LosslessBob LB For Year 1991
LB-9915xx/xx/91Various 1991 & 19921B+BOOTLEG: food for your ears; Note: Venues and
LB-72021/28/91Zurich, Switzerland2B-Vito; Off tape master, Taper: Vito, Lineage:,
LB-77291/28/91Zurich2Aversion "c"; legendary taper D, PA problems tr 1,
LB-91981/28/91Zrich, Switzerland2B+version "f", Reasonable quality audience recording
LB-141071/28/91Zurich, Switzerland B+from master dolphinsmile 48k
LB-155911/28/91Zurich Blta, taper: unknown, lineage: Cassette (1st gen) >
LB-46961/30/91Brussels, Belgium2BJOHN COLTRANE MASTERPIECES, Rolling Thunder
LB-87581/30/91Brussels2B+version "b";, "John Coltrane Masterpieces", d1 &
LB-137881/30/91Brussels2B+version "f", Lineage: Trade cdrs > EAC > Flac
LB-35101/31/91Utrecht1C+trade(audio) > xACT > FLAC > Azareus > torrent >
LB-72061/31/91Utrecht2A-LTD; cut between discs, legendary taper D,
LB-45912/2/91Glasgow2A-jtt; Very Good Audience Recording, Source: Trade
LB-91382/2/91Glasgow, Scotland2B+version "b", Audience recording Xfered from tape.
LB-36882/3/91Glasgow2A-version "a"; no source information available
LB-40902/3/91Glasgow2B+JTT; Recording & Transfer by JTT, Sony
LB-62012/5/91Dublin, Ireland2B+net taper B, ?? -> portable DATrecorder - clone
LB-91402/5/91Dublin, Ireland2Bversion "b", Good quality audience recording
LB-29782/6/91Belfast2 version "a"; Source: aud, Lineage: aud > ? > CD-R
LB-62002/6/91Belfast2B+net taper B, ?? -> portable DATrecorder - clone
LB-19272/8/91Hammersmith Odeon2A-Offmaster of an audience recording by Legendary
LB-42052/8/91London2B-"JTT Master", Recorded by JTT, Mastered by JTT,
LB-82252/8/91Hammersmith Odeon2Bsource: Aud, gen: Master, Source: Master Aud mit
LB-91562/8/91London, England2B-version "e", Fair but variable quality audience
LB-106112/8/91London, England2A-version "g", There are currently 5 disparate
LB-19382/9/91Hammersmith Odeon2A-An offmaster copy of a audio recording by
LB-42062/9/91London2B"JTT Master", Recorded by JTT, Mastered by JTT,
LB-82182/9/91London2Bsource: Aud, gen: Master, Source: Master Aud mit
LB-91572/9/91London, England2Bversion "d", Fair quality audience recording,
LB-106122/9/91London, England2A-version "h", There are currently 4 disparate
LB-137852/9/91London2A-version "i", Lineage: Trade cdr > EAC > Flac
LB-19302/10/91Hammersmith Odeon2A-An offmaster copy of an audience recording by
LB-42092/10/91London2B+"JTT Master", Recorded by JTT, Mastered by JTT,
LB-70262/10/91London, England2Alegendary taper B, ssrc; cut before Man In The
LB-70292/10/91London, England2A-legendary taper J, cut before Man In The Long
LB-82192/10/91London, state: U.K.1B+source: Aud, gen: Master, Tracklist total playtime
LB-91582/10/91London, England2Bversion "e", Fair quality audience recording. Some
LB-106072/10/91London, England2B+version "h", There are currently 5 disparate
LB-106092/10/91London, England2Aversion "i", There are currently 5 disparate
LB-08072/12/91 London2B+ 
LB-19402/12/91Hammersmith Odeon2B+An offmaster copy of an audience recording by
LB-32092/12/91London3BJTT;, GENUINE, Previously Uncirculated (Other Than
LB-42102/12/91London2B"JTT Master", Recorded by JTT, Mastered by JTT,
LB-82202/12/91London, state: U.K2Bsource: Aud, gen: Master, Source: Master Aud mit
LB-91622/12/91London, England2Bversion "e", Fair quality audience recording. Xfer
LB-106132/12/91London, England2B+version "i", There are currently 4 disparate
LB-19392/13/91Hammersmith Odeon2A-A copy of an offmaster audience recording by
LB-42122/13/91London2B"JTT Master", Disc One Recorded by JTT, Disc Two
LB-91662/13/91London, England2B+version "c", Good quality audience tape., Xfered
LB-106162/13/91London, England2A-version "h", There are currently 4 disparate
LB-19432/15/91Hammersmith Odeon2A-From an offmaster copy of an audience recording by
LB-42132/15/91London, England2B"JTT Master", Recorded by JanetTT, Mastered by JTT
LB-91692/15/91London, England2Bversion "c", Good quality audience recording.
