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BOOTLEG: rare live performances of the 60s vol2; (History Series), Source:, Gaslight Cafe, NY Oct. 1962, Gaslight Cafe, New York, NY September 6, 1961, Finjan Club, Montreal, July,1962, This same company previously released the same material on two seperate releases entitled Documents 2 and Documents 3., I have searched for previous seeds and come up with nothing, the 2 offending tracks released on the Starbucks Gaslight CD in America have been removed, however this is an un-mastered copy and in my opinion does not conflict with the re-mastered Starbucks copy so if the mods approved I would be quite happy to put up the removed tracks., Manufacturer / Catalog No., Magic Music / 31009, Original CD - EAC - Flac - md5Summer - uTorrent

bittorrent download 03/11; has same wav and spectral view and levels as bootleg Documents of Bob Dylan Vol 3 LB-6630 on overlapping parts; (did not listen to all of this)
Tracks:, Gaslight 1962:, Handsome Molly Track removed released on Starbucks Gaslight CD, John Brown Track removed released on Starbucks Gaslight CD, Ballad Of Hollis Brown, Kindhearted Woman Blues, Gaslight 1961:, Man On The Street, He Was A Friend Of Mine (Trad)*, Talkin' Bear Mountain Picnic Blues, Song To Woody, Car Car (w/Dave Van Ronk) (Guthrie), Pretty Polly (Trad), Finjan Club:, Two Trains Runnin', Ramblin' On My Mind, * This traditional song was registered to Dylan at the US copyright office
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Year 1961
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