dats>midiman delta dio 2496>
LB-074310/11/02Greek Theater2A-schoeps
LB-100310/11/02Greek Theater2A-BOOTLEG: Berkeley 2002; crystal cat version,
LB-491310/11/02Greek Theater2ASource:, "Hide" recording, Equipment:, COS-11PTs >
LB-531610/11/02Berkeley2ATaper: "Bach", Lineage: Neumann AK40 > MTX 191 A >
LB-726910/11/02Berkeley2A-russjcan; Hat mounted Realistic PZM's with, Sony
LB-838010/11/02Berkeley2A-A Bigfoot Disc: recorded and mastered to cdr by
LB-867410/11/02Berkeley California2A-BOOTLEG: Berkeley 2002; version "g"; shn
LB-1017610/11/02Berkeley2A-BOOTLEG: Berkeley 2002; cc, version "h", [Crystal
LB-1189410/11/02Berkeley, California2A-mbhos, source: MBHO KA200Ns>EAA PSP/2>Sony
LB-1239310/11/02Berkeley2A-version "j", Source: ? > CDR > EAC > SHN, Skips at
LB-067410/12/02Greek Theater2A2nd row left center 10 feet from left center stage
LB-077010/12/02Greek Theater2A-version "a"; alternate
LB-084710/12/02Greek Theater2Aversion "b"; alternate
LB-125110/12/02Greek Theater2A-downloaded from a.b.m.s.d. 10/02; version "d"
LB-461510/12/02Berkeley2ATrade > CDR > FLAC(Level 8), CEDAR 3 Version,
LB-522010/12/02Berkeley2ASource:, "Hide" recording, Equipment:, COS-11PTs >
LB-531810/12/02Berkeley2ATaper: "Bach", Lineage: Neumann AK40 > MTX 191 A >
LB-727010/12/02Berkeley2A-russjcan; Hat mounted realistic pzm's with, Sony
LB-838710/12/02Berkeley, CA2ABigfoot Memorial Series #33, Offered to remember
LB-856310/12/02Berkeley,California2A-version "I"; Hat Mounted Realistic PZM's with,
LB-1176610/12/02Berkeley, California2Ambhos, source: MBHO KA200Ns>EAA PSP/2>Sony
LB-070110/13/02Harrah's Casino2A-early
LB-070510/13/02Harrah's Casino2A-late
LB-073510/13/02Lake Tahoe2A-Early Show, KM 140>FAA PSP-2>SBM1>D8
LB-074710/13/02Lake Tahoe2A-Late Show, KM 140>FAA PSP-2>SBM1>D8
LB-078110/13/02Lake Tahoe2A-early show, alternate "b"
LB-078210/13/02Harrah's Casino2A- 
LB-352010/13/02South Lake Tahoe1A-late show, 1 song;, I know that this torrent might
LB-487210/13/02Lake Tahoe2A-version "c"; Early show, Not the same recording as
LB-487310/13/02Lake Tahoe2A-version "c"; Late show, Not the same recording as
LB-532210/13/02Lake Tahoe2A-(Early Show), Taper: "Bach", Lineage: Neumann AK40
LB-532610/13/02Lake Tahoe2A-(Late Show), Taper: "Bach", Lineage: Neumann AK40
LB-552310/13/02Lake Tahoe4A-, Source:, "Hide" recording,
LB-1105210/13/02Lake Tahoe, NV.3A-BOOTLEG: elvis is back in the building; Two shows,
LB-1380810/13/02Lake Tahoe, NV  early tarantula 48k, taper: tarantula, lineage:,
LB-1380910/13/02Lake Tahoe, NV  late tarantula 48k, taper: tarantula, lineage:,
LB-072310/15/02Wiltern, Los Angeles2A- 
LB-497410/15/02Los Angeles2A-jb; Great show. Great recording. This is the first
LB-1316710/15/02LOS ANGELES Bd6 cassette master, D6 Cassette Master ->
LB-066710/16/02Wiltern Theater2 sennheiser mics > Sony M1; 48k dat> Midiman delta