LB-106172/15/91London, England2A-version "g", There are currently 4 disparate
LB-19422/16/91Hammersmith Odeon2A-An offmaster copy of the audience recording by
LB-42142/16/91London2B+"JTT Master", Recorded by JanetTT, Mastered by JTT
LB-68192/16/91London - Hammersmith1 BOOTLEG: They Don't Deserve It - Part 1; cd >
LB-91712/16/91London, England2B+version "d", Good quality audience recording.
LB-106182/16/91London, England2Bversion "g", There are currently 3 disparate
LB-106192/16/91London, England2Aversion "h", There are currently 3 disparate
LB-19412/17/91Hammersmith Odeon2A-An offmaster copy of the audience recording by
LB-42182/17/91London2B"JTT Master", Recorded by JanetTT, Mastered by JTT
LB-91752/17/91London, England2B+version "c", Fair quality audience recording.
LB-106202/17/91London, England2A-version "g", There are currently 3 disparate
LB-40452/21/91Williamsport2BAudience recording > Unknown transfer > CDR(x) >
LB-19582/22/91Painter's Mill Music2BAud, Lineage: CD-Rs > EAC (secure mode) > CoolEdit
LB-95562/22/91Owings Mills, MD1CThe Lostbrook Tape Series - Volume 61, Recording
LB-131692/22/91Owings Mills, MD2A-akg451 dolphinsmile, Taped on Dat with AKG 451
LB-80163/xx/91Westwood One Show3AJTT; "The Bob Dylan Bootleg Tapes", Radio Station
LB-80253/1/91Westwood One Show2AHH; "The Bob Dylan Bootleg Tapes", Radio Station
LB-80393/xx/91Westwood One Show2Aversion "b"; "The Bob Dylan Bootleg Tapes", Radio
LB-08604/19/91New Orleans1B+MJS Master,
LB-32144/19/91New Orleans2Cversion "a"; first show of tour. pretty rough
LB-46784/19/91New Orleans2B+PDub Master: Sonic Studios 6p mics > Sony D6 >
LB-124834/19/91New Orleans, LA1B+mjs lta, taper: MJS, lineage:, Sonic Studios
LB-16814/20/91Pelham2B+version "a"
LB-71104/20/91Pelham, Al, USA2B+Source: Realistic 33-1089 (pair) > Sony D6,
LB-80534/20/91Pelham, Alabama2B+version "c"; NOTES:, Pelham MJS master was
LB-51874/21/91Greenville1B-version "a"; incomplete; 1st gen. Cass.(Maxell
LB-98914/21/91Greenville1B-version "b", LosslessBob LB-5187: version "a";
LB-128834/21/91Greenville C+cm dolphinsmile 48k, Cass Master>Dat>Tascam Deck
LB-64334/24/91Macon2Dversion "a"; I cannot find the drop d1t3 0:30
LB-88124/25/91Charleston2Cversion "a"
LB-01984/27/91Sunrise, FL2B 
LB-120004/27/91Sunrise FL2Bsenn 2002, from my master cassettes. sennheiser
LB-104124/30/91Savannah GA1B-inc; no info provided by dolphinsmile in torrent
LB-64375/1/91Columbia2Cversion "a"
LB-88205/2/91Salem, Virginia2B-version "a";, ?>EAC(secure)>TLH(Flac8+checksums
