LosslessBob LB For Year 1961
LB-0415xx/xx/61Various early radio2 BOOTLEG: Echoes;
LB-1172xx/xx/61For Sale Or Just On6A 
LB-1492xx/xx/61Going Through All2BThis is a compilation of some rarely played live
LB-1715xx/xx/61For Sale Or Just On1A(upgrade : stereo source for tracks 12-23 and
LB-1716xx/xx/61Early Recordings Vol2 size: 662mb, 1st generation (my own) CDR-->EAC-->*
LB-1978xx/xx/61Complete Bob Dylan8A-(lk), This data DVD contains ALL the Bob Dylan
LB-2100xx/xx/61Early Recordings Vol2A-The main topic this time are all the performances
LB-2558xx/xx/61THE GREAT WHITE2B+tracks like 2LP's GF 001-002-003-004
LB-2792xx/xx/61Early Dylan: 61/622A-from Dylantree, Back Pages remaster, The original
LB-2852xx/xx/61Carnegie Chaper hall1B+BOOTLEG: In the Pines; 1) Carnegie Chapter Hall
LB-3004xx/xx/61TELEPHONE TAPE AND1C-(1) First Whitaker Tape (Minneapolis, MN); August
LB-3016xx/xx/61Hard Times In NYC1BBOOTLEG: Hard Times In NYC; Manufacturer / Catalog
LB-32861/1/61Ten of Swords by7 Here is the classic "Ten of Swords" compilation,
LB-3524xx/xx/61Pre-Columbian Bob1CBOOTLEG: Pre-Columbian Bob Dylan Volume Four;
LB-4916xx/xx/61Hollow Horn2 BOOTLEG: Like Marlon Brando; silver disc > eac >
LB-5709xx/xx/61Fourth Time Around3A-BOOTLEG: Genuine Bootleg SeriesVolume 4;
LB-5993xx/xx/61Recording Artist2 BOOTLEG: The Roar of a Wave; A collection of radio
LB-6027xx/xx/61For Sale or Just On6A-For Sale Or Just On The Shelf is an attempt to
LB-6618xx/xx/61Minnesota Hotel3 BOOTLEG: Minnesota Tapes; cd > ultraplex > eac >
LB-6621xx/xx/61Varous3 BOOTLEG: Genuine Bootleg Series; cd > ultraplex >
LB-6622xx/xx/61Various3 BOOTLEG: Genuine Bootleg Series Take 2; cd >
LB-6623xx/xx/61Various3 BOOTLEG: Genuine Series -The Third One Now - GBS3;
LB-6628xx/xx/61Various1 BOOTLEG: The Bootleg; cd > ultraplex > eac > wav >
LB-6652xx/xx/61Various1 BOOTLEG: Hard Times in New York City; cd >
LB-7832xx/xx/61Early Dylan2A-On many requests: Early Dylan, in the best quality
LB-8532xx/xx/61The Radio Songs1 stewART Compilation 2006 - 1 CD (76.55), A
LB-8533xx/xx/61The Radio Songs1 stewART Compilation 2006 - 1 CD - 68m 13s, A
LB-85571/1/61Varous - Hollow Horn2A-BOOTLEG: Walk Like A Duck Smell Like A Skunk,;
LB-9021xx/xx/61Gaslight In1CBOOTLEG: the villager; Mega-rare restored vinyl
LB-9026xx/xx/61minnesota and1BBOOTLEG: talkin bear mountain massacre picnic
LB-9057xx/xx/61studio sessions as2ABOOTLEG: friends will arrive; hollow horn friends
LB-9207xx/xx/61various1 BOOTLEG: rare live performances of the 60s vol2;
LB-9501xx/xx/61Solid Road1 solid road, All tracks EXCELLENT SOUNDBOARD &
LB-9835xx/xx/61genuine bootleg3 genuine bootleg series vol 1 remastersworkshop,
LB-10230xx/xx/61The Whitaker Tapes1Dtelephone tape version "a", Source: "Telephone
LB-10578xx/xx/61various4BBOOTLEG: wild and rambling boy; The Wild And
LB-11085xx/xx/61various1B+BOOTLEG: beginning of a legend; Series: Commercial
LB-11200xx/xx/61great white wonder2C+BOOTLEG: great white wonder vinyl; jtt, Transfer
LB-11743xx/xx/61various 19616B-BOOTLEG: a long time a growin; (1961 The Year It
LB-12256xx/xx/61Folklore Center (1101B+folklore center jf, Early 1961 (?), Exact date