LB-067610/17/02Wiltern Theater2B+sennheiser mics > Sony M1; 48k dat> Midiman delta
LB-091410/17/02Wiltern Theater2A-version "a"
LB-839210/17/02Los Angeles2Cversion "b"; unknown lineage, Very god sound-
LB-070010/19/02San Diego, CA2B+ 
LB-593310/19/02San Diego2B+version "a"; CDR->flac (level 6) with nero 8,
LB-839610/19/02San Diego, CA2B+version "b"; Unknown origin. very good sound
LB-1557610/19/02San Diego A-ts cd, AUD DAT Master [very likely: Schoeps MK4V >
LB-076810/20/02Las Vegas2A- 
LB-078810/20/02Las Vegas2A-upgrade "a"
LB-241810/20/02Las Vegas2Aversion "b"; schoeps
LB-1557710/20/02Las Vegas, Nevada Adm cd, AUD DAT Master [unknown equipment] > ? > CD
LB-081210/21/02Veterans Memorial2 "Sources: Two, both unknown (See below for more
LB-1253610/21/02Phoenix, AZ, Arizona2A-at 853, AT-853 > M-1, -worn in a hat, -This show
LB-076110/25/02Santa Ana Star2A-Lineage info: this copy is a couple of downloads
LB-857610/26/02Denver, Colorado2Asullylove; GA FLOOR. 25' FEET FROM STAGE DEAD
LB-940710/26/02Denver CO2AMaster: AKG CK91 caps > JK Labs ECMS > Sony SBM-1
LB-072910/28/02Kansas City2A 
LB-100410/28/02Kansas City2ABOOTLEG: Kansas City 2002; crystal cat version,
LB-074810/29/02Ames, Iowa2A 
LB-072810/30/02St. Paul2A-Thanks to Steve from Brooklyn Park, MN for this
LB-104010/30/02St. Paul2ABOOTLEG: St. Paul 2002; crystal cat version,
LB-843510/30/02St. Paul2A-version "b"; Lineage and taper: no info, Great
LB-963210/30/02St.Paul, Minnesota2A-BOOTLEG: emerged to find jesus; Manufacturer:
LB-074611/1/02Rosemont2A-version "a"; alternate
LB-075711/1/02Rosemont2A-version "b"
LB-110011/1/02Rosemont2A-mjs re-master
LB-844511/1/02Rosemont, Illinois2A-version "d"
LB-1514911/1/02Rosemont, Illinois2B+version "e", Alternative recording to LB-739 &
LB-073211/2/02Dayton2A-Sound Professionals Cardioid Microphone>Sharp
LB-556511/2/02Dayton2A-source: soomlos, fob, center ga floor, at853's >
LB-076011/3/02Kent2 alternate
LB-073411/5/02Indianapolis2ALate Show
LB-075211/5/02Indianapolis2AD. Dopp version
LB-079311/5/02Indianapolis2 D. Dopp version
LB-083111/5/02Indianapolis2 late, alternate version "b"
LB-083211/5/02Indianapolis2Aearly, alternate version "b"
LB-078311/7/02Ann Arbor2Alate show, alternate "b"
LB-101011/7/02Ann Arbor2Aalternate version "a"
LB-941011/7/02Ann Arbor MI2Adsm6, Master: Sonic Studios DSM6's > DATM (Sony
LB-941211/7/02Ann Arbor2Aunamped, SOURCE: Sony TC-D3 with Sennheiser
LB-1373011/7/02Ann Arbor, MI2Asonic dolphinsmile, taped with dat and sonics by
LB-431211/8/02Pittsburgh2A-source: soomlos, fob, center, ga floor, audio
LB-465711/8/02Duquesne University2B+CEDAR 2 Version; Trade > CDR > FLAC(Level 8),
LB-845011/8/02Pittsburg2A-cersion 'c"; Lineage and taper:no info., Great
LB-093711/9/02CoachUSA Center2A-Location: Left Stack @ ~35', Source: Shure SM84a's