LB-125185/2/91Salem2Bversion "b", From an old cassette (received in
LB-88415/4/91Winston-Salem2C-version "a";, Fixed LosslessBob LB-4046, >, WAV >
LB-01245/7/91Stony Brook2B- 
LB-87075/8/91Albany2Bversion "a";, 2CDR, (54min+32min); lots of ongoing
LB-107565/8/91Albany, NY2Bversion "b", * lost left track for about 2 minutes
LB-128195/8/91Albany, NY Blta, 24/48, taper: unknown, lineage:, Maxell
LB-91465/9/91Boston2B-version "a", Good quality audience tape, slightly
LB-52285/11/91Danbury1Bversion "a'; 17 Tracks - 67:35, Unknown Taper >
LB-88335/11/91Danbury, Connecticut1Bversion "b"
LB-122675/11/91Danbury, CT1Bversion "c", taper: unknown, cassette gen
LB-123925/11/91Danbury, CT1B+akg451 ssb v2, akg451.ssb.tc3 i, source: (2) AKG
LB-124845/11/91Danbury, CT1Bserge, *Second New transfer***, Note: something
LB-126185/11/91Danbury1B+hce gg nak doplphinsmile, taped by HCE-GG with
LB-28116/6/91Roma Palaeur1B+from shn download phil's ftp server 11/01,
LB-35836/6/91Roma, Palaeur1B+version "a"; AUD Cassette
LB-40896/6/91Rome, Italy, Paleur1B-JTT; Excellent Audience Recording, Transferred
LB-102866/6/91Rome, Italy3B-BOOTLEG: someday everything is gonna be different;
LB-123266/6/91Rome A-dat transfer; 48k, From an old DAT (received in
LB-156336/6/91Palaeur, Roma A-ltj lta 48, taper: LTJ, lineage: Sennheiser
LB-57756/7/91Bologna2COff master, Taper: Vito, Source/Linage:, Sony
LB-89506/7/91Bologna2A-version "b"; 2CD 94:06, FTP > HD >FLAC 0.6583 (19
LB-101756/7/91Bologna, Italy2A-schubert asm, This is a Schubert Remaster of this
LB-155486/7/91Bologna, Italy A-zuma66, zuma66 master, Lineage: Sony TCS 430 whit
LB-18376/8/91Milano2A-Holy Grail
LB-53426/8/91Milano3C+38f; & Van Morrison, from master., Originally this
LB-58366/8/91Milano2B-Off master, Taper: Vito, Source/Linage:, Sony
LB-102876/8/91Milano, Italy A-see 06/06/91 LB-10286 bootleg "someday everything
LB-116486/8/91Milano, Italy1Bvanm jtt, VAN MORRISON (Bob Dylan on Two Tracks),
LB-132476/8/91Milano  ltj lta 48k, taper: LTJ, lineage:, Sennheiser
LB-150736/8/91Milano2A-mr lta, taper: M.R., lineage:, Sony ECM-909
LB-158556/8/91Milano, Italy A-zuma66, zuma66 master, Lineage: Sony TCS 430 whit
LB-19476/10/91Olympic Stadium2B+transferred this from tape myself to stand alone
LB-44656/10/91Ljubljana2ATaper: LTD
LB-68206/10/91Ljubljana1A-BOOTLEG: Ljubljana 91; cd > ultraplex > eac > wav
LB-36766/11/91Stadion FK Zemun2 Pink Robert; Live in Serbia 1991, Uncirculated
LB-36866/11/91Stadion FK Zemun2 Captain Acid; Live in Serbia 1991, Uncirculated
