LosslessBob LB-5993
xx/xx/61Recording Artist series, Vol. 22 73min+76min

BOOTLEG: The Roar of a Wave; A collection of radio broadcasts, Hollow Horn label, Silver CDs > EAC > wav > Flac 8

bittorrent download 04/08; (did not listen to all of this); has tv band on d2t5; on 1/13/62 portion this is similar wav and spectral view and sound to bootleg LB-6962 except a little different levels, has about 8 minutes of conversation that includes bob talking cut out of it, and more digital flaws like some small drops and discontinuities between tracks; the speed was close on t1
Disc 1, Saturday Of Folk Music - July 19th, 1961:, 1 Handsome Molly, 2 Omie Wise, 3 Poor Lazarus, 4 Mean Old Railroad, 5 Acne, Folk Song Festival - October 29th, 1961:, 6 Sally Gal, 7 The Girl I Left Behind, Broadside Show - May, 1962:, 8 Ballad Of Donald White, 9 The Death Of Emmett Till, 10 Blowin' In The Wind, Billy Faier Show - October, 1962:, 11 Baby Let Me Follow You Down, 12 Talkin' John Birch Paranoid Blues, 13 The Death Of Emmett Till, 14 Make Me A Pallat On Your Floor, Madhouse On Castle St. - January 4th, 1963:, 15 Blowin' In The Wind, 16 The Swan On The River, Skip Weiner - February, 1963:, 17 Tomorrow Is A Long Time, 18Masters Of War, 19 Bob Dylan's Blues, Oscar Brand Show - March, 1963:, 20 Girl Of The North Country, 21 Only A Hobo, Disc 2, Folksinger's Choice - January 13th, 1962, 1 Lonesome Whistle Blues, 2 Fixin' To Die, 3 Tell Me Baby, 4 Hard Traveling, 5 The Death Of Emett Till, 6 Standing On The Highway, 7 Roll On John, 8 Stealin', 9 Long Time Man Feel Bad, 10 Baby Please Don't Go, 11 Hard Times In New York Town, Studs Terkel's Wax Museum - April 26th, 1963, 12 Farewell, 13 A Hard Rain's A-Gonna Fall, 14 Bob Dylan's Dream, 15 Boots Of Spanish Leather, 16 John Brown, 17 Who Killed Davey Moore?, 18 Blowin' In The Wind
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Year 1961
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