LB-14934xx/xx/61Complete Bob Dylan1 bobdylan com v2 cd9, Complete Bob Dylan.com
LB-14935xx/xx/61Complete Bob Dylan5 bobdylan com v2 best of, Complete Bob Dylan.com
LB-15034xx/xx/61Blind Boy Grunt1 blind boy grunt 1983 reissue, Label: Trade Mark Of
LB-15037xx/xx/61various Minnesota1 BOOTLEG: candy man; candy man live 2019 web edited
LB-15038xx/xx/61various mainly1 Source / Venue:, Minnesota Hotel Tape (Glover Tape
LB-15039xx/xx/61various2 BOOTLEG: folksinger humdinger; Smith & Co 2012
LB-15048xx/xx/61various5 BOOTLEG: timeless classic albums; DOL 5 CD Box,
LB-15055xx/xx/61various1 BOOTLEG: life and life only; LFMCD517, Silver-Eac
LB-15307xx/xx/61various  BOOTLEG: little white wonder vol2 vinyl; 2444,
LB-15410xx/xx/61various  BOOTLEG: live on air volume one; Label: Live Wire
LB-28622/xx/61Gleason Home Tape1BBOOTLEG: Gleason Home Tape; Reference Recording
LB-28912/xx/61East Orange, NJ1Bversion "a"; (Gleason Tape), Feb-March 1961
LB-66292/xx/61New Jersey1 BOOTLEG: Dylan Roots; cd > ultraplex > eac > wav >
LB-108795/xx/61Minnesota Party Tape1B-BOOTLEG: early years vol1; early years vol1, Early
LB-45625/6/61Indian Neck Folk1B 
LB-10697/29/61Riverside Church1A-Original Analog Stereo Tape from FM Broadcast >
LB-28477/29/61Riverside Church1Bversion "a"
LB-45637/29/61Riverside Church1A-version "b"; *Les Kokay Remaster version*,
LB-78477/29/61NYC Riverside Church1Aversion "c"; "Saturday Of Folk Music", WRVR live
LB-54419/xx/61Gaslight Cafe, NYC1B+lowgen; This is a fresh transfer from an old hissy
LB-59829/xx/61Gaslight Caf1CHowlin' Husky;; Note. The circulating tape is
LB-66309/6/61First GasLight1B+BOOTLEG: Documents of Bob Dylan Vol 3; cd >
LB-144969/6/61GasLight Café1B+BOOTLEG: live in new york;
LB-456410/xx/61Billy James1BUnknown Location
LB-1235210/xx/61New York City1Alossy, Late October 1961, Izzy Young's Folklore
LB-031611/4/61Carnegie Chapter1  
LB-289211/4/61Carnegie Chapter1 version "a"
LB-608811/4/61New York A-version "b"; Said to have been recorded/compiled
LB-609011/4/61New York1A-version "c"; mp3 (LB-6088) > switch sound file
LB-663111/4/61Carnegie Hall1 BOOTLEG: Acoustic Troubador; cd > ultraplex > eac
LB-875011/4/61CARNEGIE CHAPTER1A-BOOTLEG: talkin new york; SCORPIO BD-08020,
LB-992111/4/61Carnegie Chapter1A-bda jtt, 1 (Factory Pressed Disc) LOSSY, This is a
LB-993811/4/61Carnegie Chapter1A-bda jtt fixed, CORRECTED (Factory Pressed Disc)
LB-1508311/4/61Carnegie Chapter3 BOOTLEG: young bob in his first new york concert;
LB-1541311/4/61Carnegie Chapter Ars stream luisbp51 48, Soundboard Recording
LB-030611/23/61Home Of Eve And Mac1  
LB-412411/23/61The Home Of Eve And2Dversion "a"; unknown [unbooted] generation > ? >
LB-032412/22/61Minnesota Tapes2A-1st gen
LB-443012/22/61Minneapolis1Bremaster; Ever since I heard the two tracks of
LB-782912/22/61Minnesota Hotel Tape1ABOOTLEG: Songs For Bonnie; source: "Minnesota
LB-789212/22/61The Home Of Dave2A-HH's Upgrade : a.o., Source Early Dylan (not the
LB-1088012/22/61Minnesota Hotel Tape1BBOOTLEG: early years vol2; Factory Pressed Disc
LB-1520612/22/61The Home Of Bonnie Aminneapolis tape ds archive 48, lowest possible


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