LB-44036/11/91Belgrade2A-Taper: LTD, Source: Audio disks (low-gen) >
LB-68216/11/91Belgrad, Yugoslavia1A-BOOTLEG: Belgrad 91; cd > ultraplex > eac > wav >
LB-91866/11/91Belgrade, Yugoslavia2B+version "d", Reasonable quality audience recording
LB-123426/11/91Belgrade, Yugoslavia2B+jtt, Transfer from 2nd Generation Tape (JTT), BOB
LB-129686/11/91Belgrade, Yugoslavia A-cb dolphinsmile 48k, taped by HCE CB, the great
LB-18396/12/91Budapest2B+Holy Grail
LB-60946/12/91Budapest, Hungary2A-legendary taper J, cut before Knockin' On Heaven's
LB-125176/12/91Budapest, Hungary1A-hce c dolphinsmile, taped by a German friend of
LB-18986/14/91Innsbruck2A-Holy Grail
LB-43856/14/91Innsbruck2A-LTD; Taper: LDT, Equipment: Do not have details,
LB-58686/14/91Innsbruck2COff master, Taper: Vito, Source/Linage:, Sony
LB-68226/14/91Innesbruck, Austria1B+BOOTLEG: Olympic Pleasure; cd > ultraplex > eac >
LB-91886/14/91Innsbruck, Austria2Bversion "e", Pretty nice audience recording, but
LB-156426/14/91Innsbruck Altj lta 48, taper: LTJ, lineage: Sennheiser
LB-18386/15/91Linz2B+Holy Grail
LB-38066/15/91Linz, Austria2B+version "a"; Exact Lineage unknown!,
LB-61146/15/91Linz, Austria2A-legendary taper J, Sennheiser MKE2002 -> portable
LB-18426/17/91Stuttgart2A-Holy Grail
LB-66816/17/91Stuttgart, Germany2Alegendary taper J, Sennheiser MKE2002 -> portable
LB-77876/17/91Stuttgart, Germany2Alegendary taper B, cut before It's All Over Now,
LB-83676/17/91Stuttgart, Germany2A-BOOTLEG: Name That Tune; (aka Name That Tune: The
LB-143396/17/91Stuttgart, Germany Asenn2002 dolphinsmile 48k, Taped by a German
LB-34876/18/91Essen, Grugahalle2B+Source: Master mit Sony WMD6C + Microphon Sony ECM
LB-68236/18/91Essen, Germany2ABOOTLEG: New Morning; cd > ultraplex > eac > wav >
LB-104596/18/91Essen (Germany)2B+bobfather, (off DAT Master), SOURCE: Sony D3 Dat
LB-16606/19/91Offenbach2A-Holy Grail
LB-32446/19/91OFFENBACH STADTHALLE2BSource: Master Aud Sony WMD6C + Micro Sony ECM 155
LB-53436/19/91Offenbach2A-Taper: Legendary Taper D., Source: low-gen audio
LB-92036/19/91Offenbach, Germany2B+version "e", Pretty good quality audience
LB-157556/19/91Offenbach, Germany2Bversion "h", This version was, originally, the
LB-18456/21/91Munich2B+Holy Grail
LB-71806/21/91Munich2ATaper: Legendary Taper J, Source: DAT clone >
LB-82226/21/91Munich2Bsource: Aud, gen: Master, Source: Master Aud mit
LB-18516/22/91Bad Mergentheim2AHoly Grail
LB-55266/22/91Bad Mergentheim2Aversion "a"; source: Aud, gen: Master, Source: Aud
LB-18496/23/91Hamburg2A-Holy Grail
