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xx/xx/61Pre-Columbian Bob Dylan Volume Four1C61min

BOOTLEG: Pre-Columbian Bob Dylan Volume Four; incomplete; Once released on a bootleg album, "Pre-Columbian Bob Dylan Volume Four", now digitized and "cleaned" of pops, statics and removal of silenced parts, the latter 3 by yours truly.

bittorrent download 01/06; good sound [C]; not much above 17k; tv band on t9-14
drops between tracks; discontinuity pop t14 5:13
******************************************, Montowesi Hotel, Branford, Connecticut, May 6, 1961, Indian Neck Folk Festival, Mono recording, 16 minutes altogether, 01. Talking Columbia (Woody Guthrie), 02. Slipknot, Hang Not (Hangknot, Slipknot) (Woody Guthrie), 03. Talking Fishing Blues (Woody Guthrie), Bob Dylan (vocal, guitar & harmonica), BobTalk:, That was Woody Guthrie's Talkin' Columbia. This is Woody Guthrie's Talkin' Dustbowl. (starts) No this is Woody Guthrie's Slipknot. Hang about 9 or 6 hanging songs. This is the best one, Slipknot, Thank you here's another Woody Guthrie song. Anybody got a C harp ? C harp ?, This is, a Woody Guthrie song, I don't know what it's, Talkin' Fisherman. You got to read between the lines, ******************************************, WNYC Radio Studio, New York City, New York, October 29, 1961, 04. Sally Girl (Woody Guthrie), 05. The Girl I Left Behind (trad.), Olav's note: this sounds very familiar; can you guess..?, Bob Dylan (vocal & guitar), 04 Bob Dylan harmonica, Oscar Brand:, November 4th, Saturday Bob Dylan will be singing at the Carnegie Chapter Hall. And that should be a very special occasion. Bob was born in Duluth, Minnesota. But Bob you weren't raised in Duluth, were you?, Bob Dylan:, I was raised in Gallup, New Mexico., Oscar Brand:, Do you get many songs there?, Bob Dylan:, You get a lot of cowboy songs there. Indian songs. That vaudeville kind of stuff., Oscar Brand:, Where'd you get your carnival songs?, Bob Dylan:, Uh, people in the carnival., Oscar Brand:, Do you travel with it or watch the carnival?, Bob Dylan:, Travel the carnival when I was about 13 years old., Oscar Brand:, For how long?, Bob Dylan:, All the way up till I was 19 every year off an on I'd join different carnivals., Oscar Brand:, Well I'd like to hear one of the kinds of music that you've been singing and I know you've been doing quite well, and I know you'll be singing at the Carnegie Chapter Hall. Do you wanna pick something out ?, Bob Dylan:, Well I'll pick a carnival song that I learnt. Wrote. Do you wanna hear one of them? , Oscar Brand:, Thank you Bob Dylan for Sally Gal and we'll expect you back tonight before the end of the tonight's Folk Song Festival., I'm Oscar Brand and I'm here on WNYC New York., Now lets return to our guest this evening. His name is Bob Dylan and on November 4th he will be at Carnegie Chapter Hall in a very exciting concerts of songs that he's collected since his first days. When he was born in Minnesota, and then he went down to the southwest. He travelled around the country with carnivals and as we heard earlier he's collected a lot of many songs from many people Bob I know that that means when you travel that much that you hear a lot of songs. But doesn't it also means, mean that you forget a lot of songs that way?, Bob Dylan:, Oh yeah. I learned, forgot quite a few I guess. An once I forgot 'em I usually heard the name of them. I looked 'em up in some book and learned 'em again., Oscar Brand:, Can you read music?, Bob Dylan:, No I can't. But this here song's a good example. I learned it from a farmer in South Dakota. An err he played the autoharp. His name was Wilbur; live outside of Sioux Falls, when I was visiting people and him. Heard him do it an, ., I was looking through a book sometime saw the same song and remembered the way he did it. So this is the song. , Oscar Brand:, Thank you very much Bob Dylan. And the very best of luck on your concert November 4th at Carnegie Chapter Hall. In which I know as your audience realises there'll be a lot of exciting material, new and beautifully presented. And thanks very much Israel Young for bringing Bob down and for sponsoring the concert he's gonna have too.Broadcast by WNYC in Oscar Brand's radio show Folksong Festival, Mono FM recording, 9 minutes altogether, ******************************************, OMITTED: (see note below), Btw, that's the reason the "setlist" jumps from track 05 to track 09, Oscar Brand Show, WNYC Radio Studio, New Youk City, NY, USA, Sometime in March, 1963, Broadcast in the program, The World Of Folk Music, Starring Oscar Brand, May 1963., 06. Oscar Brand (Introduction), 07. Girl from the North Country, 08. Only a hobo, NOTE: Due to DIME policy the above 3 tracks had to be omitted; they exist on an official recording, "THE WORLD OF FOLK MUSIC, STARRING OSCAR BRAND", Radio Station Disc, XGPB-508, released May 1963., [sic] , ******************************************, Steve Allen Show, NBC Studios, Los Angeles, California, February 25, 1964, Broadcast by NBC-TV, Mono TV broadcast, 13 minutes altogether, 09. Introduction / Interview, 10. The Lonesome Death Of Hattie Carroll, Bob Dylan (guitar and vocal), ******************************************, WABC TV Studios, New York City, New York, February 17, 1965, Les Crane Show, NOTES:, This tape includes chats between Bob Dylan and Les Crane., Broadcast live by WABC TV in New York City, Mono TV broadcast, 32 minutes, 11. Introduction, 12. It's All Over Now, Baby Blue, 13. Les Crane, Dylan and other guests rap, 14. It's Alright, Ma (I'm Only Bleeding), Bob Dylan (vocal & acoustic guitar), Bruce Langhorne (electric guitar)
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