LosslessBob LB-3183
10/30/91Tulsa, Oklahoma, Brand Theater2B+42min+60min

BOOTLEG: Live At Brand Theater; Silver CD > EAC > WAV > FLAC, Shamrock Records; The title of this release has caused much confusion as to the venue. The theater is not the "Brand", rather the "Brady". Most of the venue sites have misspelled it as "Bradey". The show is a good representation of the Fall, USA tour.

bittorrent download 09/05; same as LB-1687 with same spectral view but with higher levels (did not listen to all of this one); nothing above 19k; has similar lego parapets; this does not have the drop/cut on d2t2 as found on some other pa recordings;

(a bittorrent from 10/07 is same recording with same wav and spectral view except levels have been raised to peak at 100% on each track and its lego parapets are a little different or distorted as if gone through another lossy compression; has gaps at beginning of ftracks; described with generic info file; eac log indicates cdr splits at 12/6)

small analog pop d2t8 2:05; drop/cut between cdrs
Tracks:, Disc one, New Morning, Lay Lady Lay, All Along The Watchtower, Early Morning Rain, I'll Remember You, Gotta Serve Somebody, Simple Twist Of Fate, I'll Be Your Baby Tonight, Disc two, Trail of the Buffalo, Mr Tambourine Man, Answer Me, It Ain't Me Babe, Every Grain of Sand, Everything is Broken, Man in the Long Black Coat, Maggie's Farm, What Good Am I, Ballad of a Thin Man
Year 1991
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