LB-59846/23/91Hamburg2A-NETF; source: Aud, gen: Master-Clone DAT,
LB-92086/23/91Hamburg, Germany2Bversion "c", Reasonable quality audience recording
LB-15816/25/91Cirkus (Stockholm2Balternate "a"
LB-78046/25/91Stockholm, Sweden2Bversion "b"; cuts before Barbara Allen, Knockin'
LB-122716/25/91Stockholm2Bversion "c", *** New Transfer ***, taper: unknown,
LB-15796/26/91Cirkus (Stockholm2B+ 
LB-88736/26/91Stockholm, Sweden2B+version "a", taper: unknow, lineage: trade >
LB-122656/26/91Stockholm2B+version "b", taper: unknown, cassette gen unknown
LB-48796/28/91Kalvoya, Norway2Bversion "a"; Suppose it is a B soundquality-wise
LB-16856/29/91Ringe2Bsoundboard.(SHN) (contains hearts of fire outtakes
LB-19136/29/91Ringe, Fyn, Denmark2Bsoundboard., Lineage:shn=>wavs=>cooledit=>noise
LB-26156/29/91Ringe2B+Audience recording, CDR > EAC > WAV > SHN
LB-68246/29/91Ringe, Denmark2 cd > ultraplex > eac > wav > flac; Deep Records
LB-91156/29/91Ringe1BBOOTLEG: midfyn; Full Flyte Records FF Cd1-92,
LB-27177/5/91MANSFIELD2B-Notes:, Silence between d1t09 and d1t10
LB-87847/5/91Mansfield2B-version "a"
LB-31997/6/91Nashua2B+SOURCE: 'BW' Cassette Master, Lineage: 'BW'
LB-71817/6/91Nashua2A-Taper: NET Taper M, Source: Transferred from first
LB-47767/9/91Syracuse2BTaper: Glen Dundas, Source: Low-gen audio disks >
LB-19247/10/91Lake Champlain2BSource: Aud, Lineage: CD-Rs > EAC (secure mode) >
LB-46997/10/91Essex Junction2B+Taper: Glen Dundas, Source: Low-generation audio
LB-00357/11/91Jones Beach Theater2Bdaud, rated A,
LB-19507/11/91Jones Beach Theater2B+version "a"; Source: Aud, Lineage: CD-R's > EAC
LB-47917/11/91Wantagh2B+Taper: Glen Dundas, Source: Low-gen audio disks >
LB-91927/11/91Wantagh, New York2B+version "c", Good quality audience recording
LB-151987/11/91Wantagh, NY2Btwo of us, (Two Of Us Master Volume 45), Transfer:
LB-20997/13/91Garden State Arts2B+Stereo audience recording
LB-47777/13/91Holmdel2B+Taper: Glen Dundas, Source: Low gen audio disks >
LB-123977/13/91Holmdel B+dat 48k, From an old DAT (received in trade, c.
LB-123987/13/91Holmdel B+analog sennheiser 48k, From an old DAT (received
LB-45687/16/91Pittsburgh2BTaper: Glen Dundas, Source: Analog master > cdr >
LB-76657/17/91Cleveland2Bnot found any reference in the lb-archives, no
LB-83447/17/91Cleveland, Ohio2B+legendary taper C, cut before Don't Think Twice,
LB-91497/17/91Cleveland, Ohio2B+version "b", Fair quality audience recording. Some
LB-25147/19/91Filene Center2B 
LB-91507/19/91Vienna, Virginia2Bversion "a", Fair quality audience recording.