LB-126611/9/02Elmira, NY2ACedar version 3: (DAT recording by J. F. Very good
LB-290211/9/02Elmira2Aversion "b"; source: unknown cdr>cddae>mkw shn
LB-1086911/9/02Elmira2ABOOTLEG: tribute to the martyrs; bootleg Tribute
LB-1269211/9/02Elmira, NY2Abigdaddybflo, Source: DPA 4011 mics > Sony TCD-D8,
LB-1303311/9/02Elmira, NY2Ad m dolphinsmile, Taped by D and M, Did this one I
LB-1527911/9/02Elmira, New York2Aschoeps mk 4 dat fob terry sullivan master,
LB-1553411/9/02Elmira, New York2Aversion "h", AUD DAT Master [unknown equipment] >
LB-073611/11/02Madison Square2B+ 
LB-074011/11/02Madison Square2A-version "a"; alternate, upgrade
LB-159911/11/02Madison Square2 Back In NewYork (11 Nov 2002) Vol 1, DTS
LB-203011/11/02New York2 Remastered by NoSpex
LB-562311/11/02New York City2A-version "d"; Torrent download October 2004. Most
LB-569211/11/02New York2A-source: soomlos, 12th row - left front floor,
LB-763211/11/02New York City2A-BOOTLEG: Shut Up! I Play My Song; TambourineMan
LB-074511/13/02Madison Square2B+ 
LB-076611/13/02Madison Square2Aalternate, upgrade
LB-078711/13/02Madison Square2A-alternate upgrade "b"
LB-131511/13/02Madison Square2A-version "c"; CDR > WAV [Easy CD-DA Extractor] >
LB-606911/13/02New York City2Bversion "d"; on request [ again..;-) ], I have
LB-763411/13/02New York City2ABOOTLEG: 2nd Amazing Night!; TambourineMan Records
LB-1418011/13/02New York, NY Adolphinsmile 48k, dat clone>File cloned into,
LB-082911/15/02Philadelphia2Aalternate upgrade, version "b"
LB-203311/15/02Philadelphia2B+version "c:, Taped By: Unknown, Transferred By:
LB-516111/15/02Philadelphia2Abourbon; Schoeps MK4V's>Sonosax SX-M2>Sony
LB-916511/15/02Philadelphia, PA;2ABOOTLEG: then came the warnin; (Thinman 143/144),
LB-1083811/15/02Philadelphia2Abt, SOURCE:, Taper Bt, DPA 4061 microphones and
LB-294811/16/02Boston2A-Taper: Unwanted Man, Source: Unknown generation
LB-078511/17/02Hartford2B+version "a"
LB-137611/17/02Hartford2ACedar version 2
LB-862811/17/02Hartford2ATaper: Bt, DPA 4061 microphones and Sony TCD-100
LB-080511/20/02Kingston2A-from dat source
LB-302411/20/02Kingston2A-Taper: Unwanted Man, Source: Unknown generation
LB-552711/20/02Kingston2A-source: soomlos, fob, center floor, at853's >
LB-080211/21/02Wilkes Barre2A- 
LB-080911/21/02Wilkes Barre2A-alternate version "a"
LB-451611/21/02Wilkes-Barre2A-version "b", unknown aud, DAT>WAV>EAC>FLAC level 8
LB-839111/21/02Wilkes-Barre, PA2A-BOOTLEG: POP MUSIC'S POET LAUREATE; Boots,
LB-077111/22/02Fairfax2A-fixed version
LB-244011/22/02Fairfax3A-BOOTLEG: Voice From On High; Manufacturer /
LB-555511/22/02Fairfax2A-source: soomlos, fob, center ga floor, at853's >
LB-562411/22/02Fairfax2A-Taper: M.E., Source: M.E. Master DAT-->My


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