LB-68257/20/91Vienna, VA1BBOOTLEG: Wolftrap; cd > ultraplex > eac > wav >
LB-91807/20/91Vienna, Virginia2Bversion "b", First 13 tracks are from a soundboard
LB-152097/20/91Vienna, VA Bald lta 48, ALD, source: Assistive listening
LB-17537/21/91Doswell2BSource: Aud, Lineage: Aud > ? > CD-Rs > EAC >
LB-45737/21/91Doswell2B+Taper: Glen Dundas, Source: Analog master > audio
LB-54287/24/91Groton2BTaper: bw, Source: cassette master > audio disks >
LB-91787/24/91Groton, Connecticut2Bversion "b", Fair quality audience recording. Last
LB-101847/24/91Groton, Connecticut2D+george, incomplete; New Source Circulated For The
LB-20357/26/91Kingswood Music2A-version "a"
LB-44387/27/91Corfu2BTaper: Legendary Taper G, Source Audio disks from
LB-06638/8/91Buenos Aires1B 
LB-06648/8/91Buenos Aires2B-alternate version
LB-87878/9/91Buenos Aires2C+cut/tape flip between cd1 and cd2, missing very
LB-87948/9/91Buenos Aires2C+verion "a": "received in a cdr trade long
LB-02968/10/91Buenos Aires2  
LB-06698/14/91Porto Alegre1D- 
LB-06818/14/91Porto Alegre2 radio broadcast,
LB-55688/14/91Puerto Alegre1D+version "b"; request (7x), data dvd trade; just a
LB-06388/16/91Sao Paulo1  
LB-02988/17/91San Paola2B+ 
LB-02958/19/91Belo Horizonte2  
LB-37318/19/91Belo Horizonte2BThis remaster was NOT done with T-Racks 2.0 ;),
LB-06668/21/91Rio de Janeiro2  
LB-26188/21/91Rio de Janeiro2D-version "a"; Audience recording, CDR > EAC > WAV >
LB-765510/17/91Sevilla, Spain1A-tve broadcast; Mono transfer of my own capture of
LB-765810/17/91Seville, Spain1A-jtt; "Transfers From Master Stereo VHS, JTT" " DVD
LB-951510/17/91Seville, Spain1A-version "b", FM Broadcast by BBC Radio 1 (Over 5
LB-1127110/17/91Seville, Spain1A-jtt c, BOB DYLAN, KEITH RICHARD, ROBBIE ROBERTSON
LB-1232910/17/91Seville, Spain1 version "d" jtt, KEITH RICHARDS, ROBBIE ROBERTSON
LB-1243610/17/91Sevilla, Spain1B+BOOTLEG: something else; KEITH RICHARDS & FRIENDS
LB-1519410/17/91Guitar Legends  fm gw, Lineage: FM > Cassette > Transfer via Aiwa
LB-120410/25/91Austin, TX2B+ 
LB-331010/25/91Austin2Bversion "a"; incomplete; In the beginning the
LB-524110/25/91Austin2BNice To Be Up Here In Texas; This version here
LB-792010/25/91Austin, Texas2Bversion "c"
LB-888710/25/91Austin2Bversion "d", By request, In the beginning the
LB-302710/26/91San Antonio2C-Incomplete concert
LB-303510/26/91San Antonio2Cversion "a"; PEFORMANCE NOTES: I did notice that
LB-872110/26/91San Antonio2Cversion "b"; described with info from LB-3035 plus
LB-318310/30/91Tulsa2B+BOOTLEG: Live At Brand Theater; Silver CD > EAC >
LB-411410/30/91Tulsa2B+version "a'; Line recording > Unknown transfer
LB-682610/30/91Tulsa, OK2B+BOOTLEG: Answer Me; cd > ultraplex > eac > wav >
LB-1253910/30/91Tulsa, OK2B+sbd lta, Soundboard, Soundboard, cassette unknown
LB-1525410/30/91Tulsa, Oklahoma2Bjtt, Excellent Stereo Audience Recording (Good
LB-1547310/30/91Tulsa, Oklahoma2B+acidproject, October 30th 1991, Acid Project 071,
LB-469710/31/91Wichita2A-PDub Master: Sonic Studios 6p mics > Sony D6 >
LB-029111/1/91Kansas City2B-master aud,
LB-470711/1/91Kansas City2B+PDub Master: Sonic Studios 6p mics > Sony D6 >
LB-1253511/1/91Kansas City, MO2B+ltf lta, (LTF) *** new transfer ***, Size: 716.4
LB-917711/2/91Ames, Iowa2B+version "a", Fair quality audience recording, with
LB-1252811/2/91Ames, IA2A-ltf lta, taper: LTF, lineage: Sennheiser MKE-2002
LB-085411/4/91Evanston2B+MJS Master
LB-682711/4/91Evanston, IL1BBOOTLEG: Live in Evanston Illinois; cd > ultraplex
LB-916811/4/91Evanston, Illinois2B+version "b", Fair quality audience recording. Xfer
LB-1256511/4/91Evanston, IL2Bversion "c"; From a cassette (received in trade,
LB-087311/5/91Madison, Wisconsin2BMJS Master
LB-682811/5/91Madison, Wisconsin1BBOOTLEG: Madison 91; cd > ultraplex > eac > wav >
LB-917411/5/91Madison, Wisconsin2Bversion "b", Good quality audience recording
LB-1066011/5/91Madison, Wisconsin2A-version "d", Alternative recording to 'MJS.',
LB-1254411/5/91Madison, WI2A-ltf lta, taper: LTF, lineage: Sennheiser
LB-040311/6/91South Bend2  
LB-216611/6/91C. Morris Civic2B+version "a"; Source: unknown
LB-741011/6/91South Bend, Indiana2B+net taper A ?, cut before John Brown, ?? ->
LB-740511/8/91Louisville, Kentucky2B+legendary taper G, cut before Mr. Tambourine Man,
LB-1334411/8/91Louisville, KY2 ltf lta, taper: Legendary Taper F, lineage:,
LB-087511/9/91Dayton2B+MJS Master
LB-173211/9/91Memorial Hall2B+Source: Aud, Lineage: Aud > ? > CD-Rs > EAC secure
LB-740211/9/91Dayton, Ohio2B+legendary taper F, cut before Boots Of Spanish
LB-002711/10/91Murat Temple -2A-daud, rated A,
LB-604811/10/91Indianapolis, IN2BProject ID - LMPP202, Source: Audience Recording,
LB-630011/10/91Indianapolis2A-vgersion "b"; ?? - portable DAT-recorder - clone
LB-1060511/10/91Indianapolis2B+version "c", Alternative recording to LB-0027,
LB-1576911/10/91Indianapolis, IN A-ltf lta, taper: LTF, lineage:, Sennheiser
LB-377311/12/91Detroit2B-dataDVD SHN azareus > torrent > DaD, no info on
LB-378611/12/91Detroit2A-version "a"; unknown > dat > flac;
LB-741911/12/91Detroit, Michigan2A-legendary taper G, cut before Gates Of Eden,
LB-025811/13/91Akron2C+master aud,
LB-916311/13/91Akron, Ohio2B+version "a", Fair quality audience tape. Xfered
LB-1499411/13/91Akron, Ohio2B+doctorx, (Uncirculated doctorX DAT Master),
LB-120511/15/91WilkesBarre2B+alternate version "a"
LB-741311/15/91- Wilkes-Barre2C"Transfer From 2nd Generation Tapes, JTT", Bob
LB-380011/16/91New Haven2C 
LB-716511/16/91New Haven2Cversion "a";
LB-891511/16/91New Haven2Cversion "b"; Fixed LB-7165, LB-7165 > WAV > Wave
LB-1066411/16/91New Haven2Cjtt, (Transfer from Low Generation Tape) JTT,
LB-009611/18/91Utica2B-aud, alternate version,
LB-1158911/18/91UTICA, NEW YORK2B-version "b", unknown taper details, audience
LB-024011/19/91Eerie2 master aud,
LB-010511/20/91Charlottesville2 aud,
LB-887911/20/91Charlottesville2D+version "b", Fixed LosslessBob-0105 xref-00501, >


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